Your Choice Muffins

This is the most flexible recipe I have ever used. It is perfect for those who do not feel comfortable baking, since no matter how you make it, it will taste good. It can be fat free, gluten free, grain free, dairy free. And it tastes great.

Root Vegetable Curry Soup

Studies have found that one of the active ingredients in turmeric, curcumin, has far-reaching health benefits. Incorporating it daily through curries has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Vegetarian Vitality: Maintaining Minerals

Having recently watched the documentary, Forks over Knives, I was reminded of the common belief that consuming dairy products is the only way to maintain adequate calcium levels and therefore preserve bone health.

Mineral-Balancing Cilantro, Celery, and Tahini Dressing

Maintaining an optimal intake of essential minerals is imperative to helping the body stay vital. This tasty dressing combines micronutrient-dense tahini, celery, and cilantro to balance the body’s minerals and provide the essential resources it needs for healthy bones.

Stir Fry with Soy Curls

If you haven’t tried Soy Curls before, they are a clean meat substitute made entirely from Non-GMO soybeans and they soak up the flavors of the Stir Fry.

Sunflower Seed Sauce

Sunflower Seed Sauce is great on top of mixed steamed vegetables and basmati rice or as a hearty salad dressing.

Spaghetti Squash with Turmeric

Spaghetti squash (Cucurbita pepo) is one of my favorite “gluten free” pasta substitutes. Adding turmeric to your favorite dishes is a great practice as research is showing that turmeric has many health benefits including improving digestion, fighting infection, improving blood sugar in diabetes and preserving cognitive function.

Ginger Curry

Soothing and delicious both in health and “dis-ease,” Ginger Curry is recommended for anyone who needs to rebuild their energy and nervous strength, especially when ill or post-partum.