Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


RachanbirListen to Rachanbir
RachanjeetListen to Rachanjeet
Radha AmritaListen to Radha Amrita
Radha AnandaListen to Radha Ananda
Radha DayaListen to Radha Daya
Radha DharmaListen to Radha Dharma
Radha NamListen to Radha Nam
Radha NidhanListen to Radha Nidhan
RadhajeetListen to Radhajeet
RadhajotListen to Radhajot
Raghu BirListen to Raghu Bir
Raghu RaiListen to Raghu Rai
RaghupreetListen to Raghupreet
RaghupremListen to Raghuprem
RaiListen to Rai
Rai AmritListen to Rai Amrit
Rai DevtaListen to Rai Devta
Rai HariListen to Rai Hari
Rai NidhanListen to Rai Nidhan
Rai SatyaListen to Rai Satya
RajListen to Raj
Raj AmritListen to Raj Amrit
Raj AmritaListen to Raj Amrita
Raj AnandListen to Raj Anand
Raj BirListen to Raj Bir
Raj DevinderListen to Raj Devinder
Raj DharamListen to Raj Dharam
Raj GopalListen to Raj Gopal
Raj InderpreetListen to Raj Inderpreet
Raj JotListen to Raj Jot
Raj JotiListen to Raj Joti
Raj KirinListen to Raj Kirin
Raj KirtiListen to Raj Kirti
Raj NarayanListen to Raj Narayan
Raj SeetalListen to Raj Seetal
Raj ShaktiListen to Raj Shakti
Raj SimratListen to Raj Simrat
Raj SooryaListen to Raj Soorya
Raj VikramListen to Raj Vikram
RajdeepListen to Rajdeep
RajinderListen to Rajinder
RajinderdevListen to Rajinderdev
RajinderpalListen to Rajinderpal
RajinderpremListen to Rajinderprem
RajkirinListen to Rajkirin
RajmeetListen to Rajmeet
RajmohanListen to Rajmohan
RajpreetListen to Rajpreet
RajratanListen to Rajratan
RajroopListen to Rajroop
RajsukhListen to Rajsukh
RajwantListen to Rajwant
RakhaListen to Rakha
Rakha PremListen to Rakha Prem
RakhbirListen to Rakhbir
RakhnamListen to Rakhnam
RamListen to Ram
Ram AdeshListen to Ram Adesh
Ram AjeetListen to Ram Ajeet
Ram AtmaListen to Ram Atma
Ram AvtarListen to Ram Avtar
Ram BaniListen to Ram Bani
Ram CharanListen to Ram Charan
Ram DasListen to Ram Das
Ram Das BirListen to Ram Das Bir
Ram DeshListen to Ram Desh
Ram DhanListen to Ram Dhan
Ram DharamListen to Ram Dharam
Ram DharmaListen to Ram Dharma
Ram GianListen to Ram Gian
Ram HariListen to Ram Hari
Ram InderListen to Ram Inder
Ram InderjeetListen to Ram Inderjeet
Ram JiwanListen to Ram Jiwan
Ram KirnListen to Ram Kirn
Ram NamListen to Ram Nam
Ram NarayanListen to Ram Narayan
Ram PartapListen to Ram Partap
Ram PrakashListen to Ram Prakash
Ram RaiListen to Ram Rai
Ram RangListen to Ram Rang
Ram RatanListen to Ram Ratan
Ram RaviListen to Ram Ravi
Ram SangatListen to Ram Sangat
Ram SaranListen to Ram Saran
Ram SevaListen to Ram Seva
Ram SimranListen to Ram Simran
Ram VikramListen to Ram Vikram
RamaListen to Rama
Rama BeantListen to Rama Beant
Rama CharanListen to Rama Charan
Rama NihalListen to Rama Nihal
Rama PriyaListen to Rama Priya
Rama PuranListen to Rama Puran
Rama SavitriListen to Rama Savitri
Rama VedyaListen to Rama Vedya
RamandeepListen to Ramandeep
RambirListen to Rambir
RamchandListen to Ramchand
Ramdass BirListen to Ramdass Bir
RamdeepListen to Ramdeep
RamdevListen to Ramdev
RamdhirListen to Ramdhir
RamdhyanListen to Ramdhyan
RameshbirListen to Rameshbir
