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Be You--The Journey Back to your Original Self with Catalyst Yogi (HariBhajan Singh)

Be You – The Journey Back to your Original Self 
In the Aquarian Age we are all being called to be in Truth and to live as our authentic selves. There are 7 billion people on the planet and only one you! So how do you embrace your uniqueness without it becoming food for the ego? Fast track the process along by releasing life-long conditioning that is covering up your true essence so you can deliver ‘you’ to the world!  Class includes Kundalini Yoga and deep transformative Meditation.

Catalyst Yogi (HariBhajan) is committed to helping people transition into the Aquarian Age. His influences are Sacred Sound, Human Design and Psychology of Vision. His specialties are understanding and managing the mind and ego, harnessing the power of the emotions, dropping the past and connecting to one’s authentic power and uniqueness.


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