The Healing Vibration of Sat Nam

Five years ago, I established a daily Kundalini Yoga practice and planted the seed of Sat Nam – truth – breathing in Sat and exhaling Nam. I tenderly cared for it and watered it with purifying tears.

Delicious Red Lentil Kitchari

Kitchari is an easy, versatile, and healthy dish to make and a great way to give your body’s digestive tract a well-needed break. This is easy to make and really delicious!

Healing Yogic Foot Massage

This isn’t the only way to give a foot massage. And, if you’re a novice, it will get you started. It’s great to give yourself a foot massage just before bed. Better yet, trade massages with your spouse or partner.

The Ways We Seek Wholeness

However we choose to manage our pain, there is healing to do. It is the human condition. This work is, in fact, something we all have in common. We all seek it: a way to become whole.

The Healing Power of Gemstones & Crystals

Gemstones and crystals are some of the oldest and highest vibration materials on the planet. Used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations, from the Egyptians to the Aztecs, gemstones have been used in healing rituals as well as jewelry and as talismans for their powerful ability to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages.

Jalapeno Pancakes

These spicy pancakes help to build resistance to colds and flu. Also known as “anti-smog pancakes,” these help to overcome the ill effects of living in a polluted environment.

Ms. Whiz: The Perfect Breakfast Drink for Women

This nutritious beverage provides the necessary daily doses of sesame or almond oil to nurture your skin and hair, chlorophyll as an internal cleanser, and rice bran syrup which supports the nervous system.

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is a delicious, cooling, and refreshing beverage that can help correct liver and menstrual disorders, as well as poor eyesight.

Potent Potatoes

In the tradition of yogic cooking, this spicy, hearty recipe is very tasty and health-promoting. The spices help to purify the blood, stimulate digestion, and increase energy.

Beet & Carrot Casserole with Ginger Masala

Beets are one of the most potent liver detox foods you can eat. Mixed up with a few complementary ingredients, such as garam masala, carrots, and cheese, they make a simple, satisfying, and outstandingly delicious casserole.