Removing Body Blocks

This kriya is a rigorous workout consisting of 18 exercises that work the entire body to remove blocks.

1. Sit in easy pose and raise your arms up over your head. Move your raised arms in a clock-wise circle. This movement opens up your shoulders. Move fast. Continue for 4½ minutes.

2. Stretch your arms straight up and bend at the waist touching your hands and forehead to the ground. Rise back up and continue for 2 ½  minutes.

3. Stand up and put your hands on the ground. Jump up and down in this "all fours" position. Concentrate on your navel, pulling up on it to power your jumps. Continue for 2 minutes.

4. From the standing position, bend forward and touch the ground. Rise up and bend backward. Continue this sequence for 1 minute.

5. With the hands on the hips, alternately cross and un-cross the legs. Move quickly and continuously for 2 minutes.

6. With your arms overhead, criss-cross your arms and criss-cross your legs. Continue for 2 minutes.

7. Make fists of your hands and hold them about heart center level. Bend your elbows so that the forearms are parallel to the ground. Hunch up your shoulders, pull up on your ribcage and alternately roll each shoulder forward. Continue for 1 minute.

8. Stretch pose for 1 ½  minutes.

9. Lock your knees to your chest and roll back and forth on your spine. 30 seconds.

10. Roll back and forth on your spine in lotus pose or easy pose. 1 ½  minutes.

11. Come into the same position as exercise three (on all fours) and dance to Sat Nam, Wahe Guru Indian Version. 2 minutes. This is a dance to stretch out the body. Move the hips, arch your feet, press down with your hands. Stretch the arms, the rib cage, and the lower back. Turn your head left and right. Move everything.

12. Lie down flat and pull your knees alternately to your chest. Pull one leg in as you stretch the other leg back out straight and parallel to the ground. Continue this movement for 1 ½  minutes. The navel point is balanced by this stretch.

13. Still lying on your back, bring your hands up as if to clap, but make no sound. Open the arms wide and repeat the movement. This kriya exercises the muscles of the chest area. 1 minute.

14. Lie flat with your arms by your sides and totally relax. Project from your brow point. 9 minutes.

15. Stay in the position and sing along with Sat Nam Wahe Guru, Indian Version. 2 minutes.

16. Roll your wrists and ankles, rub your hands and feet, roll on your spine. Wake yourself up.

17. Stand in tree pose. 45 seconds. Change legs and repeat tree pose for 15 seconds.

18. Use both hands to massage your face, scalp and ears deeply and vigorously. 1 ½  minutes. Massage chest, shoulders and armpits. 30 seconds. Massage hands, wrists, and arms. 30 seconds. Flex spine. 30 seconds. Stretch your arms. 10 seconds. Relax.