Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Baba Bir BahadurListen to Baba Bir Bahadur
BachanListen to Bachan
Bachan AvtarListen to Bachan Avtar
BachanbirListen to Bachanbir
BachandeepListen to Bachandeep
BachandevListen to Bachandev
Bachan DeviListen to Bachan Devi
Bachan DevtaListen to Bachan Devta
Bachan DyalListen to Bachan Dyal
BachanjeetListen to Bachanjeet
BachanjotListen to Bachanjot
BachanmeetListen to Bachanmeet
BachanpalListen to Bachanpal
BachanpreetListen to Bachanpreet
Bachan PritiListen to Bachan Priti
Bachan PriyaListen to Bachan Priya
Bachan RamaListen to Bachan Rama
BachanroopListen to Bachanroop
Bachan SangeetListen to Bachan Sangeet
BachanshantListen to Bachanshant
BachansukhListen to Bachansukh
Bachan VedyaListen to Bachan Vedya
BachiterListen to Bachiter
BahadarListen to Bahadar
Bahadur DevaListen to Bahadur Deva
BahadurjeetListen to Bahadurjeet
Bahadur JotListen to Bahadur Jot
Bahadur NihalListen to Bahadur Nihal
BahadurpreetListen to Bahadurpreet
BakhshishListen to Bakhshish
BalbirListen to Balbir
BaldeepListen to Baldeep
BaldevListen to Baldev
BaldeviListen to Baldevi
BaldharamListen to Baldharam
BaljeetListen to Baljeet
BaljiwanListen to Baljiwan
BaljotListen to Baljot
BaljotiListen to Baljoti
BalkarListen to Balkar
BalkaranListen to Balkaran
BalkardeepListen to Balkardeep
BalkarjotListen to Balkarjot
BalmeetListen to Balmeet
BalmohanListen to Balmohan
BalprakashListen to Balprakash
BalpreetListen to Balpreet
BalpremListen to Balprem
BalrajListen to Balraj
BalramListen to Balram
BalroopListen to Balroop
BaltejListen to Baltej
BalwantListen to Balwant
BalwantjeetListen to Balwantjeet
BalwantjotiListen to Balwantjoti
BandeepListen to Bandeep
Bandi ChorhListen to Bandi Chorh
BaniListen to Bani
Bani AdeshListen to Bani Adesh
Bani AkalListen to Bani Akal
Bani AmritListen to Bani Amrit
Bani AmritaListen to Bani Amrita
Bani AngadListen to Bani Angad
Bani AtmaListen to Bani Atma
Bani ChandListen to Bani Chand
Bani DassListen to Bani Dass
BanidevListen to Banidev
Bani DevaListen to Bani Deva
Bani GopalListen to Bani Gopal
BanijeetListen to Banijeet
BanijotListen to Banijot
Bani JotiListen to Bani Joti
Bani KrishanListen to Bani Krishan
Bani NidhanListen to Bani Nidhan
Bani NishanListen to Bani Nishan
BanipreetListen to Banipreet
Bani PremListen to Bani Prem
Bani PriyaListen to Bani Priya
Bani RandhirListen to Bani Randhir
Bani SangatListen to Bani Sangat
Bani ShaktiListen to Bani Shakti
Bani ShivaListen to Bani Shiva
Bani SimranListen to Bani Simran
Bani SimritListen to Bani Simrit
Bani TaranListen to Bani Taran
Bani TejaListen to Bani Teja
Bani VedyaListen to Bani Vedya
BanjeetListen to Banjeet
BanjotListen to Banjot
BanpremListen to Banprem
BanpriyaListen to Banpriya
BasantListen to Basant
Basant AmritaListen to Basant Amrita
BasantdeepListen to Basantdeep
BasantjeetListen to Basantjeet
BasantmeetListen to Basantmeet
Basant NihalListen to Basant Nihal
BasantpalListen to Basantpal
Basant ParamListen to Basant Param
Basant PrakashListen to Basant Prakash
Basant PreetListen to Basant Preet
Basant PremListen to Basant Prem
Basant PuranListen to Basant Puran
BasantroopListen to Basantroop
BasantsukhListen to Basantsukh
Basant TekListen to Basant Tek
BeantListen to Beant
BeantbirListen to Beantbir
BeantdeepListen to Beantdeep
Beant DevaListen to Beant Deva
Beant DeviListen to Beant Devi
Beant HariListen to Beant Hari
BeantjeetListen to Beantjeet
BeantjotListen to Beantjot
Beant NamListen to Beant Nam
BeantpalListen to Beantpal
BeantpreetListen to Beantpreet
Beant PuranListen to Beant Puran
Beant RamListen to Beant Ram
Beant RaviListen to Beant Ravi
BeantroopListen to Beantroop
Beant SevakListen to Beant Sevak
Beant SimranListen to Beant Simran
Beant TekListen to Beant Tek
BhagatListen to Bhagat
Bhagat ArdasListen to Bhagat Ardas
BhagatbirListen to Bhagatbir
Bhagat CharanListen to Bhagat Charan
BhagatdeepListen to Bhagatdeep
BhagatdevListen to Bhagatdev
Bhagat HariListen to Bhagat Hari
