Family Registration and Rates

For families with kids under 18 including Service Exchanges, Dharmic Employees and Financial Aid parents

Parent Rates:

Click here for the adult and parent rates.

Children’s Rates:

Children’s rates do not increase after the early registration deadline.

  • Baby, Infant to 2 yrs:  Free!
  • Toddler, 3 and 4 yrs: $108
  • Youth, 5 to 11 yrs: $225
  • Teen, 12-17 yrs: $350

Day Pass Rate:

  • Child, 3-11 yrs: $50
  • Teen, 12-17 yrs: $100

Camp Age Groups

The Solstice Youth Camp Team is working hard to serve the needs of your children. Please register them for their age group as activities in each group are age-specific. Anyone who wants to put their child in another age group MUST receive approval from the SYCC Manager.

Forms for your Child

Please fill out online, and then print and bring the following forms with you to make your check-in go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

All youth 17 years of age or under must be accompanied by a parent or acting guardian who is over 25 years old. If your child is being accompanied by an acting guardian, the guardian must have this form filled out and notarized prior to the event. They must have this form with them when they check-in onsite. Acting Guardians must also register on-line under the Family Registration Type and child must be registered in Guardian’s On-line Registration form. Children ages 17 and under without an Acting Guardian or with an Acting Guardian who does not have these forms completed, will not be allowed to remain on site.

Registration and Check-in Onsite

  • Families entering the Registration Trailer will go to the Family Registration Table.  The Solstice Youth Camp Co-op Program registration and the On-site Check-In/Registration will be handled here for Families with children 17 and under.
  • Parents will give the Family Registration Team either their event ticket, last name or email address they used to register with and you will be checked-in with your children at that time.
  • Parent Badges will be with all other badges but Children’s Badges will be at the Family Registration Trailer