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Names and Pronunciations

As you view the list of names, please understand that there may be more than one way to spell each one. This is because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi* alphabet to the English alphabet. (Note: Most of these spiritual names are from the Gurbani** language.)
The emphasis of your spiritual name is on how it is pronounced, so it is important to use the correct naad (sound current), when speaking your name, and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your spiritual name, but remember, the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.

Please listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Start pronouncing your name slowly, feel it, and let it resonate within you.
Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female (Singh or Kaur), except as indicated.  The few names that can only be used for one gender or the other are indicated by having Singh or Kaur added to them in this list.

*Gurmukhi is the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs
** Gurbani is the sacred language of the Sikhs

Hans DevaListen to Hans Deva
HansdevListen to Hansdev
HansjeetListen to Hansjeet
HansjotListen to Hansjot
HansmukhListen to Hansmukh
HanspalListen to Hanspal
HanspreetListen to Hanspreet
HansrajListen to Hansraj
HansroopListen to Hansroop
HarListen to Har
Har AmritListen to Har Amrit
Har AnandListen to Har Anand
Har AtmaListen to Har Atma
Har Charan PremListen to Har Charan Prem
Har CharnListen to Har Charn
Har DarshanListen to Har Darshan
Har DevListen to Har Dev
Har DyalListen to Har Dyal
Har GobindListen to Har Gobind
Har GopalListen to Har Gopal
Har HarListen to Har Har
Har HariListen to Har Hari
Har InderListen to Har Inder
Har KaranListen to Har Karan
Har KartarListen to Har Kartar
Har KewalListen to Har Kewal
Har KiranListen to Har Kiran
Har KiratListen to Har Kirat
Har NalListen to Har Nal
Har PalListen to Har Pal
Har PiaraListen to Har Piara
Har PrasadListen to Har Prasad
Har PremListen to Har Prem
Har PurkhListen to Har Purkh
Har RaiListen to Har Rai
Har RasListen to Har Ras
Har SajjanListen to Har Sajjan
Har SangatListen to Har Sangat
Har SaroopListen to Har Saroop
Har SevakListen to Har Sevak
Har ShantiListen to Har Shanti
Har SharanListen to Har Sharan
Har SimranListen to Har Simran
Har SimratListen to Har Simrat
Har SiriListen to Har Siri
Har TerathListen to Har Terath
Har YogListen to Har Yog
HarbasantListen to Harbasant
HarbeantListen to Harbeant
HarbhagatListen to Harbhagat
HarbhajanListen to Harbhajan
HarbhavanListen to Harbhavan
HarbirListen to Harbir
HarchandListen to Harchand
HarcharanListen to Harcharan
HarcharanjeetListen to Harcharanjeet
HarcharanpalListen to Harcharanpal
HardassListen to Hardass
HardeepListen to Hardeep
HardhanListen to Hardhan
HardharamListen to Hardharam
HardhyanListen to Hardhyan
HargeetListen to Hargeet
HargianListen to Hargian
HargobindListen to Hargobind
HargunListen to Hargun
HariListen to Hari
Hari AkalListen to Hari Akal
Hari AmritListen to Hari Amrit
Hari AnandListen to Hari Anand
Hari ArtiListen to Hari Arti
Hari AtmaListen to Hari Atma
Hari AvtarListen to Hari Avtar
Hari BachanListen to Hari Bachan
Hari BaldevListen to Hari Baldev
Hari BansListen to Hari Bans
Hari BasantListen to Hari Basant
Hari BhagatListen to Hari Bhagat
Hari BhajanListen to Hari Bhajan
Hari BirListen to Hari Bir
Hari CharnListen to Hari Charn
Hari DarshanListen to Hari Darshan
Hari DassListen to Hari Dass
Hari DattaListen to Hari Datta
Hari DevListen to Hari Dev
Hari DevtaListen to Hari Devta
Hari DharamListen to Hari Dharam
Hari DyalListen to Hari Dyal
Hari GobindListen to Hari Gobind
Hari GopalListen to Hari Gopal
Hari GunListen to Hari Gun
Hari HarListen to Hari Har
Hari HariListen to Hari Hari
Hari InderListen to Hari Inder
Hari InderdevListen to Hari Inderdev
Hari JapListen to Hari Jap
