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Numerology for September 2020: Clarify and Clear

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of September 2020 is a time to clarify and clear all aspects of our lives where we feel overwhelmed by the burdens or demands of others. The stress level on the planet has increased as a result of the “extended stay” of the pandemic, and many people are having a difficult time transitioning into a “quarantine reality show” that is likely to roll into next year. Yikes!

In the negative polarity (we’ll get to the positive later) the number 9 embodies the themes of rage, destruction, and revenge. One of the areas where we will see this intensify is in the political arena. If you think you’ve seen ugly before, get ready, because it is about to get absolutely ruthless in some people’s communication. In your own world don’t let yourself get blind-sided by aggressive behavior, as many will be experiencing anger surges that will be difficult to control. It is all a part of the “release effect” of September, and what has been emotionally bottled up for months or even years will be coming out now.

The number 9 is the Fire Element, with a “crossover effect” to the Ether Element, as it is the Subtle Body. This will affect the weather patterns and there will be an increase of heat on the planet that will contribute to fires, hurricanes, and a potential volcanic eruption in September or October. Remember, you heard it here first.

I know this can all sound a bit doom-and-gloomish, however, I did promise a positive side.

The number 9 in the positive polarity is universal love, psychic ability, karmic cleansing, and spiritual healing. We actually have a lot of good energies to work with this month, and I’m going to tell you how to harness them.

Many of us have been cooped-up at home, and have felt an emotional stagnation creep into the aura of our living space. These negative emotions can actually acquire a “nest” in your home, depending on where you tend to burrow into sadness, anxiety, grief, etc.

Fortunately, I have the latest edition of the Shaman’s Handbook, so let’s get that Fire Element working for you right away! Your magic ingredients include Epsom salts, 91% rubbing alcohol, and ideally a small metal bowl. Take a handful of the Epsom salts and place it in the bowl. Then add about a tablespoon or two of the 91% rubbing alcohol.

While standing back at arm’s length, strike a match and light the alcohol soaked Epsom salts. It can flare up, so be careful! Then, place the bowl on a book or square piece of wood and hold it as you begin to walk along the lines of your living room. You can be playing or chanting a mantra as you carry the bowl with the flaming Epsom salts, and you want to walk along the walls as well as holding it over the sofa and chairs. As you get the hang of it you will notice when you need to replenish the alcohol to keep it burning,

Fire is very purifying, nothing can withstand it. This ritual will help to cleanse your home space, room by room. Now, as a footnote to this, please, please, please put the bowl in the kitchen sink when you’re done! The flame can still be alive for a while even if it looks like it’s gone out. Remember, I told you.

Additionally, in the positive polarity the number 9 of September represents the themes of completion, self-mastery, intuition, refinement, and a spiritual integrity that attracts new opportunities. We are looking at our relationships at this time and deciding what can stay, and what needs to go. The good news is there’s an influx of cosmic energy coming on the 17th of the month that will help to boost you forward. I would call it a “clarifying awakening” that has the power to shine a light on where you have been self-sabotaging, and allow you to break free. This is really good news.

If you want to super-charge your personal breakthrough, here’s one of the best mantras for the job. The Adi Shakti mantra has the power to invoke the creativity of the Universe, and synchronize the flow of your psyche to new opportunities. This is the way out of that stuck-in-a-rut feeling. Here is a link to an especially lovely version of the mantra that is in a “call and answer” style. Pick one side of the coin (call or answer) and chant along for 11 minutes. If you do this 31 minutes every day, then no negative energies can build up in your living space.

We need to develop our internal guidance system to stay on course amidst the chaos. What no longer works for humanity is disintegrating, and this creates anxiety for many people. Let’s look to the Animal Kingdom for a few insights.

Owls have incredible night vision, as well as the flexibility to turn their heads in a 270 degree turning radius. Additionally, they have a secret advantage that most people don’t know about. Their ears are asymmetrically placed on the sides of their head, one ear being placed much higher than the other. This uneven placement allows the owl to detect the time gap between hearing a sound in one ear and hearing the sound in the other ear. The amount of time between the sound registering in the two ears is in milliseconds. Gazing at the landscape, the owl turns it head, bit by bit, till the sound comes to a balance point between the two ears. Now the owl knows exactly where friend or foe is, and how to move forward.

We need to develop within ourselves this level of sensory awareness to successfully navigate these times. The ability to read the frequency of sound and thought in another human being is part of your protective psyche. Then you know to what degree to engage with someone, or, not at all. This will save you time, energy and tears.

The next 3 months on planet Earth are extraordinary, and that does not need to be in a scary way. Your awareness, fueled and nurtured by your spiritual practice, guarantees your safe passage through this unique time and space.

In the words of the Sufi mystic Rumi,

“Raise your words, not voice.
It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

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