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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Secrets of Success

Excerpts from a lecture given on April 14, 1992

A man who meditates doesn't need anybody. He doesn't even need God. Because he doesn't feel that God is a foreign identity. He feels what we say, "Humee hum brahm hum (We are we, we are God)." His tranquility is so unique and so vast, so calm and quiet.

In anger, a person acts like a tyrant. But given just the very appearance of calmness and quietness in the body language and the psyche calms people down.

For any person who is shakable, a challenge is something to be drunk right there and then, like a milk shake. Then what's left? An empty glass. Take challenges as normal. Face them with sweetness and deliver them with perfection. The victory shall be yours.

People like to lean on each other. They want to present a picture. They want to spread their fear. There will always be fear. No matter how secure you are, you will be afraid.

Fear is a constant, consistent companion. You are all afraid. Therefore, you work. Mostly you don't work from love. You work from fear and your need for security, competition and jealousy. The industry of the whole world is based on your fear that you are handicapped.

You are miserable and you are an idiot. You don't trust yourself. You don't know whether you are beautiful or not. You don't know whether you are wise or not. Your wisdom is a comparative study. Your happiness is a comparative study. Your life is a comparative study.

If you really want to look at it, whenever you compare, you are not sure. So you are not sure whether you are an idiot or not. That's the first sign of an idiot—that the person is never sure. Do you understand how poor you all are? Because you are never sure you are rich. It's so funny.

In this human body as you are, the destiny is set. But the fate is always competing with it. The fight is between those two, not you. You are the puppet. But if your mind is clear, the destiny and the distance will be done perfectly. If the mind is not clear, if it's not with you, if it's clogged up, then fate will take over and rub your nose in the dirt. There is nothing to it. All the men and women who have tried to succeed in their lives, have lost the game in the hands of their own insecurity, in the hands of thelr own fear.

Nobody believes it but this entire Universe is just one person. There are no two people. There is one link of the breath of life that comes from me to you, to you, to you, to you, to you, to you. It's all linked with one thread. When it gets disconnected, you are gone. We are all one mala, one rosary, linked with one thread of the breath of life.

Nobody is above anybody. Nobody is below anybody. We make it so. And when we put people above us, we have to carry that weight. When we put them down below us, we have to drag them. And we get tired. What kind of life is that?

So my idea is, please realize that you are the most perfect that the Perfect could ever create. There is no ugliness in you.S

You all want to be beautiful, right? All of you are ugly. Because you don't trust that you are beautiful. Try to be beautiful. Everybody is putting out an effort to be successful, to be beautiful, to be rich, to be something. Sometimes I wonder, will these people ever have time for themselves? Just to be? Just to be to be? "Humee hum brahm hum.” We are we and we are God.

There are techniques and methodologies that are formulas from wise people. They can totally turn you away from all kinds of dangers. The point is that God is perfect, omnipresent and omniscient—whatever you want to call Him. He can't create something that's incomplete. We are complete for the purposes of longitude and latitude, circumstances and confrontation. But why can't we live that way? Because we don't trust ourselves. Forget about trusting somebody else. If you don't trust yourself, how will you trust somebody else? If you don't love yourself, how can you love somebody else? If you don't talk to yourself, why would you talk to others?

Talk to yourself first. Let yourself know before you let anybody else know. In your deliverance lies the ecstasy. In your deliverance lies your bounty. In your deliverance lies your bliss. In your deliverance lies your beauty. Everything else will fall short. Learn to deliver. Deliver yourself to your body and your mind.

There are two aspects to deal with. Let your soul talk to your mind and let your soul talk to your body. And let yourself know your soul. All matters will be adjusted. All things will be taken care of. It's as simple as that.

Challenges are inevitable. You can't avoid them. Come and go, up and down shall happen. You don't want to face it? Be yourself.

Keep your sadhana. Keep yourself intact. As long as you keep yourself in one piece, you will have peace of mind.

Just remember, prosperity comes through peace. If you keep yourself in one piece, you will be fine. Don't love God out there somewhere. Love God within you. This outside God is a lie. It's a betrayal. It's a treachery. There is no such thing as anything beyond you.

What is in you, that’s all that God is about.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

The lecture given on this date can be found in Success and the Spirit.