Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Sach AmanListen to Sach Aman
Sach AmritListen to Sach Amrit
Sach AnandaListen to Sach Ananda
Sach AvtarListen to Sach Avtar
Sach BaksheeshListen to Sach Baksheesh
Sach BhagatListen to Sach Bhagat
Sach DharamListen to Sach Dharam
Sach DhyanListen to Sach Dhyan
Sach GianListen to Sach Gian
Sach InderListen to Sach Inder
Sach JotiListen to Sach Joti
Sach KiretListen to Sach Kiret
Sach SevakListen to Sach Sevak
SachbirListen to Sachbir
SachdeepListen to Sachdeep
SachdevListen to Sachdev
SachjeetListen to Sachjeet
SachleenListen to Sachleen
SachlivListen to Sachliv
SachmanListen to Sachman
SachpalListen to Sachpal
SachpreetListen to Sachpreet
SachpremListen to Sachprem
SachroopListen to Sachroop
SachtekListen to Sachtek
Sada AnandListen to Sada Anand
Sada BaharListen to Sada Bahar
Sada BhagtiListen to Sada Bhagti
Sada BirListen to Sada Bir
Sada NamListen to Sada Nam
Sada NihalListen to Sada Nihal
Sada PreetListen to Sada Preet
Sada PritamListen to Sada Pritam
Sada RajListen to Sada Raj
Sada RamListen to Sada Ram
Sada SatListen to Sada Sat
Sada Sat SimranListen to Sada Sat Simran
Sada SimranListen to Sada Simran
Sada SukhListen to Sada Sukh
SadajeetListen to Sadajeet
SadasachListen to Sadasach
Sadh BaksheeshListen to Sadh Baksheesh
Sadh JiwanListen to Sadh Jiwan
SadhanaListen to Sadhana
Sadhana AdiListen to Sadhana Adi
Sadhana AmanListen to Sadhana Aman
Sadhana AmritaListen to Sadhana Amrita
Sadhana AnandListen to Sadhana Anand
Sadhana BaniListen to Sadhana Bani
Sadhana ChandListen to Sadhana Chand
Sadhana ChanderListen to Sadhana Chander
Sadhana DevtaListen to Sadhana Devta
Sadhana GobindListen to Sadhana Gobind
Sadhana GopalListen to Sadhana Gopal
Sadhana JiwanListen to Sadhana Jiwan
Sadhana KirtiListen to Sadhana Kirti
Sadhana PritiListen to Sadhana Priti
Sadhana VedyaListen to Sadhana Vedya
SadhpreetListen to Sadhpreet
SadhuListen to Sadhu
SahaiListen to Sahai
Sahai AmritListen to Sahai Amrit
Sahai DarshanListen to Sahai Darshan
Sahai DyalListen to Sahai Dyal
Sahai KirtiListen to Sahai Kirti
Sahai PritamListen to Sahai Pritam
SahejListen to Sahej
Sahej AmritListen to Sahej Amrit
Sahej AnandListen to Sahej Anand
Sahej DharamListen to Sahej Dharam
Sahej DhyanListen to Sahej Dhyan
Sahej GianListen to Sahej Gian
Sahej InderListen to Sahej Inder
Sahej JiwanListen to Sahej Jiwan
Sahej JogListen to Sahej Jog
Sahej JotListen to Sahej Jot
Sahej NivasListen to Sahej Nivas
Sahej PrakashListen to Sahej Prakash
Sahej PremListen to Sahej Prem
Sahej RajListen to Sahej Raj
Sahej RatanListen to Sahej Ratan
Sahej SaroopListen to Sahej Saroop
Sahej SukhListen to Sahej Sukh
Sahej VedyaListen to Sahej Vedya
Sahej VicharListen to Sahej Vichar
SahejbirListen to Sahejbir
SahejdeepListen to Sahejdeep
SahejdevListen to Sahejdev
SahejdhanListen to Sahejdhan
SahejleenListen to Sahejleen
SahejlivListen to Sahejliv
SahejmeetListen to Sahejmeet
SahejmukhListen to Sahejmukh
SahejpalListen to Sahejpal
SahejpreetListen to Sahejpreet
SahejrasListen to Sahejras
SahejroopListen to Sahejroop
SahibListen to Sahib
Sahib AmarListen to Sahib Amar
Sahib SimranListen to Sahib Simran
SaibhangListen to Saibhang
SajjanListen to Sajjan
Sajjan SaroopListen to Sajjan Saroop
SajjanbirListen to Sajjanbir
SajjandevListen to Sajjandev
SajjanroopListen to Sajjanroop
SampuranListen to Sampuran
Sampuran AjeetListen to Sampuran Ajeet
Sampuran AmritListen to Sampuran Amrit
Sampuran DayaListen to Sampuran Daya
Sampuran DevtaListen to Sampuran Devta
Sampuran DyalListen to Sampuran Dyal
Sampuran GianListen to Sampuran Gian
SampuranjeetListen to Sampuranjeet
SampuranjotListen to Sampuranjot
SampuranpreetListen to Sampuranpreet
Samrathi ShivaListen to Samrathi Shiva
SandeepListen to Sandeep
Sandeep AvtarListen to Sandeep Avtar
Sandeep DassListen to Sandeep Dass
Sandeep DevtaListen to Sandeep Devta
Sandeep DyalListen to Sandeep Dyal
Sandeep JotListen to Sandeep Jot
SandeshListen to Sandesh
Sandesh AdiListen to Sandesh Adi
Sandesh AvtarListen to Sandesh Avtar
Sandesh DeviListen to Sandesh Devi
Sandesh KartaListen to Sandesh Karta
Sandesh NamListen to Sandesh Nam
Sandesh NihalListen to Sandesh Nihal
Sandesh PritiListen to Sandesh Priti
Sandesh VaranListen to Sandesh Varan
SangatListen to Sangat
