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 6:30pm – 8:00pm EVENING PROGRAM

Welcome Ceremony with Kirtan, Air Tent

 8:15pm – 9:45pm EVENING PROGRAM

Dance Party, Air Tent




Living with a Whole Heart in the Aquarian Age ~ Ramdesh Kaur and Harnam Singh,NJ (AA) Air Tent

Strengthen your heart chakra and open yourself to love in the Aquarian Age. Heal yourself from past trauma and step into a higher vibration and a new you! Challenging kriya, profound meditations and uplifting mantras will inspire and elevate you to live with a whole heart! We'll also take a healing astral journey. Come ready to chant, to dance, and to move! Chant along with Harnam's sweet live music with band!

Opening the Heart through Experience ~ Harsimran Singh, GA (AA) Water Tent

The upcoming Age will rely on the strength of individuals and their capacity to give. Giving can occur when strength and intention is present. Through experience, we work through the blocks, strengthen our cores, and open our hearts. Exercises for theHeartCenterand Pranic Meditation for theHeartCenterwill aid us in this class to propel ourselves closer to the Aquarian Experiences to come.

Navigating through Troubled Times using Peace ~ Satsang Singh Khalsa, NM (KY) Fire Tent

We will focus on the breath, yoga, and singing for and about peace. We will work on the Heart Chakra allowing ourselves to open through compassion and kindness. Non-judgment of self and others will be considered as we see each other as ourselves. "Let There Be peace" by Matamandir Singh and "Peace" by Awtar Singh will be sung to uplift ourselves and the planet, like a homeopathic remedy! Come and Uplift!

MahBoundLotus®—Align with your Destiny ~ SatSantokh K Khalsa, FL (KY) Earth Tent

Open your heart through a silenced mind (Shuniya), bind the body into Infinity, connect the consciousness, and live in Awareness in this Age of Aquarius. “The yogis who practiced this thousands of years ago lived to be over 120 years old without any illness or disease....Let them know it (MahBoundLotus®) will help them with their future.”—Yogi Bhajan. Please bring posture props such as socks, straps, 3-5 pillows, small blanket, shawl, etc.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Teacher In and Outside the Classroom ~ Updesh Kaur, CA (AT) Ether Tent

Yogi Bhajan said, "The teacher is a vehicle of divinity, without duality. That's why you can uplift." Come together as Teachers and Trainers as we connect to the Golden Chain and practice together. We will examine and assess the many roles and responsibilities of being a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in the Aquarian Age, both inside and outside the classroom.

All About Gurdwara ~ Siri Sevak Kaur Khalsa, MA (SG) Gurdwara

When you bow in Gurdwara, you give your head and open your heart. Open your heart to Gurdwara by learning more about it—the history, the do’s and don’ts, and what everything means. The intention of this class is to help people feel relaxed and participative in Gurdwara.


10:30am – 12:30pm MORNING WORKSHOPS

Experience and Crystallize the Self ~DukhNiwaran Kaur,IL and Har Darshan Kaur, NC andLivtar Singh,GA (AT) Air Tent

As teachers, we are a conduit to the soul. A cloudy glass cannot show the way. We must become crystal clear to light the path so the soul can be seen. We will go to the depth of the heart center using the sensory self to open to the healing sound current Humee Hum Brahm Hum. Open to the vastness of that Oneness with humility, joy, contentment, and consciousness. Become crystal clear.

Authentic Relationships: The Dance of our Polarities ~ SatSiri Dougherty,VA (AT) Water Tent

As Kundalini yogis we are constantly evaluating the patterns and programs we have learned through the lens of our awakened consciousness. In this workshop we will honor and balance both the masculine and feminine within us, the elements of the Father and Mother, harmonizing them, thus bringing us to grace. Our caliber and character will then lead us, so our relationships—first with ourselves and then with others—are authentic and powerful and true.

Re-Vitalize with Breathwalk® ~ Shakta Kaur, IL (AT) Fire Tent

Many spiritual traditions use walking as a meditation to calm the mind, to connect to nature and for healing. Breathwalk® is a simple, natural and effective walking practice derived from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. More powerful than 'just walking,' Breathwalk incorporates the meditative mind with specific breath patterns synchronized with your steps. In this session you’ll learn to use your prana to regulate the modes and moods of the mind. All levels welcome.

