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Sadhana: The Essential Part of Life

By Kirpal Singh

Sadhana is the essential part of our lifestyle. It is the key to your success as a spiritual being, it will give you the power to be victorious in the challenges of life, the elevation to reach the heights of awareness, and the grace to do it all with humility and gratitude.

Yogi Bhajan spoke over and over, again and again, in lecture after lecture, of the importance of sadhana:

“Sadhana is what nourishes you and makes you a human being, shapes you into a powerful, meditative, constructive human being. It is what you need most in life, and you drop it.”

Drop it? Wait a minute. Did he say, we drop it? How can we drop something that nourishes us and is what we most need in life? How? Simple, stay in bed, don’t set the alarm, drift off into slumber land and ignore the call of your soul.

Actually, it’s the rare individual who does get up, faces the cold shower, confronts his negativity and claims the victory. But, it can be done. It can be done by anyone. It can be done by you. And, it can be done now. All that is needed is the desire to experience your infinity and the commitment to make it happen.

The real question is, how? How can we sustain a strong, consistent and powerful sadhana? Believe it or not, it can be easy.

Yogi Bhajan often said, “Create the habit, then the habit creates you.” Make sadhana your habit, then getting up early and doing it is your normal routine. It takes 40 days to create or break a habit. Only 40 days! You can do anything for 40 days. Of course, Yogiji also said it takes 120 days to confirm it. So, keep up. You will be kept up.

To do sadhana is great! To do group sadhana is even greater. As the number of people participating in sadhana increases, so increases the energy of spiritual practice. While the number of people increases numerically, the generated energy increases exponentially. Each person feeds off the energy of everyone present and in turn contributes to the group experience. That is why doing sadhana with two thousand yogis at the 3HO Summer Solstice Celebration is one of the most powerful experiences on the planet.

We all long for a life of harmonious synchronicity, in tune with the Universal flow of energy, experiencing joy and beauty with each step. We’ve touched it briefly in our deepest meditations, when we silence our active mind a listen to the whispered voice of our soul. We touch it briefly in the song of the rain, the colors of the sunrise, or the smile of the beloved. We touch it briefly when we give from our heart and serve the light in each of our brothers and sisters.

These brief touches of the Divine inspire us, give life meaning and sustain us through our toils and challenges. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could increase the frequency of these touches of the Divine?

Sadhana, done consistently, will do this and more.

We all want prosperity: to have wealth, riches and money to buy whatever we want and have plenty left over to give generously; to have a life of abundance, a beautiful home and environments, nice cars, fine clothes; to be able to travel the world, enjoy loving, meaningful and lasting relationships, maintain good health and vitality, and be honored and respected wherever we go.

There are two ways to achieve it:

1. Work hard, make deals, set budgets, form alliances, take risks and hassle yourself until you achieve it. Still, you are never satisfied; there is always more or better somewhere out there. And once you have it you worry to keep it safe, to protect it against those who would steal it.

2. Or simply attract it. Make sadhana your priority; each morning tune into the source of wealth and prosperity, vibrate the Holy Name in loving adoration, open yourself to the abundance of the Universe and receive it with an attitude of gratitude. Then, share with an open heart.

It is amazing how the Universe works when you do your sadhana. Your intuition will guide you to people, wealth, resources and situations to support your highest aspirations. An infinite array of opportunities will open to you, prosperity will come to your door and you will live in grace, dignity and happiness.

Sadhana is the key to success, prosperity and happiness in this world.

In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

“Sadhana is your daily spiritual practice. It is the essential part of our life. If you do sadhana, you shall have no strife. Everybody has to fulfill his or her own life, and a meditative mind takes away the problems, solves the limitations, and cuts down the hurdles because with the self, minus ego, the hand of God gives to us the greatness that is our birthright.”

Now we are in the Cusp of the Aquarian Age. This is a time of rapid transition, social, economic and cultural change and most importantly, mental and psychological evolution as more energy and awareness are channeled to the Earth. Many will freak out. We see it in the news every day. This is a time when Sadhana is essential, not only for a spiritual life but to maintain sanity in a crazy world.

Yogi Bhajan gave us the Aquarian Sadhana to carry us through this cusp period. It is powerful, it is beautiful and it works. As the Change of Age is upon us, as the insanity of the time intensifies, the Aquarian Sadhana will deliver you to your destiny.

 “In sadhana the sadhu lives. In sadhana the nectar of God’s Love rains down. In sadhana come the blessings of Simran, Awareness, and Divine Understanding. In sadhana is the meditation of Raj Yoga. In sadhana see God’s glory. In sadhana experience Infinity. Sadhana is the daily meditation of the sadhu. Oh Yogi! Become one with God!”
-Yogi Bhajan

Whether you are alone or part of a group, now is the time to commit or re-commit to sadhana. Do your sadhana, invite others to join you and be consistent. Don’t drop it. Make it the essential part of your life and become one with God.

Kirpal Singh Khalsa, Ph.D. served as director of Guru Ram Das Ashram, Boulder, from 1972 – 1992. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado and taught Kundalini Yoga as an accredited class from 1980 to 1991. In 1992 he was appointed Academic Director for Sikh Dharma Education International and helped found Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India. He currently lives, teaches and does sadhana with the Ashram community in Espanola, New Mexico.