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3HO Lifestyle Webinars

Monthly webinars with our senior teachers are part of the KundaLiving program which is based on the 3HO lifestyle teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Each month we offer wonderful opportunities to delve deeply into exploring a particular aspect of Kundalini Yoga and the 3HO way of life. 


Authentic Relationships Webinar

Our entire life existence unfolds within the matrix of our relationships, and relationships are the key to all our success. When...


Radiant Beauty Webinar

We all know people who seem to glow naturally, as if a light were on inside their skin, and inside their very nature. Not only...


The Capacity to Heal Webinar

Yogi Bhajan’s Approach to Ayurveda and Yogic Healing  “Parsley is as much a part of yoga as camel pose.”  “Hands and herbs heal...


The Power of Mantra Webinar

Chanting mantra and the use of sound is a cornerstone of Kundalini Yoga and such a powerful means of personal transformation...


Sadhana: Daily Spiritual Practice

As the Change of Age is upon us, as the insanity of the time intensifies, Sadhana will deliver you to your destiny.


Manifesting the Power of Your Spiritual Name

Deepen your relationship with your spiritual name, increase the internal resonance of your name, recognize ways that your name manifests its power in your daily life.

Create Brilliance and Prosper

Learn to drop self-doubt, identify your gifts, develop consistency with your practice, and empower yourself and enable a pathway to create prosperity for yourself, your family and others.

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