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Names and Pronunciations

As you view the list of names, please understand that there may be more than one way to spell each one. This is because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi* alphabet to the English alphabet. (Note: Most of these spiritual names are from the Gurbani** language.)
The emphasis of your spiritual name is on how it is pronounced, so it is important to use the correct naad (sound current), when speaking your name, and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your spiritual name, but remember, the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.

Please listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Start pronouncing your name slowly, feel it, and let it resonate within you.
Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female (Singh or Kaur), except as indicated.  The few names that can only be used for one gender or the other are indicated by having Singh or Kaur added to them in this list.

*Gurmukhi is the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs
** Gurbani is the sacred language of the Sikhs

Taj AnandaListen to Taj Ananda
Taj InderjeetListen to Taj Inderjeet
Taj InderpreetListen to Taj Inderpreet
Taj KaramListen to Taj Karam
Taj PremListen to Taj Prem
TajbirListen to Tajbir
TaraListen to Tara
Tara AkalListen to Tara Akal
Tara ArdasListen to Tara Ardas
Tara DevListen to Tara Dev
Tara JiwanListen to Tara Jiwan
TaranListen to Taran
Taran DasListen to Taran Das
Taran MitarListen to Taran Mitar
Taran RoopListen to Taran Roop
Taran SimranListen to Taran Simran
TaranbirListen to Taranbir
TarandeepListen to Tarandeep
TarandevListen to Tarandev
TaranjodhListen to Taranjodh
TaranjotListen to Taranjot
TaranpalListen to Taranpal
TaranpreetListen to Taranpreet
TaranpremListen to Taranprem
TaranshantListen to Taranshant
TarkashListen to Tarkash
Tarn TaarnListen to Tarn Taarn
TavleenListen to Tavleen
TeerathdeepListen to Teerathdeep
TegListen to Teg
Teg AnandListen to Teg Anand
Teg BhajanListen to Teg Bhajan
Teg GianListen to Teg Gian
Teg KrishnaListen to Teg Krishna
Teg SimritListen to Teg Simrit
TejListen to Tej
Tej DharamListen to Tej Dharam
Tej GianListen to Tej Gian
Tej MahanListen to Tej Mahan
Tej PartapListen to Tej Partap
Tej SevakListen to Tej Sevak
TejaListen to Teja
Teja PremListen to Teja Prem
TejbalListen to Tejbal
TejdeepListen to Tejdeep
TejinderListen to Tejinder
TejinderjeetListen to Tejinderjeet
TejindermeetListen to Tejindermeet
TejinderpreetListen to Tejinderpreet
TejmanListen to Tejman
TejwantListen to Tejwant
Tek HarListen to Tek Har
Tek HariListen to Tek Hari
TekbirListen to Tekbir
TekdeepListen to Tekdeep
TekdevListen to Tekdev
TekjeetListen to Tekjeet
TekjotListen to Tekjot
TekmeetListen to Tekmeet
TekpalListen to Tekpal
TekpreetListen to Tekpreet
TekroopListen to Tekroop
TeksaroopListen to Teksaroop
TeraListen to Tera
Tera ArdasListen to Tera Ardas
Tera DeepListen to Tera Deep
Tera NihalListen to Tera Nihal
Terath PremListen to Terath Prem
Terath RamListen to Terath Ram
TiagaListen to Tiaga