Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Dal AmritaListen to Dal Amrita
DalbirListen to Dalbir
DalchanderListen to Dalchander
DalchandraListen to Dalchandra
DaleepListen to Daleep
Daleep RamaListen to Daleep Rama
DalgeetListen to Dalgeet
DaljeetListen to Daljeet
DaljodhListen to Daljodh
DaljodhaListen to Daljodha
DaljotListen to Daljot
DalmeetListen to Dalmeet
DalmiterListen to Dalmiter
DalpreetListen to Dalpreet
DalpremListen to Dalprem
DalpritiListen to Dalpriti
DalrakhaListen to Dalrakha
DalramaListen to Dalrama
Dalsaran HariListen to Dalsaran Hari
Daman AnandListen to Daman Anand
DamanbirListen to Damanbir
DamandeepListen to Damandeep
Daman InderListen to Daman Inder
Daman IndraListen to Daman Indra
DamanjeetListen to Damanjeet
DamanjotListen to Damanjot
DamanjotiListen to Damanjoti
Daman KirpalListen to Daman Kirpal
DamanpalListen to Damanpal
DamanpreetListen to Damanpreet
Daman PremListen to Daman Prem
Daman PriyaListen to Daman Priya
DamanroopListen to Damanroop
Daman SevaListen to Daman Seva
Daman SevakListen to Daman Sevak
DarbarListen to Darbar
DarshanListen to Darshan
Darshan AkalListen to Darshan Akal
Darshan AmritListen to Darshan Amrit
Darshan AvtarListen to Darshan Avtar
Darshan BasantListen to Darshan Basant
DarshanbirListen to Darshanbir
DarshandeepListen to Darshandeep
DarshandevListen to Darshandev
DarshandevaListen to Darshandeva
DarshangeetListen to Darshangeet
DarshanjeetListen to Darshanjeet
DarshanjotListen to Darshanjot
Darshan KevalListen to Darshan Keval
Darshan KirpalListen to Darshan Kirpal
Darshan MiterListen to Darshan Miter
Darshan MohanListen to Darshan Mohan
Darshan NamListen to Darshan Nam
Darshan PriyaListen to Darshan Priya
Darshan ShaktiListen to Darshan Shakti
Darshan ShantiListen to Darshan Shanti
Darshan TejaListen to Darshan Teja
DashmeshListen to Dashmesh
DasjeetListen to Dasjeet
DasjotListen to Dasjot
DaspremListen to Dasprem
DasrajListen to Dasraj
DassListen to Dass
Dass AdiListen to Dass Adi
Dass AjeetListen to Dass Ajeet
Dass AkalListen to Dass Akal
Dass AmritListen to Dass Amrit
Dass AmritaListen to Dass Amrita
Dass AnandListen to Dass Anand
Dass AngadListen to Dass Angad
Dass AvtarListen to Dass Avtar
Dass DhyanListen to Dass Dhyan
Dass FatehListen to Dass Fateh
Dass HariListen to Dass Hari
Dass HarpalListen to Dass Harpal
Dass HimatListen to Dass Himat
Dass JodhaListen to Dass Jodha
Dass KamalListen to Dass Kamal
Dass KartaListen to Dass Karta
Dass KavitaListen to Dass Kavita
Dass KirinListen to Dass Kirin
Dass KirtanListen to Dass Kirtan
Dass KirtiListen to Dass Kirti
Dass NishanListen to Dass Nishan
Dass PreetListen to Dass Preet
Dass PritiListen to Dass Priti
Dass PriyaListen to Dass Priya
Dass RandhirListen to Dass Randhir
Dass ShabadListen to Dass Shabad
Dass ShaktiListen to Dass Shakti
Dass ShivaListen to Dass Shiva
Dass SimranListen to Dass Simran
DattaListen to Datta
DavinderjeetListen to Davinderjeet
DayaListen to Daya
Daya AjeetListen to Daya Ajeet
Daya AmritListen to Daya Amrit
Daya AtmaListen to Daya Atma
Daya AvtarListen to Daya Avtar
DayabirListen to Dayabir
DayajotListen to Dayajot
DayakarListen to Dayakar
Daya KaramListen to Daya Karam
Daya KrishanListen to Daya Krishan
DayalListen to Dayal
DayaldeepListen to Dayaldeep
Dayal IndraListen to Dayal Indra
DayaljotListen to Dayaljot
Dayal KrishanListen to Dayal Krishan
