Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Chanan AkalListen to Chanan Akal
Chanan AmritListen to Chanan Amrit
Chanan AtmaListen to Chanan Atma
Chanan AvtarListen to Chanan Avtar
Chanan BhagtiListen to Chanan Bhagti
Chanan HariListen to Chanan Hari
Chanan KirpalListen to Chanan Kirpal
Chanan PriyaListen to Chanan Priya
Chanan TeraListen to Chanan Tera
ChanandeepListen to Chanandeep
ChanandevListen to Chanandev
ChanandeviListen to Chanandevi
ChananjeetListen to Chananjeet
ChananjotListen to Chananjot
ChananjotiListen to Chananjoti
ChananpalListen to Chananpal
ChananpreetListen to Chananpreet
ChananpritiListen to Chananpriti
ChandListen to Chand
Chand AdeshListen to Chand Adesh
Chand AtmaListen to Chand Atma
Chand BhajanListen to Chand Bhajan
Chand GianListen to Chand Gian
Chand GopalListen to Chand Gopal
Chand KirinListen to Chand Kirin
Chand KirtanListen to Chand Kirtan
Chand KrishanListen to Chand Krishan
Chand NarayanListen to Chand Narayan
Chand NirmalListen to Chand Nirmal
Chand PavanListen to Chand Pavan
Chand PreetListen to Chand Preet
Chand PremListen to Chand Prem
Chand PriyaListen to Chand Priya
Chand SangeetListen to Chand Sangeet
Chand TaraListen to Chand Tara
Chander AtmaListen to Chander Atma
Chander DassListen to Chander Dass
Chander GianListen to Chander Gian
Chander GopalListen to Chander Gopal
Chander MohanListen to Chander Mohan
Chander PrakashListen to Chander Prakash
Chander PremListen to Chander Prem
Chander RajListen to Chander Raj
Chander RatanListen to Chander Ratan
Chander SangatListen to Chander Sangat
Chander SaroopListen to Chander Saroop
Chander ShantListen to Chander Shant
Chander TaranListen to Chander Taran
ChanderdeepListen to Chanderdeep
ChanderdevListen to Chanderdev
ChanderjeetListen to Chanderjeet
ChanderjotListen to Chanderjot
ChandermukhListen to Chandermukh
ChanderpalListen to Chanderpal
ChanderpreetListen to Chanderpreet
ChandpalListen to Chandpal
ChandraListen to Chandra
Chandra AmritListen to Chandra Amrit
Chandra AtmaListen to Chandra Atma
Chandra GianListen to Chandra Gian
Chandra KamalListen to Chandra Kamal
Chandra KirinListen to Chandra Kirin
Chandra KirtanListen to Chandra Kirtan
Chandra NihalListen to Chandra Nihal
Chandra PreetListen to Chandra Preet
Chandra PriyaListen to Chandra Priya
Chandra RajListen to Chandra Raj
Chandra RamaListen to Chandra Rama
Chandra SangeetListen to Chandra Sangeet
Chandra ShaktiListen to Chandra Shakti
Chandra ShantListen to Chandra Shant
ChandradeepListen to Chandradeep
ChandradevListen to Chandradev
ChandrajeetListen to Chandrajeet
ChandrajotListen to Chandrajot
ChandrapreetListen to Chandrapreet
CharanListen to Charan
Charan AkalListen to Charan Akal
Charan AnandListen to Charan Anand
Charan AtmaListen to Charan Atma
Charan BasantListen to Charan Basant
Charan BhagtiListen to Charan Bhagti
Charan DayalListen to Charan Dayal
Charan DevaListen to Charan Deva
Charan HariListen to Charan Hari
Charan InderListen to Charan Inder
Charan JotiListen to Charan Joti
Charan KamalListen to Charan Kamal
Charan KanwalListen to Charan Kanwal
Charan KirpalListen to Charan Kirpal
Charan MiterListen to Charan Miter
Charan PremListen to Charan Prem
Charan PriyaListen to Charan Priya
Charan ShantiListen to Charan Shanti
Charan SimranListen to Charan Simran
Charan SundriListen to Charan Sundri
CharanbirListen to Charanbir
CharandayalListen to Charandayal
CharandeepListen to Charandeep
CharandevListen to Charandev
CharanjeetListen to Charanjeet
CharanjeevListen to Charanjeev
CharanjotListen to Charanjot
CharanleenListen to Charanleen
CharanpalListen to Charanpal
CharanpreetListen to Charanpreet
CharansevListen to Charansev
ChetveerListen to Chetveer