Hari JiwanListen to Hari Jiwan
Hari JotListen to Hari Jot
Hari KaramListen to Hari Karam
Hari KaranListen to Hari Karan
Hari KartarListen to Hari Kartar
Hari KirnListen to Hari Kirn
Hari KirpalListen to Hari Kirpal
Hari KirtanListen to Hari Kirtan
Hari KrishanListen to Hari Krishan
Hari ManderListen to Hari Mander
Hari ManetListen to Hari Manet
Hari ManitListen to Hari Manit
Hari MiterListen to Hari Miter
Hari MittarListen to Hari Mittar
Hari NamListen to Hari Nam
Hari Nam SimranListen to Hari Nam Simran
Hari NarayanListen to Hari Narayan
Hari Narayan KartaListen to Hari Narayan Karta
Hari NihalListen to Hari Nihal
Hari OmListen to Hari Om
Hari PalListen to Hari Pal
Hari ParkashListen to Hari Parkash
Hari PrasadListen to Hari Prasad
Hari PremListen to Hari Prem
Hari PriyaListen to Hari Priya
Hari PurkhListen to Hari Purkh
Hari RaiListen to Hari Rai
Hari RajListen to Hari Raj
Hari RamListen to Hari Ram
Hari RatanListen to Hari Ratan
Hari SadhanaListen to Hari Sadhana
Hari SangatListen to Hari Sangat
Hari SantListen to Hari Sant
Hari ShabdListen to Hari Shabd
Hari ShantiListen to Hari Shanti
Hari SimranListen to Hari Simran
Hari TekListen to Hari Tek
HaribirListen to Haribir
HarijasListen to Harijas
HarimanderjeetListen to Harimanderjeet
Harimandir JotListen to Harimandir Jot
HarinderListen to Harinder
HarinderbirListen to Harinderbir
HarinderjeetListen to Harinderjeet
HarinderpalListen to Harinderpal
HarjagatListen to Harjagat
HarjanListen to Harjan
HarjasListen to Harjas
HarjeetListen to Harjeet
HarjeevListen to Harjeev
HarjinderListen to Harjinder
HarjodhListen to Harjodh
HarkamalListen to Harkamal
HarkanwalListen to Harkanwal
HarkaramListen to Harkaram
HarkaranListen to Harkaran
HarkiratListen to Harkirat
HarkiratpalListen to Harkiratpal
HarkiretListen to Harkiret
HarkiretpalListen to Harkiretpal
HarkirinjeetListen to Harkirinjeet
HarkirpalListen to Harkirpal
HarkrishanListen to Harkrishan
HarlalListen to Harlal
HarleenListen to Harleen
HarlivListen to Harliv
HarlochListen to Harloch
HarlochanListen to Harlochan
HarmanderjeetListen to Harmanderjeet
HarmanderjotListen to Harmanderjot
HarmanderpalListen to Harmanderpal
HarmangalListen to Harmangal
HarmanjeetListen to Harmanjeet
HarmanjodhListen to Harmanjodh
HarmanjotListen to Harmanjot
HarmanpalListen to Harmanpal
HarmanpreetListen to Harmanpreet
HarmansukhListen to Harmansukh
HarmantejListen to Harmantej
HarmeetListen to Harmeet
HarminderListen to Harminder
HarmohanListen to Harmohan
HarmohanjeetListen to Harmohanjeet
HarmuratListen to Harmurat
HarnaadListen to Harnaad
HarnadListen to Harnad
HarnamListen to Harnam
HarnarayanListen to Harnarayan
HarnekListen to Harnek
HarnihalListen to Harnihal
HarnimalListen to Harnimal
HarnirmalListen to Harnirmal
HarnivasListen to Harnivas
HarpartapListen to Harpartap
HarpiarListen to Harpiar
HarpiaraListen to Harpiara
HarprakashListen to Harprakash
HarpreetListen to Harpreet
HarpremjeetListen to Harpremjeet
HarpremjotListen to Harpremjot
HarsahajListen to Harsahaj
HarsahejListen to Harsahej
HarsanjogListen to Harsanjog
HarsaranListen to Harsaran
Harsimran DeepListen to Harsimran Deep
Harsimran SukhListen to Harsimran Sukh
HarsimranjeetListen to Harsimranjeet
HarsimranjotListen to Harsimranjot
HarsimranpalListen to Harsimranpal
HarsimratpalListen to Harsimratpal
HarsobhaListen to Harsobha
HarsukhListen to Harsukh
HarsuratListen to Harsurat
HartejListen to Hartej
HartejbirListen to Hartejbir
HartejpalListen to Hartejpal
HarveenListen to Harveen
HarveerListen to Harveer
HarvicharListen to Harvichar
HarvinderListen to Harvinder
Has CharanListen to Has Charan
HaskaranjeetListen to Haskaranjeet
HemvantListen to Hemvant
HemwantListen to Hemwant
HimatListen to Himat
HimatpalListen to Himatpal
Himmat DevaListen to Himmat Deva
Himmat JotListen to Himmat Jot
HukamListen to Hukam
HukamjeetListen to Hukamjeet
HukampreetListen to Hukampreet