Prosperity through Grace ~ Dr. Sham Rang Khalsa, MA (AA) Earth Tent

If your goals are joy and serving others, and you believe that prosperity would fully support these goals, then come learn this Aquarian science and fulfill your destiny. Clarify your intentions and firmly attract and establish prosperity. Look deeply to find and release any resistance to this powerful flow, allowing Grace to breathe easily through you. Learn how to use Time, Emotions and Contrast to help navigate the journey of fulfillment.

Kundalini Yoga and Creative Arts for All Levels ~ Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa, NH with live music by Ajeet Kaur Khalsa, TN (AA) Ether Tent

Hari Kirin, the author of Art & Yoga: Kundalini Awakening in the Everyday Life, will lead us in Kundalini Yoga to free our hearts from past disappointments and open the flow of the fourth chakra. Then we will engage in creative arts to experience our connection and restore our ability to give and receive love freely. Join us for this experiential class combining Kundalini Yoga, art and simple movement.

Gateway to the Guru ~ Swaran Kaur Khalsa, NM (SG) Gurdwara

The Gurdwara is the sacred space that holds and nurtures each Winter Solstice gathering. In a course for people of all walks of life, we will experience the sacred energy of the Gurdwara together, and open the space for heart-centered exploration and discovery.



Raj Yoga – The Path of Self Illumination & Service ~ Upma Kaur, NM and Hari Charn Kaur, NM with Jai Jagdeesh, CA on music (AT) Air Tent

Kundalini Yoga as the Raj Yoga is the throne of the neutral mind, bestowed by Guru Ram Das. This class will focus on experiencing the blessings and miracle of Guru Ram Das through yoga, meditation, and naad. Come to recognize, experience, and claim that essence which makes you royal and allows your presence to work. We will have an altar especially for this class; you are welcome to bring an offering.  

Spiritual Maturity and the Self Sensory Human ~ Sunder Khalsa,VA (KY) Water Tent

Spiritual Maturity is not a thing, intense experience, or meditative state. It is a refinement of the self while at the same time being beyond it. It is the ability to own your own patterns and step back from them when they are active. Let's explore the art of Spiritual Maturity and the techniques of how to see the faults of others and upon seeing them, unsee them.

Concentrating Prana: Ayurveda & Kundalini Yoga ~ Jai Dev Singh, CA (AA) Earth Tent

Prana and Vata are both created from the air element. Vata is erratic, quick, a-rhythmic and dilutes life-force. It is responsible for anxiety, doubt, insecurity and overwhelm. Prana is slow and rhythmic, centers itself in the body/mind and generates immense energy when concentrated in the central nervous system. It is the life-force intelligence that awakens Kundalini. In this class, Ayurveda becomes a yogic science to transform the body into the optimal vehicle for heightened sadhana.

Yogi Bhajan Living Legacy Lecture: Overcoming the Complexes of Life ~Kirpal Singh, NM (YB) Ether Tent      

The Master tells in powerful language how to overcome tragedies, unhappiness, pain and suffering. Meditation: Brighten your Radiance, Ashtang Agni Kriya


6:30pm – 8:00pm EVENING PROGRAM

Yogi Bhajan Video: “Projecting as a Teacher” Meditation on the Self as a Yogi ~ Presented by KRI, Air Tent

In this class Yogi Bhajan calls us to be known by our spirit and asks us to meditate on our Self as a yogi. “How are you going to come out of your shell? How are you going to come out of your cocoon? How are you going to deal with everybody with openness of self? How can you open so much that you can embrace everything?” –Yogi Bhajan July 31, 1996

8:15pm – 9:45pm EVENING PROGRAM

Sacred Gong ~ Hari Bhajan Kaur, TN, Air Tent

Yogi Tea Café ~ Cozy Music and Yummy Tea




Shakti Dance™ ~ Dharma Kaur, Italy (AA) Air Tent

Shakti Dance™ by Avtar Kaur is inspired by Kundalini Yoga, and it was blessed by Yogi Bhajan in 2001. It is structured in 8 phases including Shakti Stretching, dance steps, free dance and Celestial Communication. The Air Element activates the energy of compassion and love. Following the flow of sound through circular movements such as sufi grind and spirals, we will evoke the Air Element to strengthen the aura and manifest our courage, prosperity and freedom.

Women’s Circle of Powerful Prayer, Meditation, and Chanting ~ Harbhajan K Khalsa, MA (WT) Water Tent

“Woman is a Living Prayer; therefore Woman is a Living Power." – Yogi Bhajan. Prayer and Power; Bhakti and Shakti. We will gather as a circle of women to understand, experience and share stories about the important balance of bhakti and shakti within our “inner crystal” as women. Making the liberating connection between the navel center and the heart center, we will magnify and project the clarified beam of our personal prayers and power.

