Solstice Potato Soup

The Solstice Potato soup is slightly alkalizing to the body, keeping the body healthy and light, and the mind clear for sadhana.

Healing Ginger Lemon Drink

Ginger is a powerful antiviral that specifically helps with respiratory infections and lemon is a wonderful way to boost the immune system as well as bring the body’s pH to alkaline.

Trinity Roots

Trinity Roots

Onions, garlic, and ginger are known as the Trinity Roots. In the yogic diet, these foods are essential for cleansing, sustaining, and producing energy. They detoxify our internal organs, feed our glandular system, regenerate our creative and sexual energy, stimulate our immune system, and help clean and rebuild our brain function and entire nervous system.

Conscious Eating

Eating nourishes us and gives us life. It brings families and communities together. When done with intention, it’s a wonderful and important part of a conscious lifestyle.

Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan, which translates to deep relaxation in the true identity, is an ancient healing art and contemplative practice. The heart of the method is pure, meditative absorption on the Divine, and the potential for spontaneous healing that comes from it. While considered a yogic technology, Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing modality—not a yoga practice. 

Transitioning to a Vegetarian Diet

It’s important to understand that being a vegetarian is not only about leaving meat off of your plate—it’s a holistic lifestyle choice that can increase your energy and allow for a deeper connection to body and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga as the Key to Unlocking the Power of the Enneagram

I’ve become more and more convinced that Kundalini Yoga is the key to unlock the true power of the Enneagram. I’ve also become convinced that some habits, patterns, and issues can’t be resolved in your head—you have to physically get them out of your body.

If Happiness is Your Birthright, Your Energy is Your Passport

Your energy is probably one of the single most important determinants of how the next twelve months will go for you, and I say this based on personal experience. Like many of you, around this time last year the pandemic was wreaking havoc on my life—multiple income streams collapsed all at once.

A Handbook for Grief Recovery in Community

This summary is gathered from 35 years of experience in serving people with life-threatening illness and their families. Although some of what follows is from traditional grief therapy, most is from what Guru Gobind Singh (the 10th Sikh Guru) taught about loss from the example of his own life, and the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

A Yogic Model of Grief Recovery as the Integration of Change

This guide is a non-linear model. We move in and out of the various stages. We recognize that it is vital for people to have the opportunity to experience these stages in whatever time frame best meets their needs, in order to allow for the spectrum of grief response.