Sangat AjeetListen to Sangat Ajeet
Sangat AmritaListen to Sangat Amrita
Sangat BachanListen to Sangat Bachan
Sangat BaniListen to Sangat Bani
Sangat ChanderListen to Sangat Chander
Sangat DayaListen to Sangat Daya
Sangat DevListen to Sangat Dev
Sangat DevtaListen to Sangat Devta
Sangat GobindeListen to Sangat Gobinde
Sangat InderListen to Sangat Inder
Sangat JodhaListen to Sangat Jodha
Sangat NirmalListen to Sangat Nirmal
Sangat PrakashListen to Sangat Prakash
Sangat PuranListen to Sangat Puran
Sangat RamListen to Sangat Ram
Sangat TaraListen to Sangat Tara
Sangat TeraListen to Sangat Tera
SangatbirListen to Sangatbir
SangatjeetListen to Sangatjeet
SangatjotListen to Sangatjot
SangatjotiListen to Sangatjoti
SangatpreetListen to Sangatpreet
SangatpremListen to Sangatprem
SangatrajListen to Sangatraj
SangatrasListen to Sangatras
SangatroopListen to Sangatroop
SangeetListen to Sangeet
Sangeet AkashaListen to Sangeet Akasha
Sangeet AnandaListen to Sangeet Ananda
Sangeet AngadListen to Sangeet Angad
Sangeet ArdasListen to Sangeet Ardas
Sangeet AvtarListen to Sangeet Avtar
Sangeet BachanListen to Sangeet Bachan
Sangeet BaniListen to Sangeet Bani
Sangeet BhajanListen to Sangeet Bhajan
Sangeet ChandListen to Sangeet Chand
Sangeet NarayanListen to Sangeet Narayan
Sangeet PritiListen to Sangeet Priti
Sangeet PriyaListen to Sangeet Priya
Sangeet SevaListen to Sangeet Seva
Sangeet ShaktiListen to Sangeet Shakti
Sangeet ShantiListen to Sangeet Shanti
Sangeet VedyaListen to Sangeet Vedya
Sangeet ViriamListen to Sangeet Viriam
SangeetaListen to Sangeeta
Sangeeta ChandListen to Sangeeta Chand
Sangeeta DayaListen to Sangeeta Daya
Sangeeta DhyanListen to Sangeeta Dhyan
Sangeeta MahanListen to Sangeeta Mahan
Sangeeta TejListen to Sangeeta Tej
SanjamListen to Sanjam
SanjeetListen to Sanjeet
Sanjeet AdiListen to Sanjeet Adi
Sanjeet AkalListen to Sanjeet Akal
Sanjeet BaniListen to Sanjeet Bani
SanjeetbirListen to Sanjeetbir
SanjeetrajListen to Sanjeetraj
SanjiwanListen to Sanjiwan
SanjogListen to Sanjog
SanmukhListen to Sanmukh
SanpreetListen to Sanpreet
Sanpreet AdiListen to Sanpreet Adi
Sanpreet DeviListen to Sanpreet Devi
Sanprem AkalListen to Sanprem Akal
Sanprem BaniListen to Sanprem Bani
Sanprem DevaListen to Sanprem Deva
Sanprem DeviListen to Sanprem Devi
Sanprem DevtaListen to Sanprem Devta
SanrajpreetListen to Sanrajpreet
SanrajpremListen to Sanrajprem
SantListen to Sant
Sant BeantListen to Sant Beant
Sant JotListen to Sant Jot
Sant KirinListen to Sant Kirin
Sant NamListen to Sant Nam
Sant PrakashListen to Sant Prakash
Sant SaroopListen to Sant Saroop
Sant SubaghListen to Sant Subagh
SantbirListen to Santbir
SantdevListen to Santdev
SantmukhListen to Santmukh
SantokhListen to Santokh
Santokh AmritListen to Santokh Amrit
Santokh AnandaListen to Santokh Ananda
Santokh DevtaListen to Santokh Devta
Santokh SimranListen to Santokh Simran
Santokh TaraListen to Santokh Tara
SantokhbirListen to Santokhbir
SantokhdeepListen to Santokhdeep
SantokhdevListen to Santokhdev
SantokhjeetListen to Santokhjeet
SantokhjotListen to Santokhjot
SantokhpalListen to Santokhpal
SantokhpreetListen to Santokhpreet
SantoshListen to Santosh
Santosh PremListen to Santosh Prem
SantpreetListen to Santpreet
SantpremListen to Santprem
SantrajListen to Santraj
SantsevListen to Santsev
SantsukhListen to Santsukh
SaramListen to Saram
SaranListen to Saran
Saran ChandListen to Saran Chand
Saran DassListen to Saran Dass
Saran InderListen to Saran Inder
Saran MantraListen to Saran Mantra
Saran NihalListen to Saran Nihal
SaranbirListen to Saranbir
SarandeepListen to Sarandeep
SarandevListen to Sarandev
SarandeviListen to Sarandevi
SarandyalListen to Sarandyal
SarangListen to Sarang
SaranjeetListen to Saranjeet
SaranjotListen to Saranjot
SaranmeetListen to Saranmeet
SaranpalListen to Saranpal
SaranpreetListen to Saranpreet
SaranpremListen to Saranprem
SaranrajListen to Saranraj
SaranroopListen to Saranroop
SaransukhListen to Saransukh
SaraswatiListen to Saraswati
Saraswati NamListen to Saraswati Nam
SarbatListen to Sarbat
SardarListen to Sardar
SarebListen to Sareb
Sareb AmritaListen to Sareb Amrita
Sareb AtmaListen to Sareb Atma
Sareb DamanListen to Sareb Daman
Sareb DharamListen to Sareb Dharam
Sareb DhyanListen to Sareb Dhyan
