Updates and Need to Know

What You Need to Know for Summer Solstice    

Sat Nam Summer Solstice Family! Here are your Summer Solstice Updates, Reminders, and New Info:

What to Bring 

Upon Arrival 

On-Site Registration Hours    

Youth Camp Forms 

Rideshare Info

Late Night Arrivals

Please be sure to bring your Event Ticket and arrive at camp before 7:00pm in order to better facilitate your safety and security. Registration will be closed at 9:00pm. If you don't arrive in time to go through the on-site registration process before they close, and you do not have your Event Ticket, you will need to register with Security to enter the site. Registered late arrivals may have to sleep in the Tantric Shelter. You will need to check-in at the on-site Registration immediately after breakfast the following morning.

Please be aware that if you arrive after Registration closes and you have not pre-registered, and you are unable to register with Security when you arrive, you may be asked to leave the site.

Bring Your Event Ticket 

Remember that you need to print your Event Ticket with the bar code on it. This is your Event Ticket to get in.  

Karma Yoga Reminder

Sign up for your Karma Yoga team when you register online. It's much faster and easier. 

For Vehicles 

If you are driving a vehicle to Summer Solstice, please enter your vehicle informaiton in your solstice registration form. This will make it easier to go through security when you arrive. Upon entrance to Summer Solstice, the Solstice Security Team will be collecting additional vehicle information. This information is being collected to improve camp security and enable us to offer assistance with any vehicles, should there be a problem (including parking considerations, lights left on etc.).

The Solstice Road

The 8 mile forest service road to Guru Ram Das Puri has recently become more heavily used. The road is used daily by semitrailer trucks loaded with crushed rock, and less regularly by forest service vehicles and local traffic to and from the forest. Our event adds over 700 vehicles to the mix. The danger of collision is high and we ask that you please take your time and refrain from passing on the road.  

3HO posts our own recommended speed limit signs on the road but the actual safe speed is no more than 25 mph, conditions permitting. If you're driving faster than 25 mph, law enforcement is within rights to give you a citation for speeding. Your safety and the safety of others is our primary concern. If you choose to come and go from the event, please be careful on the road.

Organic Solstice

Meals are included in the registration fee, and much of the food at solstice is organic. However, we've had overwhelming requests for more organic food at Solstice. Since using organic food and ingredients increases food costs by 30-40%, please consider a $20 or more donation to support organic food at Solstice in lieu of increased registration fees. Thank you for making your contribution to this program and for co-creating the best sustainable practices for 3HO events. DONATE NOW

Securing Your Valuables

If you need additional help to secure your valuables, there is a Security-staffed Valuables and Cell Phone Storage Area next to the Men's Restroom.

Ram Das Puri is High and Dry

Read Staying Healthy in HIgh Altitude for some great info on how  to prepare yourself.

Fire Update

Please note that New Mexico is a large state and when there are forest fires, they do not necessarily affect Summer Solstice. 3HO is in close communication with the US Forest Service and the County Fire Marshal. We are constantly monitoring fire behavior in the area and have emergency preparedness procedures in place. In the event of a forest fire that will impact Summer Solstice, we will notify registered participants of conditions so that you can make appropriate travel plans. For real time New Mexico fire information visit http://nmfireinfo.com/ 

Waste Management

3HO is consulting with dedicated service volunteers to move toward becoming a less wasteful event. In the meantime, support our efforts to keep Guru Ram Das Puri a clean and sacred space by being conscious of your impact on the land.

If you purchase food or beverage in a glass container in the Solstice Bazaar, please return the used glass container to the vendor for proper disposal; they will be expecting this. When you leave Solstice this year, please pack out everything you packed in and mindfully clean up your campsite and any litter you see nearby, even if it's not yours.  

Making Changes to Your Registration 



Have a Healthy, Happy, Holy, and Safe Journey!