The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth: Moving Beyond Discomfort

Dive into the transformative journey of emotions and personal growth in ‘The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth: Moving Beyond Discomfort.’ Explore how meditation can turn emotions into tools for self-discovery. Learn to cultivate patience, embrace discomfort, and unleash creativity through Kundalini Yoga. Join Puranpreet Kaur on a 21-stage journey to your best self.

Infinite Love

When I was younger, I used to look to the outside for the feeling of fulfilment and love. Naively, I thought that I could only get this feeling of inner joy and happiness from the other person.

A Personal Experience of the Mul Mantra

When I was starting my practice of Kundalini Yoga in 2007, the Mul Mantra was one of the first mantras I heard. My initial reaction to it was that I didn’t understand it. It puzzled me. What does this mantra mean?


Nowadays, we are often not great at listening or paying attention. Even when we try our best, it’s easy to become distracted by personal intent, emotion, or disposition. Conscious listening is the act of being fully present during a communication exchange between oneself and another.

Hearing Your Inner Voice

Every person has inner guidance available to them and a choice to listen and live with its support. The inner voice is the voice from the soul. It is our guide and guardian.