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3HO Lifestyle Videos

  A Women's Camp Message from Sarb Nam Kaur
Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa shares this inspiring invitation to International Women's Camp. Register today for this amazing event where women come together to learn, laugh, heal, transform and support one another. One of Yogi Bhajan's main missions during his life was to train women to be the best that they soar. This event is an honoring of his legacy as women from all over the world discover their truest essence and take steps to own their power with kundalini yoga, meditation, creative arts, music, dance, martial arts, healthy and delicious vegetarian diet and more.
  One Consciousness of Love & Light Festival
**Submitted video but uploading took over 40 mins. One Consciousness of Love & Light Festival ( Area of Impact: Everyone - Southern California, CA, USA Service Project:  My skills and background through the help of Kundalini Yoga has focused me to create a spiritual fitness festival for charity and my greater SoCal community.
  Soul Answer University
My SEVA Project-Soul Answer University, serving  people around the world
  Film To Give
"Film To Give". 
  Dayaljeet Kaur Yoga Seva Project
Traveling Yoga Studio for the Youth of our communities./Dayaljeet Kaur Yoga Seva Project/ Nashville TN
  Golden Aura - Organic Eatery
Golden Aura - Organic Eatery
  TIME OUT for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
This video is a glimpse of me (Susan Agrios) teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in the schools. I am dedicated to helping students and teachers lead happier, healthier and holier lives. As a former school teacher, I was aware there was an under served population that goes unnoticed and unseen since I had taught many students suffering from mental illnesses such as depression.  On the outside they appeared "normal" yet on the inside they were in pain and some even suicidal.
  3HO San Francisco Urban Gardening Project
Project: 3HO San Francisco Urban Gardening Project  This is a community based service project providing avenues for service and community development in the creation and upkeep of organic urban gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to support and encourage the transformation of unused space and land into abundant producers of fresh local produce to share with the community, homeless shelters and fundraise at farmer's markets. We hope to provide continued food sources and sevice oppotunities in the SF Bay area.
  Yoga in Schools
Yoga in Schools is an initiative that teaches Kundalini Yoga in the poorest areas of Santiago de Chile. We are impacting over 5000 kids. We want to measure the effects of this project and grow in order to reach more children.