Men's Wisdom Council ~ Bhagwant Khalsa, MD (AA) Fire Tent

Contained in confidentiality, this sacred, men-only circle will open the heart, enlighten the mind, and reveal the soul.

Getting Started with Japji Sahib ~ Siri Sevak Kaur Khalsa, MA (SG) Earth

Imagine what it would be like to recite Japji easily and well, to recognize and respond to key words and phrases, to understand Guru Nanak’s answers to the basic questions of life, and to talk about them with other people. Take this class and you will be on your way to what you just imagined.

A Morning Practice for Creativity and Awareness ~ Hari KirinKaur Khalsa, NH (AA) Ether Tent

This Kundalini Yoga & Art session will awaken, calm, heal, and bring insight. It is especially helpful for cultivating awareness. This is a very simple practice, and anyone can do it. But as simple as it is, it develops your ability to perceive and helps you access your intuition. This is a helpful series for teachers who work with populations who have trouble focusing or sitting still.


10:30am – 12:30pm MORNING WORKSHOPS

Intra-Dimensional Time Shift ~Harijiwan, CA (AT) Air Tent

Energetically position yourself for the first Winter Solstice of the Aquarian Age. Wandering in the seemingly endless maze of ego-dramatized subconscious thought forms has ended. The transmission energy of the chakras has changed allowing for new experiences of spiritual radiance, mental sharpness and physical harmony. Use the zenith Solstice energy to explore the internal Aquarian mind space of heightened sensory consciousness now that the ‘ring pass not’ boundaries have dissolved into the Piscean past. 

The Wisdom to Serve ~ Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, M.D., CA (AA) Water Tent

Knowing yourself, you act on the voice of the soul and naturally serve others, becoming Godlike in nature, as God is the ultimate Giver. “Service creates a permanent love and friendship. Self-discipline creates grace. And a neutral mind creates wisdom. These are the rules of life.” - Yogi Bhajan

Sleep: The Art & Life of Sweet Surrender ~ Simran Khalsa, CA (AA) Fire Tent

Learn the art of letting go, deeply relaxing, and having Shivasan at your will. Yogic, scientific, and dharmic techniques to have deep, restful, and peaceful sleep. Habits, yoga, meditations and songs for your evening routine. Sleep is a reflection of what you do when awake! Are you conscious of how you sit, stand, walk, and speak? If you do these correctly, you can relax. Learn to turn off the unnecessary! Bring mat & blanket.

All Heart - The Gateway to Human Power ~ Jai Gopal Khalsa, CA (KY) Earth Tent

The heart is the gateway to all human power and with each breath we can connect to the source of this power, the Infinite. But first, the heart must be open. What are the keys that open this universal doorway and how can we keep it open so that its compassionate flow can inform our every action? Here we will experience through Kriya, what it means to live in the miraculous space of the heart.

Inspiration (Breath) as it Relates to Devotional Invocation ~ Harbhajan K Khalsa, MA (SG) Ether Tent

“Inspiration” is most literally “breath, inhalation.” “Invocation” involves using “inspiration” to “call,” invite, or devotionally express yourself to Guru, Spirit, Self. We will open our breath/spirit, creativity, and voices to “invoke” our individual and group relationship as the “pray-er.” This will be a guided merger into a process of opening yourself to the Self. (You may even unleash your poetic nature as we integrate our psyches with limitless Being.)



11-11-11, the Aquarian Age and Sadhana ~Gurudhan Khalsa, CA (KY) Air Tent

Our identity is our Spiritual Identity! The time is now critical where we must remember this. The portal to the Age of Aquarius has just occured - November 11, 2011. It is now time to be alert and disciplined, and to command our mind. This workshop will provide techniques on how to do that as well as go into the practical aspects of sadhana.

The Lunar Woman, the Solar Man, and Relationships ~ Shakta Kaur, IL and Hari Charn Kaur, NM (AT) Water Tent

Woman’s basic nature is like the moon which waxes and wanes, while man’s basic nature is like the sun which is continuous and constant. The moon reflects the sun. Come learn about woman as the 'moon' and man as the 'sun.' With this knowledge re-examine your present attitude toward relationships and receive practical tips from Shakta Kaur and Hari Charn Kaur on harmonizing the natural polarity between the masculine and the feminine.