RameshdeepListen to Rameshdeep
RameshmeetListen to Rameshmeet
RameshpalListen to Rameshpal
RameshpreetListen to Rameshpreet
RamgeetListen to Ramgeet
RamgyanListen to Ramgyan
RaminderListen to Raminder
RaminderjeetListen to Raminderjeet
RaminderjotListen to Raminderjot
RaminderpalListen to Raminderpal
RaminderpreetListen to Raminderpreet
RamjasListen to Ramjas
RamjeetListen to Ramjeet
RamjeevListen to Ramjeev
RamjiwanListen to Ramjiwan
RamjogListen to Ramjog
RamjotListen to Ramjot
RamjotiListen to Ramjoti
RamleenListen to Ramleen
RamneetListen to Ramneet
RamniwasListen to Ramniwas
RampalListen to Rampal
RampreetListen to Rampreet
RampremListen to Ramprem
RamrajListen to Ramraj
RamroopListen to Ramroop
RamsukhListen to Ramsukh
RamtekListen to Ramtek
RanbirListen to Ranbir
RandeepListen to Randeep
Randeep NamListen to Randeep Nam
RandevListen to Randev
RandhirListen to Randhir
Randhir AkalListen to Randhir Akal
Randhir GianListen to Randhir Gian
Randhir PriyaListen to Randhir Priya
Randhir SevaListen to Randhir Seva
Rang AtmaListen to Rang Atma
Rang UttamListen to Rang Uttam
RangleenListen to Rangleen
RangnamListen to Rangnam
RanjeetListen to Ranjeet
Ranjeet AtmaListen to Ranjeet Atma
RanjodhListen to Ranjodh
RanjotListen to Ranjot
RanlokListen to Ranlok
RanpreetListen to Ranpreet
Ranpreet AtmaListen to Ranpreet Atma
RantekListen to Rantek
Ras AmritaListen to Ras Amrita
Ras AnandListen to Ras Anand
Ras SangatListen to Ras Sangat
Ras SimranListen to Ras Simran
RasanjotListen to Rasanjot
RasanpreetListen to Rasanpreet
RasatmaListen to Rasatma
RasbirListen to Rasbir
RasdeepListen to Rasdeep
RasdharamListen to Rasdharam
RasdyalListen to Rasdyal
RasgianListen to Rasgian
RasjiwanListen to Rasjiwan
RasleenListen to Rasleen
RasnamListen to Rasnam
RasparamListen to Rasparam
RaspreetListen to Raspreet
RaspremListen to Rasprem
RasramListen to Rasram
RaswantListen to Raswant
RatanListen to Ratan
Ratan GianListen to Ratan Gian
Ratan KaramListen to Ratan Karam
RatanavaliListen to Ratanavali
RatangeetListen to Ratangeet
RatanjeetListen to Ratanjeet
RatanjotListen to Ratanjot
RatanpreetListen to Ratanpreet
RaviListen to Ravi
Ravi AmritaListen to Ravi Amrita
Ravi DassListen to Ravi Dass
Ravi HarListen to Ravi Har
Ravi HariListen to Ravi Hari
Ravi InderListen to Ravi Inder
Ravi IndrapalListen to Ravi Indrapal
Ravi JeetListen to Ravi Jeet
Ravi KiratListen to Ravi Kirat
Ravi KirtanListen to Ravi Kirtan
Ravi NamListen to Ravi Nam
Ravi PremListen to Ravi Prem
Ravi RajListen to Ravi Raj
Ravi SevaListen to Ravi Seva
Ravi TaraListen to Ravi Tara
Ravi TaranListen to Ravi Taran
Ravi TejListen to Ravi Tej
RavibirListen to Ravibir
RavideepListen to Ravideep
RavidevListen to Ravidev
RavijotListen to Ravijot
RavimeetListen to Ravimeet
RavinderpalListen to Ravinderpal
RavipalListen to Ravipal
RavipreetListen to Ravipreet
RavpremListen to Ravprem
RionListen to Rion
Rishi ParbatListen to Rishi Parbat
Roop InderListen to Roop Inder
Roop PalListen to Roop Pal
RoopbirListen to Roopbir
RoopjotListen to Roopjot
RoopmeetListen to Roopmeet
RoshanListen to Roshan
RupinderListen to Rupinder