Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Madhur Nain 1Listen to Madhur Nain 1
Maha AtmaListen to Maha Atma
Maha DevaListen to Maha Deva
Maha KaliListen to Maha Kali
MahanListen to Mahan
Mahan ArdasListen to Mahan Ardas
Mahan AtmaListen to Mahan Atma
Mahan BhagatListen to Mahan Bhagat
Mahan BhavanListen to Mahan Bhavan
Mahan DevaListen to Mahan Deva
Mahan DharamListen to Mahan Dharam
Mahan DyalListen to Mahan Dyal
Mahan GianListen to Mahan Gian
MahangunListen to Mahangun
MahanjeetListen to Mahanjeet
Mahan JiwanListen to Mahan Jiwan
MahanjotListen to Mahanjot
Mahan KalpaListen to Mahan Kalpa
Mahan KiretListen to Mahan Kiret
Mahan KirinListen to Mahan Kirin
Mahan KirtanListen to Mahan Kirtan
Mahan LakshmiListen to Mahan Lakshmi
MahanleenListen to Mahanleen
Mahan NirmalListen to Mahan Nirmal
MahanpalListen to Mahanpal
Mahan PiaraListen to Mahan Piara
MahanpreetListen to Mahanpreet
MahanpremListen to Mahanprem
Mahan PritpalListen to Mahan Pritpal
Mahan RaiListen to Mahan Rai
MahanrajListen to Mahanraj
Mahan RamaListen to Mahan Rama
Mahan RishiListen to Mahan Rishi
Mahan SimranListen to Mahan Simran
Mahan SooryaListen to Mahan Soorya
Mahan TaraListen to Mahan Tara
MahantekListen to Mahantek
Mahan TerathListen to Mahan Terath
Maha RajListen to Maha Raj
MahatmaListen to Mahatma
MaheshListen to Mahesh
Mahesh AtmaListen to Mahesh Atma
MaheshjotiListen to Maheshjoti
Mahesh PremListen to Mahesh Prem
ManasdeepListen to Manasdeep
ManasjeetListen to Manasjeet
ManaspreetListen to Manaspreet
ManavListen to Manav
ManavdevListen to Manavdev
Manav InderListen to Manav Inder
ManavjeetListen to Manavjeet
ManavmeetListen to Manavmeet
ManavpreetListen to Manavpreet
ManavroopListen to Manavroop
Manav SimritListen to Manav Simrit
ManbhagtiListen to Manbhagti
ManbirListen to Manbir
ManbudhListen to Manbudh
MandeepListen to Mandeep
Mandeep AtmaListen to Mandeep Atma
ManderListen to Mander
Mandeva PremListen to Mandeva Prem
Mandevi AtmaListen to Mandevi Atma
Mandhir PremListen to Mandhir Prem
Mandhir PriyaListen to Mandhir Priya
ManetListen to Manet
Manet AvtarListen to Manet Avtar
Manet PriyaListen to Manet Priya
Manet SimranListen to Manet Simran
MangalaListen to Mangala
Mangala CharanListen to Mangala Charan
MangaljeetListen to Mangaljeet
ManiListen to Mani
Man InderListen to Man Inder
Man InderbirListen to Man Inderbir
Man InderjotListen to Man Inderjot
Man InderpalListen to Man Inderpal
Man InderpremListen to Man Inderprem
ManjeetListen to Manjeet
Manjeet AmritaListen to Manjeet Amrita
Manjeet AtmaListen to Manjeet Atma
Manjeet ChandListen to Manjeet Chand
Manjeet HariListen to Manjeet Hari
Manjeet SevaListen to Manjeet Seva
Manjeet ShantiListen to Manjeet Shanti
Manjeet TeraListen to Manjeet Tera
ManjeevListen to Manjeev
Manjit KirpalListen to Manjit Kirpal
ManjotListen to Manjot
ManjotiListen to Manjoti
MankaranListen to Mankaran
ManmeetListen to Manmeet
ManmohanListen to Manmohan
ManpalListen to Manpal
ManpreetListen to Manpreet
Manpreet AkalListen to Manpreet Akal
Manpreet AmritaListen to Manpreet Amrita
Manpreet DeviListen to Manpreet Devi
Manpreet JotiListen to Manpreet Joti
