Charan Japa: Nourishing the Soul of the Unborn Child

This kriya is a walking meditation. The simple, age-old method is designed to create a rhythm and a frequency between partners. It is especially beneficial when a couple is expecting, as it increases one’s sensitivity and nurtures the soul of the child. 

Charan Japa means “repeat with the feet,” and is a form of BreathwalkⓇ which integrates specific breath patterns and mantras with walking. The length and duration of this walk is a suggestion, and should be adjusted according to physical ability and what feels appropriate for you.

The Practice


  1. One partner on the left, one partner on the right. Typically, the person on the right side represents the masculine polarity and the left side represents the feminine. This does not necessarily mean biologically male and female, but choose accordingly. Join hands. 
  2. Walk together, and coordinate your steps. Chant Sat Nam together as you step your left feet forward, and Wahe Guru as you step with the right. 
  3. Walk up to 3-5 miles per day. 
  4. If you do not have a partner, practice in the same way outlined above, just alone. You could also walk with a family member or friend