The Age of Aquarius: What It Is and Why You Should Care

If you’ve noticed the world seems polarized lately, you are not alone. From politics to climate change and from pandemics to wars, it can feel like the human race is having a really hard time getting along. The good news is that the polarization is because we’re going through a transition from one astrological age to the next, and the coming period promises to be one of higher consciousness, compassion, and enlightenment. 

Vibrating Peace, One by One

Real long-lasting peace will not come through the politicians or organizations promoting peace. Real peace will come through the individual—one by one until the whole world is vibrating peace.

The Aquarian Age

The Age of Aquarius tends to evoke an image of free-loving hippies, frolicking in eternal bliss. But before western counterculture put its stamp on eastern spirituality, astrologers and theosophists signaled the coming of the age. 

What is the Age of Aquarius? And what does it mean for us, now?

Seva & Service

The spiritual awareness cultivated in Kundalini Yoga practice is even more vitalizing when it is used in service of others. In the most concise terms, seva means to give without asking for anything in return. To serve without reward. To uplift and inspire those who need it.

Prayer in the Aquarian Age


Bow your head and pray from the heart. Prayer is beyond time and space, a call to the higher self, and a request that the Infinite come through for the finite. To pray is to call upon yourself to be yourself.

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras have sustained the world over thousands of years in their wisdom. Kundalini Yoga suggests that a New Age calls for its own words to live by—as such, the Five Sutras are the guiding principles for Kundalini Yogis as we transition into the Aquarian Age.  

5 Ways to Drop Insecurity

In the Aquarian Age you must know the truth that you have everything you need, already inside you. It is your birthright to live free from fear, doubt and worry.

Come Out of Hiding for the Aquarian Age

This is the time to embrace the paradox of you. It’s when you are at your most vulnerable—sobbing and filled with insecurity—that you have the potential to be your strongest. Why? Because life has pressured you so forcefully that you have no other choice but to surrender to the Divinity with you. The false image that you have of yourself must dissolve so that the real you can be born.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Judgment

Judgment is the mind’s conviction that your life should be different, you should be different, others should be different, which can take the form of complaining, extreme negativity or gossiping. You can express this energy to others and/or keep it as an internal dialogue—both are damaging to the self.