Sareb DyalListen to Sareb Dyal
Sareb GianListen to Sareb Gian
Sareb MeherListen to Sareb Meher
Sareb NamListen to Sareb Nam
Sareb NidhanListen to Sareb Nidhan
Sareb PiarListen to Sareb Piar
Sareb PrakashListen to Sareb Prakash
Sareb SangeetListen to Sareb Sangeet
Sareb SangeetaListen to Sareb Sangeeta
Sareb SarangListen to Sareb Sarang
Sareb SeetalListen to Sareb Seetal
Sareb SevaListen to Sareb Seva
Sareb SevakListen to Sareb Sevak
Sareb ShaktiListen to Sareb Shakti
Sareb ShantListen to Sareb Shant
Sareb ShantiListen to Sareb Shanti
Sareb UttamListen to Sareb Uttam
Sareb VartaListen to Sareb Varta
SarebdevListen to Sarebdev
SarebjeetListen to Sarebjeet
SarebjotListen to Sarebjot
SarebleenListen to Sarebleen
SarebmeetListen to Sarebmeet
SarebpalListen to Sarebpal
SarebpreetListen to Sarebpreet
SarebpremListen to Sarebprem
SarebrajListen to Sarebraj
SarebrasListen to Sarebras
SarebsukhListen to Sarebsukh
SaroopListen to Saroop
SaroopbirListen to Saroopbir
Sarv VartaListen to Sarv Varta
SatListen to Sat
Sat AkalListen to Sat Akal
Sat AmritListen to Sat Amrit
Sat AnandListen to Sat Anand
Sat AngadListen to Sat Angad
Sat ArdasListen to Sat Ardas
Sat ArjanListen to Sat Arjan
Sat AtmaListen to Sat Atma
Sat AvtarListen to Sat Avtar
Sat BachanListen to Sat Bachan
Sat BakshishListen to Sat Bakshish
Sat BeantListen to Sat Beant
Sat BhagatListen to Sat Bhagat
Sat BhajanListen to Sat Bhajan
Sat ChandraListen to Sat Chandra
Sat CharanListen to Sat Charan
Sat Charan SimranListen to Sat Charan Simran
Sat DarshanListen to Sat Darshan
Sat DayaListen to Sat Daya
Sat DevaListen to Sat Deva
Sat DevbirListen to Sat Devbir
Sat DharamListen to Sat Dharam
Sat GaneshaListen to Sat Ganesha
Sat GurmukhListen to Sat Gurmukh
Sat GurprasadListen to Sat Gurprasad
Sat GuruListen to Sat Guru
Sat HanumanListen to Sat Hanuman
Sat HariListen to Sat Hari
Sat HimatListen to Sat Himat
Sat InderListen to Sat Inder
Sat InderjeetListen to Sat Inderjeet
Sat InderpalListen to Sat Inderpal
Sat InderpremListen to Sat Inderprem
Sat JagatListen to Sat Jagat
Sat JiwanListen to Sat Jiwan
Sat JotListen to Sat Jot
Sat KamalListen to Sat Kamal
Sat KaramListen to Sat Karam
Sat KaranListen to Sat Karan
Sat KartarListen to Sat Kartar
Sat KevalListen to Sat Keval
Sat KiretListen to Sat Kiret
Sat KirinListen to Sat Kirin
Sat KirpalListen to Sat Kirpal
Sat KirtanListen to Sat Kirtan
Sat KirtiListen to Sat Kirti
Sat KriyaListen to Sat Kriya
Sat ManderListen to Sat Mander
Sat MantraListen to Sat Mantra
Sat MeherListen to Sat Meher
Sat MiterListen to Sat Miter
Sat MohinderListen to Sat Mohinder
Sat MohineListen to Sat Mohine
Sat MukhListen to Sat Mukh
Sat MuretListen to Sat Muret
Sat NamListen to Sat Nam
Sat Nam SimranListen to Sat Nam Simran
Sat NarayanListen to Sat Narayan
Sat Narayan SimranListen to Sat Narayan Simran
Sat NihalListen to Sat Nihal
Sat NirinjanListen to Sat Nirinjan
Sat NirmalListen to Sat Nirmal
Sat NishanListen to Sat Nishan
Sat PalListen to Sat Pal
Sat PartapListen to Sat Partap
Sat ParvanListen to Sat Parvan
Sat PavanListen to Sat Pavan
Sat PrakashListen to Sat Prakash
Sat PrasadListen to Sat Prasad
Sat PremListen to Sat Prem
Sat PritamListen to Sat Pritam
Sat PriyaListen to Sat Priya
Sat PuranListen to Sat Puran
Sat PurkhListen to Sat Purkh
Sat PurkhaListen to Sat Purkha
Sat PurshaListen to Sat Pursha
Sat RahaListen to Sat Raha
Sat RajListen to Sat Raj
Sat RamListen to Sat Ram
Sat RandhirListen to Sat Randhir
Sat RattanListen to Sat Rattan
Sat RaviListen to Sat Ravi
Sat Ravi NarayanListen to Sat Ravi Narayan
Sat SadhanaListen to Sat Sadhana
Sat SahejListen to Sat Sahej
Sat SampuranListen to Sat Sampuran
Sat SandeshListen to Sat Sandesh
Sat SangatListen to Sat Sangat
Sat SangeetListen to Sat Sangeet
Sat SansarListen to Sat Sansar
Sat SantokhListen to Sat Santokh
Sat SarbatListen to Sat Sarbat
Sat SaroopListen to Sat Saroop
Sat SatnamListen to Sat Satnam
Sat SavitriListen to Sat Savitri
Sat SevaListen to Sat Seva
Sat SevakListen to Sat Sevak
Sat ShabadListen to Sat Shabad
Sat ShaktiListen to Sat Shakti
Sat ShantiListen to Sat Shanti
Sat SimranListen to Sat Simran
Sat SiriListen to Sat Siri
Sat SukhListen to Sat Sukh
Sat SunderListen to Sat Sunder
Sat SundertaListen to Sat Sunderta
Sat SundriListen to Sat Sundri