Sikh Dharma Minister Gathering: "The Magic of Asking for Nothing and Receiving Everything: The Experience of 33rd Pauri of Japji" ~ Sardarni Sahiba Siri Sevak Kaur Khalsa, MA and Singh Sahib Sham Rang Singh Khalsa, MA (SG) Fire Tent

Tantric Preparation Class ~Kartar Singh,VA (AA) Earth Tent

What is White Tantric Yoga and why do we practice it? Tantric guidelines, questions, and answers, what to expect, what to bring with you, what to wear, keeping the lines straight, and how to leave the tantric lines and come back, if necessary. Tips and tools on how to sit straight and still and keep up through the White Tantric Yoga experience.

Yogi Bhajan Living Legacy Lecture: Rebirthing II – Fearlessness: Experience Your Vastness ~ Kirpal Singh Khalsa, NM (YB) Ether Tent

This is a wonderful and powerful class that takes you beyond yourself. Meditation: Housecleaning II

Kirtan: Your Voice as an Aquarian Gift of Alignment ~ Satkirin Khalsa, NY (SG) Gurdwara

The human voice can be a gift or a curse. Not many people develop their singing voice to serve harmony and alignment. Yet the gift of this age is that the "Word" is the guiding force. In Sikh Dharma the 11th Guru is the Shabd Guru, or bani, the Word. The Word is the guiding force to serve us to divine alignment with all. We will explore and discover vocal techniques to joyfully move the world


8:15pm – 9:45pm EVENING PROGRAM

Sacred Gong ~ Harijiwan, CA Air Tent

Yogi Tea Café ~ Cozy Music and Yummy Tea



8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. ~ White Tantric Yoga®  


6:30pm – 8:00pm EVENING PROGRAM

Stories of the Master ~ Legacy Teachers (YB) Ether Tent

The Legacy Teachers are the early students of Yogi Bhajan who lived with the master, who were personally chiseled by him and who continue to deliver the teachings today. They have some wonderful stories. Through them we get little glimpses into the amazing and beautiful teacher who gave his all to give to us. These stories are inspiring, funny, insightful and always show the way to God.


8:15pm – 9:45pm EVENING PROGRAM

Sacred Gong  ~ Hari Bhajan Kaur, TN Air Tent



8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. ~ White Tantric Yoga®  

Amrit Candidates Meeting during lunch ~ Gurdwara


6:30pm – 8:00pm EVENING PROGRAM

Stories of the Master ~ Legacy Teachers (YB) Ether Tent

The Legacy Teachers are the early students of Yogi Bhajan who lived with the master, who were personally chiseled by him and who continue to deliver the teachings today. They have some wonderful stories. Through them we get little glimpses into the amazing and beautiful teacher who gave his all to give to us. The stories are inspiring, funny, insightful and always show the way to God.

8:15pm – 9:45pm EVENING PROGRAM

Sacred Gong ~ Sunder Singh, VA Air Tent

Miri Piri Academy Informational Meeting (MPA) Earth Tent

Yogi Tea Café ~ Cozy Music and Yummy Tea



8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. ~ White Tantric Yoga®  


6:30pm – 8:00pm EVENING PROGRAM


Children’s Program ~ Children of Winter Solstice in the Air Tent

Stories of the Master ~ Legacy Teachers (YB) Ether Tent

The Legacy Teachers are the early students of Yogi Bhajan who lived with the master, who were personally chiseled by him and who continue to deliver the teachings today. They have some wonderful stories. Through them we get little glimpses into the amazing and beautiful teacher who gave his all to give to us. The stories are inspiring, funny, insightful and always show the way to God.


8:15pm – 9:45pm EVENING PROGRAM

Sacred Gong ~ Harijiwan, CA Air Tent

Yogi Tea Café ~ Cozy Music and Yummy Tea


10:00pm – 3:00am

Rensabhai All Night Kirtan ~ Gurdwara and also heard in the Air Tent

The Rensabhai is our sacred sound sleepover. Relax and be enchanted by the sweet strains of devotional music in the sacred space of the Gurdwara. It’s the icing on the Solstice cake! Bring your sleeping bag or blanket and join the whole camp for this cozy and divine night as we put the camp to bed to dream and project for the next time we are all together.




Taking Solstice Home ~ Solstice Teaching Staff, Fire Tent

This class is designed to support the process of integrating the powerful Solstice experience into our lives. We’ll learn how to sustain and support our Solstice journey through yoga, meditation, and discussion to help us continue the process of spiritual unfoldment and upliftment throughout the coming year.

