Grilled Mushroom Steaks with Polenta

This is a wonderful, incredibly satisfying dish. The balsamic dressing gives the grilled Portobello mushroom its slightly sweet, deeply rich flavor.

Basmati Rice with Garlic and Parsley

Parsley is better than an after dinner mint to take away odors. Chew well, then swallow; use especially after garlic or onions. Parsley is rich in minerals, especially iron, calcium, potassium and sulfur. It is a good blood building food and has been used as a kidney cleanser and for controlling calcium in the body. Parsley juice is good for eliminating poisonous foods from the body.

Basic Sabzee (Curried Vegetables)

This recipe is the foundation for making a gravy-based sabzee with the vegetable of your choice. For best flavor, grind your own spices with an electric coffee grinder or mortar and pestle.

Fall Yoga Bowl

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Red Peppers, Tofu, and Rainbow Chard sit on top of a nutrient-packed bed of Quinoa with a generous drizzle of Lemon Tahini and Turmeric sauce. 

Best Black Bean Veggie Burgers

These delicious black bean veggie burgers are loaded with flavor and can be put together fairly quickly in a food processor.

Easy Weeknight Ramen Noodles

I challenged myself to make a ramen bowl in under 20 minutes with whatever I had in the fridge. It was so delicious that I made it again the next night.

Tofu, Lentil, and Quinoa Bowl

This recipe looks complicated, but actually it is a nutritious bowl of warm quinoa, lentils, tofu, yams, and greens, topped with a small salad.

Banana Whey Smoothie for Children

This simple smoothie is said to promote growth and strong bones in children. It is said that if you feed them this they’ll grow like “bamboo shoots.”