Dayal MantraListen to Dayal Mantra
Dayal PriyaListen to Dayal Priya
Daya NidhanListen to Daya Nidhan
Daya NishanListen to Daya Nishan
DayapreetListen to Dayapreet
Daya PremListen to Daya Prem
DayapremListen to Dayaprem
Daya PriyaListen to Daya Priya
Daya RajListen to Daya Raj
Daya RamListen to Daya Ram
Daya SandeepListen to Daya Sandeep
Daya SangatListen to Daya Sangat
Daya SaroopListen to Daya Saroop
Daya SimranListen to Daya Simran
DeepListen to Deep
Deep AnandListen to Deep Anand
Deep InderListen to Deep Inder
Deep KanwalListen to Deep Kanwal
Deep KirtanListen to Deep Kirtan
Deep MohanListen to Deep Mohan
Deep NivasListen to Deep Nivas
Deep PrakashListen to Deep Prakash
Deep PremListen to Deep Prem
Deep ShabadListen to Deep Shabad
Deep SimranListen to Deep Simran
DegListen to Deg
Deg AjeetListen to Deg Ajeet
Deg AkalListen to Deg Akal
Deg AmanListen to Deg Aman
Deg BhagatListen to Deg Bhagat
Deg KaramListen to Deg Karam
Deg SangeetListen to Deg Sangeet
Deg ShivaListen to Deg Shiva
Deg SimranListen to Deg Simran
Deg SooryaListen to Deg Soorya
Deg TejaListen to Deg Teja
DeshbirListen to Deshbir
DeshjeetListen to Deshjeet
DeshpreetListen to Deshpreet
DeshpriyaListen to Deshpriya
DevListen to Dev
DevaListen to Deva
Deva AmritListen to Deva Amrit
Deva AngadListen to Deva Angad
Deva ArdasListen to Deva Ardas
Deva AtmaListen to Deva Atma
Deva AvtarListen to Deva Avtar
Deva BhajanListen to Deva Bhajan
Deva BhaktiListen to Deva Bhakti
DevadevListen to Devadev
Deva HarpalListen to Deva Harpal
Dev AjeetListen to Dev Ajeet
DevajeetListen to Devajeet
Deva JiwanListen to Deva Jiwan
Dev AkalListen to Dev Akal
Deva KirpalListen to Deva Kirpal
Dev AmanListen to Dev Aman
Deva MantraListen to Deva Mantra
Dev AmritListen to Dev Amrit
Dev AmritaListen to Dev Amrita
Deva NamListen to Deva Nam
Dev AngadListen to Dev Angad
Deva NidhanListen to Deva Nidhan
Deva PritamListen to Deva Pritam
Deva RansherListen to Deva Ransher
Dev ArdasListen to Dev Ardas
Dev ArjanListen to Dev Arjan
Deva SampuranListen to Deva Sampuran
Deva SangatListen to Deva Sangat
Deva SangeetListen to Deva Sangeet
Deva SeetalListen to Deva Seetal
Deva ShaktiListen to Deva Shakti
Deva SiriListen to Deva Siri
Deva TiagaListen to Deva Tiaga
Dev AtmaListen to Dev Atma
Dev AvtarListen to Dev Avtar
Dev BachanListen to Dev Bachan
Dev BeantListen to Dev Beant
DevbirListen to Devbir
Dev BrahamListen to Dev Braham
Dev CharanListen to Dev Charan
Dev DarshanListen to Dev Darshan
Dev DayalListen to Dev Dayal
DevdeepListen to Devdeep
Dev DharamListen to Dev Dharam
Dev FatehListen to Dev Fateh
Dev GopalListen to Dev Gopal
Dev HarnalListen to Dev Harnal
DeviListen to Devi
Devi AgiaListen to Devi Agia
Devi AjeetListen to Devi Ajeet
Devi AkashaListen to Devi Akasha
Devi AmarListen to Devi Amar
Devi AmritaListen to Devi Amrita
Devi AnandListen to Devi Anand
Devi AngadListen to Devi Angad
Devi AtmaListen to Devi Atma
Devi AvtarListen to Devi Avtar
Devi ChandListen to Devi Chand
Devi DarshanListen to Devi Darshan
Devi DharamListen to Devi Dharam
Devi DyalListen to Devi Dyal
Devi IndraListen to Devi Indra
Devi KalyanListen to Devi Kalyan
Devi KamalListen to Devi Kamal
Devi KaramListen to Devi Karam
Devi KaranListen to Devi Karan
Devi KrishanListen to Devi Krishan
Devi NarayanListen to Devi Narayan
Dev InderListen to Dev Inder
Dev InderjeetListen to Dev Inderjeet