Sat TapaListen to Sat Tapa
Sat TaraListen to Sat Tara
Sat TerathListen to Sat Terath
SatbirListen to Satbir
SatjeetListen to Satjeet
SatleenListen to Satleen
SatmeetListen to Satmeet
SatmurtiListen to Satmurti
SatsangListen to Satsang
SatwantListen to Satwant
SatyaListen to Satya
Satya AdiListen to Satya Adi
Satya AmritListen to Satya Amrit
Satya AmritaListen to Satya Amrita
Satya BirListen to Satya Bir
Satya DassListen to Satya Dass
Satya FatehListen to Satya Fateh
Satya KaranListen to Satya Karan
Satya KirinListen to Satya Kirin
Satya KrishanListen to Satya Krishan
Satya PrakashListen to Satya Prakash
Satya PremListen to Satya Prem
Satya PritamListen to Satya Pritam
Satya RaiListen to Satya Rai
Satya ViriamListen to Satya Viriam
SatyajeetListen to Satyajeet
SatyapalListen to Satyapal
SavitriListen to Savitri
Savitri AkalListen to Savitri Akal
Savitri AnandaListen to Savitri Ananda
Savitri AngadListen to Savitri Angad
Savitri ArdasListen to Savitri Ardas
Savitri AvtarListen to Savitri Avtar
Savitri BhajanListen to Savitri Bhajan
Savitri DayalListen to Savitri Dayal
Savitri DeviListen to Savitri Devi
Savitri KirinListen to Savitri Kirin
Savitri KirtanListen to Savitri Kirtan
Savitri TejaListen to Savitri Teja
Savitri TeraListen to Savitri Tera
Seema AdiListen to Seema Adi
Seema AjeetListen to Seema Ajeet
Seema AmritListen to Seema Amrit
Seema AmritaListen to Seema Amrita
Seema AnandListen to Seema Anand
Seema ArjanListen to Seema Arjan
Seema AtmaListen to Seema Atma
Seema AvtarListen to Seema Avtar
Seema BaniListen to Seema Bani
Seema ChandListen to Seema Chand
Seema DassListen to Seema Dass
Seema DeviListen to Seema Devi
Seema GianListen to Seema Gian
Seema JotListen to Seema Jot
Seema JotiListen to Seema Joti
Seema KirtiListen to Seema Kirti
Seema NamListen to Seema Nam
Seema NarayanListen to Seema Narayan
Seema OnkarListen to Seema Onkar
Seema ParamListen to Seema Param
Seema PrabhuListen to Seema Prabhu
Seema PuranListen to Seema Puran
Seema TejListen to Seema Tej
Seetal AdeshListen to Seetal Adesh
Seetal AjeetListen to Seetal Ajeet
Seetal AmanListen to Seetal Aman
Seetal ArjanListen to Seetal Arjan
Seetal DassListen to Seetal Dass
Seetal HariListen to Seetal Hari
Seetal MantraListen to Seetal Mantra
Seetal OnkarListen to Seetal Onkar
Seetal PremListen to Seetal Prem
Seetal TejListen to Seetal Tej
Seetal TeraListen to Seetal Tera
SeetaljotListen to Seetaljot
SevaListen to Seva
Seva AbnashiListen to Seva Abnashi
Seva AkalListen to Seva Akal
Seva BhagtiListen to Seva Bhagti
Seva BhajanListen to Seva Bhajan
Seva ChandListen to Seva Chand
Seva GobindListen to Seva Gobind
Seva HarnalListen to Seva Harnal
Seva HarpremListen to Seva Harprem
Seva HimatListen to Seva Himat
Seva IndraListen to Seva Indra
Seva JodhaListen to Seva Jodha
Seva KamalListen to Seva Kamal
Seva KaramListen to Seva Karam
Seva KartarListen to Seva Kartar
Seva KavitaListen to Seva Kavita
Seva KiretListen to Seva Kiret
Seva KirinListen to Seva Kirin
Seva MandeepListen to Seva Mandeep
Seva ManjotListen to Seva Manjot
Seva ManjotiListen to Seva Manjoti
Seva ManpremListen to Seva Manprem
Seva ManpritiListen to Seva Manpriti
Seva MohanListen to Seva Mohan
Seva NamdevListen to Seva Namdev
Seva NamdeviListen to Seva Namdevi
Seva NamjotListen to Seva Namjot
Seva NarayanListen to Seva Narayan
Seva NirbanListen to Seva Nirban
Seva PartapListen to Seva Partap
Seva PavanListen to Seva Pavan
Seva PritpalListen to Seva Pritpal
Seva QurbanListen to Seva Qurban
Seva RajdevListen to Seva Rajdev
Seva RamListen to Seva Ram
Seva RandeepListen to Seva Randeep
Seva RandevListen to Seva Randev
Seva RandeviListen to Seva Randevi
Seva RanjeetListen to Seva Ranjeet
Seva SahaiListen to Seva Sahai
Seva SampuranListen to Seva Sampuran
Seva SandeepListen to Seva Sandeep
Seva SandeshListen to Seva Sandesh
Seva SangatListen to Seva Sangat
Seva SeetalListen to Seva Seetal
Seva ShantiListen to Seva Shanti
Seva SimranListen to Seva Simran
Seva Simran SiriListen to Seva Simran Siri
Seva SiriListen to Seva Siri
Seva TaranListen to Seva Taran
Seva VikramListen to Seva Vikram
SevadeepListen to Sevadeep
SevadevListen to Sevadev
SevajeetListen to Sevajeet
SevajotListen to Sevajot
SevakListen to Sevak
Sevak AngadListen to Sevak Angad
Sevak DevListen to Sevak Dev