Unlocking the Heart Center to Become your Infinite Fearless Self ~ Haridass Kaur, CA (WT) Earth Tent

Yogi Bhajan said, “Through Pavan Guru, the Pranic Vidya—the knowledge of prana, of creation and creativity and of all incarnations, will dawn on you. You will start winning your self.” Increase your prana by unlocking the chest. When the ribcage becomes locked, it affects the diaphragm’s function and decreases the prana intake. You could be losing 1/3 of your power and not know it. Reclaim the loss by simply unlocking the chest.


10:30am – 12:30pm MORNING WORKSHOPS

Nagar Kirtan (Guru Parade) starts from the Gurdwara at 9:30am

Gurdwara ~ starts at 10:00am in the Gurdwara

The Gurdwara doors are opened for those who wish to participate in the Gurdwara service. The service is a joyous mixture of Kirtan—devotional music and singing in praise of God—and traditional Sikh prayers. Everyone is welcome to join in, sing and meditate together.

The Power of Purity ~NamKaur Khalsa,CA (WT) Air Tent

When we serve with pure intentions we exhibit our highest spiritual nature, because sacrifice is anti-ego. Strengthen your neutral mind so you can serve with purity from the heart. “Just by being pure you can transform another person. You don’t have to utter a word, just be pure, pure at heart.” – Yogi Bhajan

Becoming Strong as Steel ~ Guru Simran Khalsa, NM (KY) Water Tent

This yoga set is physically demanding. Every exercise is to be done with maximum strength and speed. This is an intermediate level Kundalini Yoga set. It is challenging, but the level of accomplishment achieved by doing this kriya is easily worth all of the effort.

Healthy, Happy, Holy Heart! Workshop for Women ~ Shabad Atma Kaur, TX (WT) Fire Tent

When we have a healthy Heart Chakra, we are able to connect with our Soul, know our destiny, and experience authentic relationships. Using Kundalini Yoga techniques for women, we will strengthen and open our heart center to experience true joy. We will reset our compass to heal ourselves and the world around us, allowing us to excel, soar, and live in our grace. Come sweat, chant, and deeply meditate with other women in this uplifting workshop!

Enlightened Body ©: Lessons from the Heart ~ Nirmal Kaur Lumpkin, MN (AT) Ether Tent

We've been given the human body to experience the self. An amazing wealth of wisdom, we will explore the heart in all its forms: physical organ, metaphorical teacher, and energetic center of compassion and love. Gain a deeper understanding of how the heart embodies service, self-care and balance. Practice yoga to feel the heart pumping, and meditation to heal the heart chakra. Experience the love of self so you can love, serve and bless others.



Embody Radiant Health, Embrace your Destiny and Prosper! ~ Jot Singh, MA (KY) Water Tent

We’re just entering the Aquarian Age and a tremendous global energy shift is occurring. If you're feeling unable to tolerate being trapped, confined, or suffocated in a job, relationship, or anything else which affects your heart, this can help. We'll utilize Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to help you access your creativity, better prioritize all things in your life, and offer insights into your unique realties. Small group discussion will also be part of our process.

Men’s Council 2 ~Bhagwant Singh,VA (AA) Fire Tent

Contained in confidentiality, this sacred, men-only circle will open the heart, enlighten the mind, and reveal the soul.

Diversity in the Aquarian Age ~ Awtar Kaur Khalsa, CA (AA) Earth Tent

Can our Kundalini Yoga Community be more inclusive of diversity? We will let the air tattva open our hearts and invoke the neutral mind. We will take an hour to suspend/explore judgments and biases that affect us and fellow yogis. We’ll do some meditation and kriyas as well as games and dialog.

White Tantric Yoga©: After the Experience ~ Kirpal Singh Khalsa and Solstice Teaching Staff, Air Tent

Do you have any questions about White Tantric Yoga--your experiences, the ongoing process of transformation, WTY history and legacy?  This class provides a welcoming space for your questions and answers, facilitated by senior teachers, with discussion about the Tantric experience.

Yogi Bhajan Living Legacy Lecture: Rebirthing IV – Live like a Saint, Act like a Soldier ~ Kirpal Singh Khalsa, NM (YB) Ether Tent

The Master gives us the technology to live as a soldier/saint—the highest ideal of spiritual life. Meditation: Housecleaning IV


8:15pm – 9:45pm EVENING PROGRAM

Sacred Gong ~ Hari Bhajan Kaur, TN Air Tent

Yogi Tea Café ~ Cozy Music and Yummy Tea