DevinderjitListen to Devinderjit
Dev InderjotListen to Dev Inderjot
DevinderjotListen to Devinderjot
Dev IndermeetListen to Dev Indermeet
DevindermeetListen to Devindermeet
Dev InderpalListen to Dev Inderpal
Dev InderpreetListen to Dev Inderpreet
Devi NirmalListen to Devi Nirmal
Devi ParamListen to Devi Param
Devi ParvanListen to Devi Parvan
Devi PratnaListen to Devi Pratna
Devi PreetListen to Devi Preet
Devi RajListen to Devi Raj
Devi RanpreetListen to Devi Ranpreet
Devi SangatListen to Devi Sangat
Devi SavitriListen to Devi Savitri
Devi SeemaListen to Devi Seema
Devi SeetalListen to Devi Seetal
Devi ShamaListen to Devi Shama
Devi SimranListen to Devi Simran
Devi SooryaListen to Devi Soorya
Devi SopurkhListen to Devi Sopurkh
Devi SurjeetListen to Devi Surjeet
Devi VedyaListen to Devi Vedya
DevjanListen to Devjan
DevjeetListen to Devjeet
Dev JiwanListen to Dev Jiwan
DevjotListen to Devjot
Dev JotiListen to Dev Joti
Dev KamalListen to Dev Kamal
Dev KaranListen to Dev Karan
Dev KirtanListen to Dev Kirtan
Dev KrishanListen to Dev Krishan
Dev KrishnaListen to Dev Krishna
DevlokListen to Devlok
Dev MahanListen to Dev Mahan
Dev ManpremListen to Dev Manprem
DevmukhListen to Devmukh
DevmurtiListen to Devmurti
Dev NarayanListen to Dev Narayan
Dev PadmaniListen to Dev Padmani
DevpalListen to Devpal
Dev PartapListen to Dev Partap
Dev PavanListen to Dev Pavan
Dev PiaraListen to Dev Piara
DevpreetListen to Devpreet
Dev PritpalListen to Dev Pritpal
Dev PuranListen to Dev Puran
DevrajListen to Devraj
Dev RandhirListen to Dev Randhir
Dev RaviListen to Dev Ravi
DevroopListen to Devroop
Dev SangatListen to Dev Sangat
Dev SangeetListen to Dev Sangeet
Dev SantokhListen to Dev Santokh
Dev SaranListen to Dev Saran
Dev SarangListen to Dev Sarang
Dev SaroopListen to Dev Saroop
Dev SeetalListen to Dev Seetal
Dev ShaktiListen to Dev Shakti
Dev ShantListen to Dev Shant
Dev ShantiListen to Dev Shanti
Dev SimritListen to Dev Simrit
Dev SujanListen to Dev Sujan
DevsukhListen to Devsukh
Dev SukhmaniListen to Dev Sukhmani
Dev SunderListen to Dev Sunder
DevtaListen to Devta
Devta CharanListen to Devta Charan
Devta HariListen to Devta Hari
Devta JeetListen to Devta Jeet
Devta JotListen to Devta Jot
Devta KamalListen to Devta Kamal
Devta KaramListen to Devta Karam
Devta KrishanListen to Devta Krishan
Devta NamListen to Devta Nam
Devta RamListen to Devta Ram
Devta RaviListen to Devta Ravi
Devta VedyaListen to Devta Vedya
Dev TiagaListen to Dev Tiaga
DhanbirListen to Dhanbir
DhanjeetListen to Dhanjeet
DhanjotListen to Dhanjot
Dhan NirinjanListen to Dhan Nirinjan
Dhan NirmalListen to Dhan Nirmal
DhanpalListen to Dhanpal
DhanpreetListen to Dhanpreet
DhanpremListen to Dhanprem
DhanpriyaListen to Dhanpriya
DhanrajListen to Dhanraj
Dhan SevaListen to Dhan Seva
DhansevakListen to Dhansevak
DhanwantListen to Dhanwant
DharamListen to Dharam
Dharam AjeetListen to Dharam Ajeet
Dharam AmritListen to Dharam Amrit
Dharam AnandListen to Dharam Anand
Dharam ArdasListen to Dharam Ardas
Dharam AtmaListen to Dharam Atma
Dharam AvtarListen to Dharam Avtar
DharambirListen to Dharambir
Dharam DamamaListen to Dharam Damama
Dharam DarshanListen to Dharam Darshan
DharamdeepListen to Dharamdeep
DharamdevListen to Dharamdev
DharamdevaListen to Dharamdeva
Dharam DeviListen to Dharam Devi
DharamdhanListen to Dharamdhan