Sevak KaranListen to Sevak Karan
Sevak KirtanListen to Sevak Kirtan
Sevak KrishanListen to Sevak Krishan
Sevak PremListen to Sevak Prem
Sevak RamListen to Sevak Ram
Sevak VikramListen to Sevak Vikram
SevaksukhListen to Sevaksukh
SevapreetListen to Sevapreet
Shabad AnandListen to Shabad Anand
Shabad AtmaListen to Shabad Atma
Shabad AvtarListen to Shabad Avtar
Shabad DeepListen to Shabad Deep
Shabad DevListen to Shabad Dev
Shabad GianListen to Shabad Gian
Shabad NarayanListen to Shabad Narayan
Shabad NidhanListen to Shabad Nidhan
Shabad NivasListen to Shabad Nivas
Shabad PrakashListen to Shabad Prakash
Shabad PremListen to Shabad Prem
Shabad RasListen to Shabad Ras
Shabad RatanListen to Shabad Ratan
Shabad SaroopListen to Shabad Saroop
Shabad SevaListen to Shabad Seva
Shabad SimranListen to Shabad Simran
Shabad TejListen to Shabad Tej
ShabadjogListen to Shabadjog
ShabadjotListen to Shabadjot
ShabadlivListen to Shabadliv
ShabadpreetListen to Shabadpreet
ShabadrangListen to Shabadrang
ShabadroopListen to Shabadroop
ShaktaListen to Shakta
Shakta DeviListen to Shakta Devi
Shakta PremListen to Shakta Prem
Shakta PritiListen to Shakta Priti
Shakti AkashaListen to Shakti Akasha
Shakti AmritListen to Shakti Amrit
Shakti AmritaListen to Shakti Amrita
Shakti AngadListen to Shakti Angad
Shakti AtmaListen to Shakti Atma
Shakti AvtarListen to Shakti Avtar
Shakti DassListen to Shakti Dass
Shakti DayaListen to Shakti Daya
Shakti KalyanListen to Shakti Kalyan
Shakti KaramListen to Shakti Karam
Shakti KartaListen to Shakti Karta
Shakti KirtanListen to Shakti Kirtan
Shakti KrishanListen to Shakti Krishan
Shakti ManjeetListen to Shakti Manjeet
Shakti NidhanListen to Shakti Nidhan
Shakti NirmalListen to Shakti Nirmal
Shakti PiaraListen to Shakti Piara
Shakti PuranListen to Shakti Puran
Shakti RadhaListen to Shakti Radha
Shakti RamListen to Shakti Ram
Shakti RamaListen to Shakti Rama
Shakti SangeetListen to Shakti Sangeet
Shakti SangeetaListen to Shakti Sangeeta
Shakti TaranListen to Shakti Taran
Shakti TejListen to Shakti Tej
ShamListen to Sham
Sham InderpalListen to Sham Inderpal
Sham RangListen to Sham Rang
Sham SunderListen to Sham Sunder
ShamaListen to Shama
Shama KirtanListen to Shama Kirtan
Shama PritiListen to Shama Priti
Shama TejListen to Shama Tej
ShamsherListen to Shamsher
Shamsher PremListen to Shamsher Prem
ShantListen to Shant
Shant NivasListen to Shant Nivas
Shant PiarListen to Shant Piar
Shant PrakashListen to Shant Prakash
Shant PritiListen to Shant Priti
Shant SahejListen to Shant Sahej
Shant SaroopListen to Shant Saroop
ShantbirListen to Shantbir
ShantdeepListen to Shantdeep
ShantdevListen to Shantdev
ShantiListen to Shanti
Shanti AmritaListen to Shanti Amrita
Shanti AngadListen to Shanti Angad
Shanti AvtarListen to Shanti Avtar
Shanti ChandraListen to Shanti Chandra
Shanti DaleepListen to Shanti Daleep
Shanti DassListen to Shanti Dass
Shanti DevaListen to Shanti Deva
Shanti DyalListen to Shanti Dyal
Shanti KirinListen to Shanti Kirin
Shanti KirtanListen to Shanti Kirtan
Shanti KrishanListen to Shanti Krishan
Shanti NidhanListen to Shanti Nidhan
Shanti ParamListen to Shanti Param
Shanti PiaraListen to Shanti Piara
Shanti SangeetListen to Shanti Sangeet
Shanti SevaListen to Shanti Seva
Shanti ShantiListen to Shanti Shanti
Shanti TeraListen to Shanti Tera
ShantijotListen to Shantijot
ShantjeetListen to Shantjeet
ShantjotListen to Shantjot
ShantmeetListen to Shantmeet
ShantpalListen to Shantpal
ShantpreetListen to Shantpreet
ShantrajListen to Shantraj
SherListen to Sher
Sher AkalListen to Sher Akal
Sher AnandListen to Sher Anand
Sher AngadListen to Sher Angad
Sher ArjanListen to Sher Arjan
Sher ArvindListen to Sher Arvind
Sher BachanListen to Sher Bachan
Sher DyalListen to Sher Dyal
Sher KirtanListen to Sher Kirtan
Sher RandeepListen to Sher Randeep
Sher SunderListen to Sher Sunder
Sher VedyaListen to Sher Vedya
Shiv AnterListen to Shiv Anter
Shiv PriyaListen to Shiv Priya
Shiva AmritListen to Shiva Amrit
Shiva AnandListen to Shiva Anand
Shiva AngadListen to Shiva Angad
Shiva AvtarListen to Shiva Avtar
Shiva BachanListen to Shiva Bachan
Shiva BaniListen to Shiva Bani
Shiva BhagatListen to Shiva Bhagat
Shiva BhagtiListen to Shiva Bhagti
Shiva HariListen to Shiva Hari