Manpreet ShaktiListen to Manpreet Shakti
Manpreet TaranListen to Manpreet Taran
ManpremListen to Manprem
Manprem AkalListen to Manprem Akal
Manprem BaniListen to Manprem Bani
Manprem DassListen to Manprem Dass
Manprem DeviListen to Manprem Devi
ManshantListen to Manshant
MansukhListen to Mansukh
MantejListen to Mantej
MantekListen to Mantek
Mantra AtmaListen to Mantra Atma
Mantra DyalListen to Mantra Dyal
Mantra KaranListen to Mantra Karan
Mantra KirinListen to Mantra Kirin
Mantra PriyaListen to Mantra Priya
Mantra SangeetaListen to Mantra Sangeeta
Mantra SatyaListen to Mantra Satya
Mantra SimranListen to Mantra Simran
ManwantbirListen to Manwantbir
ManwantpalListen to Manwantpal
Mata MandirListen to Mata Mandir
MeetrajListen to Meetraj
MeherListen to Meher
Meher AmritaListen to Meher Amrita
MeherbanListen to Meherban
MeherbaniListen to Meherbani
Meher BhagatListen to Meher Bhagat
MeherbirListen to Meherbir
Meher DassListen to Meher Dass
Meher DevtaListen to Meher Devta
Meher HariListen to Meher Hari
MeherjeetListen to Meherjeet
Meher JiwanListen to Meher Jiwan
MeherjotListen to Meherjot
Meher KevalListen to Meher Keval
MehermeetListen to Mehermeet
Meher NirmalListen to Meher Nirmal
MeherpalListen to Meherpal
MeherpreetListen to Meherpreet
Meher PritamListen to Meher Pritam
Meher RajListen to Meher Raj
Meher RamListen to Meher Ram
Meher RamaListen to Meher Rama
Meher RoopListen to Meher Roop
Meher SatyaListen to Meher Satya
Meher SimranListen to Meher Simran
MehtabListen to Mehtab
Mehtab ChandraListen to Mehtab Chandra
Mehtab DayaListen to Mehtab Daya
Mehtab PremListen to Mehtab Prem
Mehtab SantokhListen to Mehtab Santokh
Mehtab SevaListen to Mehtab Seva
Mehtab ShantiListen to Mehtab Shanti
Mehtab TaranListen to Mehtab Taran
Mere PiareListen to Mere Piare
Miri PiriListen to Miri Piri
MiterListen to Miter
Miter CharanListen to Miter Charan
Miter DayalListen to Miter Dayal
Miter DevaListen to Miter Deva
Miter GianListen to Miter Gian
Miter GopalListen to Miter Gopal
Miter JiwanListen to Miter Jiwan
Miter KamalListen to Miter Kamal
Miter NarayanListen to Miter Narayan
Miter SandeepListen to Miter Sandeep
Miter SangeetaListen to Miter Sangeeta
Miter TeraListen to Miter Tera
MohanbirListen to Mohanbir
MohandeepListen to Mohandeep
Mohan DevtaListen to Mohan Devta
MohandyalListen to Mohandyal
MohanjeetListen to Mohanjeet
MohanjotListen to Mohanjot
MohanpalListen to Mohanpal
MohanpreetListen to Mohanpreet
Mohan PremListen to Mohan Prem
Mohan SevaListen to Mohan Seva
Mohan SimranListen to Mohan Simran
MukandeListen to Mukande
MukandjotListen to Mukandjot
MukandleenListen to Mukandleen
MukandpalListen to Mukandpal
MukandpreetListen to Mukandpreet
MukandpremListen to Mukandprem
MukhbirListen to Mukhbir
MukhiaListen to Mukhia
MukhtiarListen to Mukhtiar
MuktaListen to Mukta
Mukta AdiListen to Mukta Adi
Mukta ArdasListen to Mukta Ardas
Mukta BaniListen to Mukta Bani
Mukta KirpalListen to Mukta Kirpal
Mukta KirtiListen to Mukta Kirti
Mukta PritamListen to Mukta Pritam
Mukta PriyaListen to Mukta Priya
Mukta SaranListen to Mukta Saran
Mukta SimranListen to Mukta Simran
Mukta TaranListen to Mukta Taran