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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Guidance of the Guru

Excerpts from a lecture given on April 2, 1995 in Los Angeles, CA

There is a balance on this Earth. There is a balance in time. There is a balance in space. There is a balance in Earth. Every moment is in balance. Good and bad are in balance. Light and darkness are in balance. Guru takes us from darkness to light in balance.

It is not properly understood what a Guru is. When you are consciously in command of your life, that is Guru. You consciously live, consciously command your life, consciously take your actions. Even when you are conscious that what you are doing is right or wrong, you will get that guidance within you.

As long as your emotions, your feelings, your attachment, your greed guides you, your consciousness will not guide you. Because whatever is guiding you at that moment is temporary. It is a benefit for that time and that space.

When you have a benefit at that time and that space, at the same time you have an equal loss in that time and that space. Because when you go after something and you gain something, then you have lost something at the same time—which you could have gained if you would have guided yourself consciously. That is Dharma, that is Guru. It's a very simple coexistence.

There is nothing wrong to have emotions. There is nothing wrong to have feelings, because intellect will release thousands of thought and it will come. There are millions of feelings and zillions of emotions. There is no doubt about it that that's your guiding force.

But also when you move, you move consciously. There is a two thousand horsepower car under you. You move with your own handling of the steering gear. You do not move because the car wants to move. You have the right to control the speed. You have the right to control the direction. You have the right to control whether you want to pass somebody or you don't want to pass somebody. You have every right to drive that most powerful vehicle under you. This is exactly how the mind is.

We can understand in our mind what Guru says. So, if we start applying it at that moment, that is called living under the guidance of the Guru.

You will be surprised to see some people. They say, "Well, I understood that this is what I should have done under the guidance of the Guru, but this is what I did for myself." Then you and the guidance of the Guru become two separate issues.

It is a human weakness to separate from consciousness and wisdom. When you are attached to emotions and feelings, or there is fear attached, then the greatest person will act absolutely insane by virtue of something which he or she knows is not real.

Now, what is not real at that time? The word is called paap. Paap means you are not doing with consciousness. Neither you are applying universal consciousness nor you are applying any self-learning or words of the Guru. You are only doing what you are doing.

When you are doing something by your own will, then you have to face the result of that. That is called paap. The opposite word of this is punn, where you negate your ego and you do what is in the general good. That is called punn. And that is what Guru says.

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