Shiva SangatListen to Shiva Sangat
Shiva SunderListen to Shiva Sunder
Shiva TejListen to Shiva Tej
Shiva VedyaListen to Shiva Vedya
ShivcharanListen to Shivcharan
ShivcharanjeetListen to Shivcharanjeet
ShivdevListen to Shivdev
ShivjotiListen to Shivjoti
ShivpalListen to Shivpal
ShivpreetListen to Shivpreet
ShivpremListen to Shivprem
ShivrajListen to Shivraj
ShivrajpalListen to Shivrajpal
ShivroopListen to Shivroop
Shubh KaramListen to Shubh Karam
Shubh PreetListen to Shubh Preet
SimranListen to Simran
Simran AmritaListen to Simran Amrita
Simran AngadListen to Simran Angad
Simran ArdasListen to Simran Ardas
Simran ArjanListen to Simran Arjan
Simran AtmaListen to Simran Atma
Simran ChandListen to Simran Chand
Simran DayalListen to Simran Dayal
Simran DevtaListen to Simran Devta
Simran DyalListen to Simran Dyal
Simran GopalListen to Simran Gopal
Simran HarpalListen to Simran Harpal
Simran LaalListen to Simran Laal
Simran MantraListen to Simran Mantra
Simran NihalListen to Simran Nihal
Simran NirbhaoListen to Simran Nirbhao
Simran ParamListen to Simran Param
Simran PremListen to Simran Prem
Simran PritiListen to Simran Priti
Simran RaviListen to Simran Ravi
Simran SangeetListen to Simran Sangeet
Simran Sat SangeetListen to Simran Sat Sangeet
Simran ShantiListen to Simran Shanti
Simran TegListen to Simran Teg
Simran TiagaListen to Simran Tiaga
SimrandevListen to Simrandev
SimranjeetListen to Simranjeet
SimranjotListen to Simranjot
SimranpalListen to Simranpal
SimranrajListen to Simranraj
SimransukhListen to Simransukh
SimritListen to Simrit
Simrit AdeshListen to Simrit Adesh
Simrit AnandListen to Simrit Anand
Simrit AnandaListen to Simrit Ananda
Simrit BhagatListen to Simrit Bhagat
Simrit BhagtiListen to Simrit Bhagti
Simrit ChananListen to Simrit Chanan
Simrit DevaListen to Simrit Deva
Simrit DyalListen to Simrit Dyal
Simrit GopalListen to Simrit Gopal
Simrit KalyanListen to Simrit Kalyan
Simrit KamalListen to Simrit Kamal
Simrit PreetListen to Simrit Preet
Simrit PremListen to Simrit Prem
Simrit SevakListen to Simrit Sevak
SimritdeepListen to Simritdeep
SimritjeetListen to Simritjeet
SimritjotListen to Simritjot
SimritpalListen to Simritpal
SirgunListen to Sirgun
Sirgun AtmaListen to Sirgun Atma
SiriListen to Siri
Siri AjeetListen to Siri Ajeet
Siri AkalListen to Siri Akal
Siri AmarListen to Siri Amar
Siri AmardevListen to Siri Amardev
Siri AmirListen to Siri Amir
Siri AmritListen to Siri Amrit
Siri AmritdevListen to Siri Amritdev
Siri AnandListen to Siri Anand
Siri AtmaListen to Siri Atma
Siri AvtarListen to Siri Avtar
Siri BachiterListen to Siri Bachiter
Siri BahadurListen to Siri Bahadur
Siri BaldevListen to Siri Baldev
Siri BalwantListen to Siri Balwant
Siri BandhuListen to Siri Bandhu
Siri BaniListen to Siri Bani
Siri BasantListen to Siri Basant
Siri BeantListen to Siri Beant
Siri BhagwatiListen to Siri Bhagwati
Siri BrahamListen to Siri Braham
Siri Brahm KirnListen to Siri Brahm Kirn
Siri BrahmaListen to Siri Brahma
Siri ChandListen to Siri Chand
Siri ChandraListen to Siri Chandra
Siri DalpriyaListen to Siri Dalpriya
Siri DarshanListen to Siri Darshan
Siri DassListen to Siri Dass
Siri DatarListen to Siri Datar
Siri DattaListen to Siri Datta
Siri DayaListen to Siri Daya
Siri DayalListen to Siri Dayal
Siri DeepListen to Siri Deep
Siri DegListen to Siri Deg
Siri DevListen to Siri Dev
Siri DevaListen to Siri Deva
Siri DevtaListen to Siri Devta
Siri DharamListen to Siri Dharam
Siri DharmaListen to Siri Dharma
Siri DhyanListen to Siri Dhyan
Siri DidarListen to Siri Didar
Siri FatehListen to Siri Fateh
Siri GaneshListen to Siri Ganesh
Siri GianListen to Siri Gian
Siri GobindListen to Siri Gobind
Siri GopalListen to Siri Gopal
Siri GuruListen to Siri Guru
Siri GurudevListen to Siri Gurudev
Siri GurunamListen to Siri Gurunam
Siri Har NarayanListen to Siri Har Narayan
Siri HariListen to Siri Hari
Siri Hari HariListen to Siri Hari Hari
Siri HarpalListen to Siri Harpal
Siri HarpremListen to Siri Harprem
Siri InderListen to Siri Inder
Siri IndraListen to Siri Indra
Siri JapaListen to Siri Japa
Siri JasdevaListen to Siri Jasdeva
Siri JaspreetListen to Siri Jaspreet
Siri JaspremListen to Siri Jasprem
Siri JodhaListen to Siri Jodha
Siri JotListen to Siri Jot
Siri JotiListen to Siri Joti
