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IKYTA Teacher Conference

Teachers & Trainers Together in Excellence

Summer Solstice, Guru Ram Das Puri, Espanola, New Mexico

Monday, June 20th

10:45 am

IKYTA Teacher’s Conference: The Grace to Carry You Through It
Sat Purkh Kaur, Jai Gopal Kaur, GuruMeher Singh

Join Sat Purkh Kaur (Espanola)  and Jai Gopal Kaur (Chile), along with GuruMeher Singh (Los Angeles) and others as we explore the obstacles we’re facing as teachers and as a community. We all feel the pressure of the times; and we have the tools to address them—together! A morning of movement, meditation and looking deeply into the questions confronting us today: What are the circumstances or environments that challenge your grace the most? What patterns have you noticed in your own life as a Teacher? When do you lose your center? How do you maintain your grace and your identity in the middle of these challenges? What are the tools you use to carry yourself across? As a community we face these same questions; it’s time to get real and hold each other to a standard. Experience your contribution to our collective excellence. Be ready to sweat and laugh and recognize your grace in the other. Sat Nam.