DharamdhirListen to Dharamdhir
Dharam DhyanListen to Dharam Dhyan
DharamgeetListen to Dharamgeet
Dharam GianListen to Dharam Gian
DharamgunListen to Dharamgun
Dharam InderListen to Dharam Inder
Dharam IndraListen to Dharam Indra
DharamjeetListen to Dharamjeet
Dharam JiwanListen to Dharam Jiwan
DharamjodhListen to Dharamjodh
DharamjogListen to Dharamjog
Dharam JotiListen to Dharam Joti
Dharam KiretListen to Dharam Kiret
DharamleenListen to Dharamleen
Dharam NidhanListen to Dharam Nidhan
Dharam NihalListen to Dharam Nihal
Dharam NirmalListen to Dharam Nirmal
Dharam NishanListen to Dharam Nishan
Dharam NiwasListen to Dharam Niwas
DharampalListen to Dharampal
Dharam PrakashListen to Dharam Prakash
DharampreetListen to Dharampreet
DharampremListen to Dharamprem
DharamrajListen to Dharamraj
Dharam SevaListen to Dharam Seva
Dharam SevakListen to Dharam Sevak
Dharam ShantListen to Dharam Shant
DharamsukhListen to Dharamsukh
Dharam VedyaListen to Dharam Vedya
DharamwantListen to Dharamwant
DharmaListen to Dharma
Dharma AdiListen to Dharma Adi
Dharma AnandListen to Dharma Anand
Dharma AnandaListen to Dharma Ananda
Dharma AtmaListen to Dharma Atma
Dharma AvtarListen to Dharma Avtar
Dharma GianListen to Dharma Gian
Dharma NishanListen to Dharma Nishan
Dharma PriyaListen to Dharma Priya
DhyanListen to Dhyan
Dhyan AdiListen to Dhyan Adi
Dhyan AjeetListen to Dhyan Ajeet
Dhyan DharamListen to Dhyan Dharam
Dhyan IndraListen to Dhyan Indra
Dhyan JiwanListen to Dhyan Jiwan
DhyanjotListen to Dhyanjot
DhyanjotiListen to Dhyanjoti
Dhyan KavitaListen to Dhyan Kavita
Dhyan KirinListen to Dhyan Kirin
Dhyan KirtanListen to Dhyan Kirtan
Dhyan KirtiListen to Dhyan Kirti
Dhyan KrishanListen to Dhyan Krishan
Dhyan ManpreetListen to Dhyan Manpreet
Dhyan MantraListen to Dhyan Mantra
Dhyan PadmaniListen to Dhyan Padmani
DhyanpalListen to Dhyanpal
Dhyan PiaraListen to Dhyan Piara
Dhyan PrakashListen to Dhyan Prakash
DhyanpreetListen to Dhyanpreet
Dhyan PritiListen to Dhyan Priti
Dhyan PuranListen to Dhyan Puran
Dhyan SangeetListen to Dhyan Sangeet
Dhyan SevakListen to Dhyan Sevak
Dhyan SiriListen to Dhyan Siri
Dhyan TaraListen to Dhyan Tara
Dhyan TeraListen to Dhyan Tera
Dhyan VedyaListen to Dhyan Vedya
DidarListen to Didar
Didar SevaListen to Didar Seva
DittaListen to Ditta
Dukh NiwaranListen to Dukh Niwaran
DyalListen to Dyal
Dyal AdiListen to Dyal Adi
Dyal AjeetListen to Dyal Ajeet
Dyal AmritListen to Dyal Amrit
Dyal AmritaListen to Dyal Amrita
Dyal AnandListen to Dyal Anand
Dyal ArdasListen to Dyal Ardas
Dyal AtmaListen to Dyal Atma
Dyal ChananListen to Dyal Chanan
Dyal CharanListen to Dyal Charan
DyaldeepListen to Dyaldeep
Dyal GianListen to Dyal Gian
Dyal HariListen to Dyal Hari
Dyal InderListen to Dyal Inder
DyaljeetListen to Dyaljeet
DyaljotiListen to Dyaljoti
Dyal KaramListen to Dyal Karam
Dyal KaranListen to Dyal Karan
Dyal KirinListen to Dyal Kirin
Dyal MahanListen to Dyal Mahan
Dyal ManjeetListen to Dyal Manjeet
Dyal MantraListen to Dyal Mantra
Dyal MohanListen to Dyal Mohan
Dyal NidhanListen to Dyal Nidhan
Dyal NishanListen to Dyal Nishan
Dyal ParamListen to Dyal Param
Dyal PavanListen to Dyal Pavan
Dyal PritamListen to Dyal Pritam
Dyal RajListen to Dyal Raj
Dyal SampuranListen to Dyal Sampuran
Dyal SevaListen to Dyal Seva
Dyal SimranListen to Dyal Simran
Dyal SundriListen to Dyal Sundri
Dyal VedyaListen to Dyal Vedya