Siri KaramListen to Siri Karam
Siri KartaListen to Siri Karta
Siri KartarListen to Siri Kartar
Siri KavitaListen to Siri Kavita
Siri KevalListen to Siri Keval
Siri KhalsaListen to Siri Khalsa
Siri KiretListen to Siri Kiret
Siri KirinListen to Siri Kirin
Siri KirpalListen to Siri Kirpal
Siri KirtanListen to Siri Kirtan
Siri KirtiListen to Siri Kirti
Siri KrishnaListen to Siri Krishna
Siri LakshmiListen to Siri Lakshmi
Siri LivtarListen to Siri Livtar
Siri MahatmaListen to Siri Mahatma
Siri MandeviListen to Siri Mandevi
Siri ManpremListen to Siri Manprem
Siri MantraListen to Siri Mantra
Siri MarkaListen to Siri Marka
Siri MataListen to Siri Mata
Siri MukhListen to Siri Mukh
Siri MuktaListen to Siri Mukta
Siri NadhListen to Siri Nadh
Siri NamListen to Siri Nam
Siri Nam SimranListen to Siri Nam Simran
Siri NathListen to Siri Nath
Siri NeelListen to Siri Neel
Siri NihalListen to Siri Nihal
Siri NirangkarListen to Siri Nirangkar
Siri NishanListen to Siri Nishan
Siri OmListen to Siri Om
Siri ParmeshwarListen to Siri Parmeshwar
Siri PaviterListen to Siri Paviter
Siri PrakashListen to Siri Prakash
Siri PreetListen to Siri Preet
Siri PremListen to Siri Prem
Siri PriyaListen to Siri Priya
Siri RadhaListen to Siri Radha
Siri RaiListen to Siri Rai
Siri RajListen to Siri Raj
Siri RajpritiListen to Siri Rajpriti
Siri RamListen to Siri Ram
Siri RamdeshListen to Siri Ramdesh
Siri RandeepListen to Siri Randeep
Siri RandeviListen to Siri Randevi
Siri RanpreetListen to Siri Ranpreet
Siri RatanListen to Siri Ratan
Siri RaviListen to Siri Ravi
Siri RishiListen to Siri Rishi
Siri RoopListen to Siri Roop
Siri SadhanaListen to Siri Sadhana
Siri SahibListen to Siri Sahib
Siri SajjanListen to Siri Sajjan
Siri SampuranListen to Siri Sampuran
Siri SangeetListen to Siri Sangeet
Siri SanpreetListen to Siri Sanpreet
Siri SantListen to Siri Sant
Siri SantokhListen to Siri Santokh
Siri SatListen to Siri Sat
Siri Sat NamListen to Siri Sat Nam
Siri SeemaListen to Siri Seema
Siri SevakListen to Siri Sevak
Siri ShaktiListen to Siri Shakti
Siri Sham SunderListen to Siri Sham Sunder
Siri SherListen to Siri Sher
Siri ShivaListen to Siri Shiva
Siri SimranListen to Siri Simran
Siri SiriListen to Siri Siri
Siri SitaListen to Siri Sita
Siri SubaghListen to Siri Subagh
Siri SunderListen to Siri Sunder
Siri SundriListen to Siri Sundri
Siri SwamiListen to Siri Swami
Siri TapaListen to Siri Tapa
Siri TejaListen to Siri Teja
Siri TiagaListen to Siri Tiaga
Siri VedListen to Siri Ved
Siri VedyaListen to Siri Vedya
Siri ViasListen to Siri Vias
Siri VishnuListen to Siri Vishnu
SiribirListen to Siribir
SirikarListen to Sirikar
SiripalListen to Siripal
SirjanListen to Sirjan
SitaListen to Sita
Sita AdiListen to Sita Adi
Sita AmritListen to Sita Amrit
Sita AmritaListen to Sita Amrita
Sita AnandListen to Sita Anand
Sita AnandaListen to Sita Ananda
Sita ArjanListen to Sita Arjan
Sita AvtarListen to Sita Avtar
Sita DeviListen to Sita Devi
Sita KalyanListen to Sita Kalyan
Sita KrishanListen to Sita Krishan
Sita NamListen to Sita Nam
Sita PuranListen to Sita Puran
SmilingListen to Smiling
SobhaListen to Sobha
SobhadevListen to Sobhadev
SohanListen to Sohan
Sohan InderListen to Sohan Inder
Sohan KartaListen to Sohan Karta
SohanbirListen to Sohanbir
SohandeepListen to Sohandeep
SohandevListen to Sohandev
SohanpalListen to Sohanpal
SohanpreetListen to Sohanpreet
SohanrajListen to Sohanraj
SohungListen to Sohung
SooryaListen to Soorya
Soorya AnandaListen to Soorya Ananda
Soorya AvtarListen to Soorya Avtar
Soorya BhagtiListen to Soorya Bhagti
Soorya DassListen to Soorya Dass
Soorya GianListen to Soorya Gian
Soorya HarpreetListen to Soorya Harpreet
Soorya JotiListen to Soorya Joti
Soorya KirinListen to Soorya Kirin
Soorya KirtiListen to Soorya Kirti
Soorya MiterListen to Soorya Miter
Soorya NidhanListen to Soorya Nidhan
Soorya NishanListen to Soorya Nishan
Soorya PrakashListen to Soorya Prakash
Soorya PremListen to Soorya Prem
Soorya PriyaListen to Soorya Priya
Soorya PuranListen to Soorya Puran
Soorya RamListen to Soorya Ram
Soorya TeraListen to Soorya Tera
SooryadeepListen to Sooryadeep
SooryajotListen to Sooryajot
SooryapreetListen to Sooryapreet
SopurkhListen to Sopurkh
Sopurkh AmritListen to Sopurkh Amrit
Sopurkh AmritaListen to Sopurkh Amrita