BhagatjeetListen to Bhagatjeet
BhagatjeevListen to Bhagatjeev
BhagatjogListen to Bhagatjog
BhagatjotListen to Bhagatjot
BhagatleenListen to Bhagatleen
Bhagat NamListen to Bhagat Nam
BhagatpalListen to Bhagatpal
Bhagat PremListen to Bhagat Prem
BhagatroopListen to Bhagatroop
Bhagat SevakListen to Bhagat Sevak
Bhagat SimranListen to Bhagat Simran
Bhagat TekListen to Bhagat Tek
BhagtiListen to Bhagti
Bhagti AdeshListen to Bhagti Adesh
Bhagti AmanListen to Bhagti Aman
Bhagti AmritListen to Bhagti Amrit
Bhagti AnandListen to Bhagti Anand
Bhagti ArvindListen to Bhagti Arvind
Bhagti AtmaListen to Bhagti Atma
Bhagti AvtarListen to Bhagti Avtar
Bhagti DevaListen to Bhagti Deva
Bhagti DevtaListen to Bhagti Devta
Bhagti DyalListen to Bhagti Dyal
Bhagti GianListen to Bhagti Gian
Bhagti HariListen to Bhagti Hari
Bhagti KirtanListen to Bhagti Kirtan
Bhagti NihalListen to Bhagti Nihal
Bhagti NishanListen to Bhagti Nishan
Bhagti PremListen to Bhagti Prem
Bhagti PuranListen to Bhagti Puran
Bhagti SevakListen to Bhagti Sevak
Bhagti SimritListen to Bhagti Simrit
Bhagti TaraListen to Bhagti Tara
Bhagti TejaListen to Bhagti Teja
BhagwantListen to Bhagwant
BhagwantjeetListen to Bhagwantjeet
BhagwantjotListen to Bhagwantjot
BhagwatiListen to Bhagwati
Bhai DayalListen to Bhai Dayal
BhajanListen to Bhajan
Bhajan AnandListen to Bhajan Anand
BhajandeepListen to Bhajandeep
BhajandevListen to Bhajandev
Bhajan DevtaListen to Bhajan Devta
BhajanjeetListen to Bhajanjeet
BhajanjotListen to Bhajanjot
BhajanmeetListen to Bhajanmeet
Bhajan NamListen to Bhajan Nam
BhajanpalListen to Bhajanpal
BhajanpreetListen to Bhajanpreet
BhajanpremListen to Bhajanprem
Bhajan PriyaListen to Bhajan Priya
Bhajan RamaListen to Bhajan Rama
BhajanroopListen to Bhajanroop
Bhajan SangeetListen to Bhajan Sangeet
BhaktiListen to Bhakti
Bhakti AtmaListen to Bhakti Atma
Bhakti DayalListen to Bhakti Dayal
Bhakti DyalListen to Bhakti Dyal
Bhakti JotListen to Bhakti Jot
Bhakti PreetListen to Bhakti Preet
Bhakti PuranListen to Bhakti Puran
Bhakti SangatListen to Bhakti Sangat
BhavanListen to Bhavan
Bhavan AjeetListen to Bhavan Ajeet
BhavanbirListen to Bhavanbir
BhavandeepListen to Bhavandeep
Bhavan DevaListen to Bhavan Deva
Bhavan HariListen to Bhavan Hari
BhavanjeetListen to Bhavanjeet
BhavanjotListen to Bhavanjot
BhavanmeetListen to Bhavanmeet
BhavanpreetListen to Bhavanpreet
Bhavan PremListen to Bhavan Prem
Bhavan PriyaListen to Bhavan Priya
Bhavan RamListen to Bhavan Ram
Bhavan RamaListen to Bhavan Rama
Bhavan SangeetListen to Bhavan Sangeet
Bhavan SevaListen to Bhavan Seva
BhavdeepListen to Bhavdeep
BhavjeetListen to Bhavjeet
BhavleenListen to Bhavleen
BhavneetListen to Bhavneet
BhavpalListen to Bhavpal
BhavpreetListen to Bhavpreet
BhavpremListen to Bhavprem
BhavtaranListen to Bhavtaran
Bibi BaniListen to Bibi Bani
Bibi NanakiListen to Bibi Nanaki
BirListen to Bir
Bir AkalListen to Bir Akal
Bir AnandListen to Bir Anand
Bir AnandaListen to Bir Ananda
Bir BahadurListen to Bir Bahadur
Bir DevinderListen to Bir Devinder
Bir InderListen to Bir Inder
Bir IndraListen to Bir Indra
BirjeetListen to Birjeet
BirjiwanListen to Birjiwan
BirjotListen to Birjot
Bir KamalListen to Bir Kamal
Bir KaramListen to Bir Karam
BirpalListen to Birpal
BirpreetListen to Birpreet
BirpremListen to Birprem
Bir PritamListen to Bir Pritam
Bir RamListen to Bir Ram
Bir SaroopListen to Bir Saroop
BirsukhListen to Birsukh
Bodh PrakashListen to Bodh Prakash
BodhpremListen to Bodhprem
Braham BhagatListen to Braham Bhagat
BrahamdeepListen to Brahamdeep
BrahamdevListen to Brahamdev
BrahamdevaListen to Brahamdeva
BrahamjeetListen to Brahamjeet
BrahamjotListen to Brahamjot
Braham JotiListen to Braham Joti
BrahampalListen to Brahampal
BrahamrajListen to Brahamraj
Braham SaroopListen to Braham Saroop
BudhjiwanListen to Budhjiwan
BudhjotListen to Budhjot
Budh JotiListen to Budh Joti
Budh PrakashListen to Budh Prakash
BudhpreetListen to Budhpreet
BudhpremListen to Budhprem
BudhrajListen to Budhraj