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Numerology for September 2017: Use the Power of Your Prayer

By Nam Hari Kaur

September is a time for our courageous heart to move forward again. We are exiting the cleansing mire of August, and as we shake off the shadows of the past we are able and empowered to move forward in our lives.

The number 9 of September represents mastery, completion, and an enhanced ability to sense the right path in life. In the science of the Ten Light Bodies, 9 is the Subtle Body—that part of ourselves in tune with the subtleties of life and able to read between the lines of what is spoken or present in a situation.

We need to tune into this natural ability within ourselves, as it will help us to navigate the days ahead. Patience is an attribute of a strong Subtle Body, and having patience and pacing yourself is important throughout this highly charged cycle of new opportunity, growth, and expansion.

There are 6 excellent “start-up” dates, which are the 1st, 7th, 11th, 16th, 25th and 29th. These days are positively charged with creative energy and can give you a leverage for success.

I usually never get political in these forecasts, however, I am now going to make an exception. The situation of North Korea firing a test missile over the island of Japan was an extraordinarily foolish thing to do. I am quite sure that most of the citizens of North Korea are intelligent peace loving people, however, if the captain of the ship is dead-set on hitting an iceberg, everyone goes down.

The country of North Korea is 5 times smaller than the state of Texas, and there is no way they could survive as a viable industrial nation if one or more countries chose to retaliate against an act of aggression. They would be completely wiped out in a matter of minutes.

So, who’s running the show? The leadership would have to be of a near delusional mind-set to initiate any missile activity that would hit land in another country.

Isn’t this obvious? To you and I it might be, and yet, this is part of what we will be dealing with in the last quarter of 2017.

The months of September and October are a time of an “energy upgrade,” for the planet, and this new frequency is meant to be for the good of all. However, if a person is mentally imbalanced or desperate, there can be a “surge effect,” similar to an electrical surge that could damage a computer or appliance. This translates into, “If you’re already crazy, you’re gonna go double-crazy.”

The number 10 appears as the overall number for 2017. September has the number 10 appear in the Base calculation (Base is 9 month + 10 year), and October has the presence of double 10’s (10 month + 10 year). Ten is the archetype of the King, Queen, or Warrior. When number 10 goes negative it can behave in a reckless, imperialistic way, with little concern for the feelings or welfare of others.

We have, from a numerical perspective, the potential for an “escalating aggressive tendency,” that can lead to a show-down (as in Wild West gunslinger) in October, if we don’t head it off at the pass.

What can you do? What I am doing, every day, is sending peaceful prayer energy to North Korea and its leadership. Whether it is through mantra, a beautiful song, or a visualization of an Angelic presence at the conference table where things are being decided, I am taking a few minutes each day to help tip the scale in favor of peace.

You can do this too, and if we all get on board then there is a good chance of avoiding a potential disaster.

We are the courageous people of light, love, and good will towards humanity. This is our time to shine in the face of adversity, wherever it might appear. Our lives at times are a microcosm of what is happening on the planet, so where there might be a storm brewing on your personal horizon, see where you can “negotiate to dissipate” any potential outbursts.

We absolutely have good things to enjoy and look forward to in the coming days ahead. A momentum is being created by an increased awareness to social and global issues, and those issues can be resolved. In the words of Yogi Bhajan,

“Your biggest weapon is kindness and compassion.
That requires intelligence and courage.
That requires flexibility and intuition.”

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