Sopurkh DeviListen to Sopurkh Devi
Sopurkh NamListen to Sopurkh Nam
Sopurkh PritiListen to Sopurkh Priti
SopurkhaListen to Sopurkha
SotantarListen to Sotantar
SubaghListen to Subagh
Subagh AmritaListen to Subagh Amrita
Subagh ArdasListen to Subagh Ardas
Subagh DarshanListen to Subagh Darshan
Subagh DevtaListen to Subagh Devta
Subagh PreetListen to Subagh Preet
Subagh RamaListen to Subagh Rama
SubaghdevListen to Subaghdev
SubaghjeetListen to Subaghjeet
SubaghjotListen to Subaghjot
SubaghmeetListen to Subaghmeet
SubaghpreetListen to Subaghpreet
SubaghrajListen to Subaghraj
SuchasListen to Suchas
SujanListen to Sujan
Sujan PrakashListen to Sujan Prakash
SujanbirListen to Sujanbir
SujandevListen to Sujandev
SujanjeetListen to Sujanjeet
SujanmeetListen to Sujanmeet
SujanpalListen to Sujanpal
SujanpreetListen to Sujanpreet
SujogListen to Sujog
Sukh AjeetListen to Sukh Ajeet
Sukh AkalListen to Sukh Akal
Sukh AmanListen to Sukh Aman
Sukh AmritaListen to Sukh Amrita
Sukh AnandListen to Sukh Anand
Sukh ArjanListen to Sukh Arjan
Sukh AtmaListen to Sukh Atma
Sukh AvtarListen to Sukh Avtar
Sukh ChananListen to Sukh Chanan
Sukh DarshanListen to Sukh Darshan
Sukh DevaListen to Sukh Deva
Sukh DeviListen to Sukh Devi
Sukh DharamListen to Sukh Dharam
Sukh GianListen to Sukh Gian
Sukh InderListen to Sukh Inder
Sukh JiwanListen to Sukh Jiwan
Sukh KaramListen to Sukh Karam
Sukh NamListen to Sukh Nam
Sukh NidhanListen to Sukh Nidhan
Sukh NishanListen to Sukh Nishan
Sukh ParamListen to Sukh Param
Sukh PrakashListen to Sukh Prakash
Sukh PritamListen to Sukh Pritam
Sukh RadhaListen to Sukh Radha
Sukh RamaListen to Sukh Rama
Sukh SaroopListen to Sukh Saroop
Sukh ShabadListen to Sukh Shabad
Sukh SimranListen to Sukh Simran
SukhbansListen to Sukhbans
SukhbirListen to Sukhbir
SukhbirpalListen to Sukhbirpal
SukhdevListen to Sukhdev
SukhjeetListen to Sukhjeet
SukhjeevListen to Sukhjeev
SukhjodhListen to Sukhjodh
SukhjogListen to Sukhjog
SukhjotListen to Sukhjot
SukhleenListen to Sukhleen
SukhlivListen to Sukhliv
SukhmanListen to Sukhman
SukhmanderListen to Sukhmander
SukhmaniListen to Sukhmani
Sukhmani AtmaListen to Sukhmani Atma
SukhmeetListen to Sukhmeet
SukhnivasListen to Sukhnivas
SukhpalListen to Sukhpal
SukhpreetListen to Sukhpreet
SukhpremListen to Sukhprem
SukhrajListen to Sukhraj
SukhramListen to Sukhram
SukhrangListen to Sukhrang
SukhroopListen to Sukhroop
SukhsaranListen to Sukhsaran
SukhtejListen to Sukhtej
SukhtekListen to Sukhtek
Sunder JiwanListen to Sunder Jiwan
Sunder RamaListen to Sunder Rama
SunderdeepListen to Sunderdeep
SunderjotListen to Sunderjot
SunderpalListen to Sunderpal
SundertaListen to Sunderta
Sunderta DeviListen to Sunderta Devi
Sunderta NamListen to Sunderta Nam
Sundri AdiListen to Sundri Adi
Sundri AmritaListen to Sundri Amrita
Sundri DarshanListen to Sundri Darshan
Sundri DyalListen to Sundri Dyal
Sundri KamalListen to Sundri Kamal
Sundri NidhanListen to Sundri Nidhan
SurajListen to Suraj
Suraj AnandaListen to Suraj Ananda
Suraj JotListen to Suraj Jot
Suraj PrakashListen to Suraj Prakash
Suraj PriyaListen to Suraj Priya
SurajdevListen to Surajdev
SurajmeetListen to Surajmeet
SurajroopListen to Surajroop
SurinderListen to Surinder
Surinder RajListen to Surinder Raj
SurinderdevListen to Surinderdev
SurinderjotListen to Surinderjot
SurinderpalListen to Surinderpal
SurinderpreetListen to Surinderpreet
SurinderpremListen to Surinderprem
SurjanListen to Surjan
SurjeetListen to Surjeet
Surjeet PremListen to Surjeet Prem
SurjotListen to Surjot
SurpalListen to Surpal
SurpreetListen to Surpreet
Surpreet AdiListen to Surpreet Adi
Surpreet AmritListen to Surpreet Amrit
Surpreet AmritaListen to Surpreet Amrita
Surpreet AtmaListen to Surpreet Atma
Surpreet DeviListen to Surpreet Devi
Surprem DevaListen to Surprem Deva
SwamiListen to Swami
Swami DevListen to Swami Dev
Swami HariListen to Swami Hari
SwaranListen to Swaran
Swaran DeviListen to Swaran Devi
Swaran DevtaListen to Swaran Devta
Swaran NihalListen to Swaran Nihal
Swaran RamListen to Swaran Ram
SwarandevListen to Swarandev
SwaranjeetListen to Swaranjeet
SwaranjotListen to Swaranjot
SwaranlalListen to Swaranlal
SwaranpalListen to Swaranpal
SwaranpreetListen to Swaranpreet
SwaranpremListen to Swaranprem
SwaranroopListen to Swaranroop