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Numerology for October 2016: Unfurl and Set Sail

By Nam Hari Kaur

Good news! We’re off on a jet stream of creative potential for the last 3 months of 2016. We’ve done our cleansing and clearing, and now it’s time to unfurl the sails and set our new dreams and visions into motion; catching the rhythm of the fresh new energy on the planet.

October is a time of self-initiation, and we must conjure the courage to say, “I’ve paid my dues, now let’s get on to the good stuff!” Number 10 represents “Royal Courage”― not royal in an arrogant or haughty sense, royal in a way that radiates your personal excellence.

Number 10 is the Radiant Body in the yogic sciences, and when we dress up in clothing that is clean, bright, and well-tailored, it helps support the Radiant Body. This is a good month to take a look at your wardrobe, and see where you might like to spruce things up a bit. Back in the “good ole’ days” of the spiritual community in New Mexico, Yogi Bhajan was quite keen on getting people to present themselves well. He would share teachings on this topic from every possible aspect, including communication, posture, and even healing stones (in jewelry).

He also taught a yogic technique to use if you are being over-powered by someone else’s intensity of communication, or mental projection. The technique is to keep your visual focus at their 3rd eye point, and mentally chant the mantra “Har, Har, Akal.”

“Har” is the creative spark of the Infinite, and “Akal” means “undying.” He said that if you could master mentally reciting this, while speaking, you would become unbeatable.

Let’s look at a few more things to support the number 10 in our lives. On a physiological level, 10 is the nervous system. Celery, yogurt, figs, ginger root, and yogi tea are all good for the nervous system. Taking a cold shower in the morning also strengthens the nerves. Keeping what I call your “caffeine unit” down to one cup a day will help the nerves to not get stressed out. I personally never criticize anyone for drinking coffee or tea, because sometimes you just need to feel that not everything is about being “perfect.” The perfection can also be in your ability to enjoy life, and in allowing others the space to enjoy their life as well.

October is a time of standing your ground, as number 10 is the archetype of the King, Queen, or Warrior. It’s a fighting time on the planet right now, and while our prayers are always for peace, sometimes we personally have to fight for what is right and fair. Know that you will likely be challenged in some part of your life this month, and with a strong nervous system and higher mental frequency you will win.

The “winning” is ideally in the sense that you carry yourself well, and are not lured down some dark alley of debate and dialogue where you are diminished in any way. Want to see a good example of this? Watch the reruns of the first Presidential election debate. Pivot, parry, and re-direct are all important communication skills, especially for a woman.

October further challenges us, in a good way, to see where we are in relation to our creative potential. Happy, unhappy, vibrant, depressed, are all part of the human experience. Sometimes it can be helpful, for a moment, to look outside ourselves for inspiration and insight.

Those of you who have been reading these forecasts for a while know there’s a movie just around the corner!

October is the month of the phoenix rising from the ashes, and one of the best examples of this is portrayed in the film “Walk the Line.” This is the real life story of Johnny Cash, who as a child was emotionally crucified for an accident that was not his fault, who later became a drug addict to cope, and was finally resurrected through the light of truth and love. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (who knew that girl could sing!), star in this Academy Award winning film, and it is well worth watching.

As the world turns, and our lives unfold in the present “time space reality,” it is important to know that there are actually many “realities” playing themselves out at the same time.

Living a conscious, creative, and happy life is one of the best ways to “fix” things on the planet. Putting yourself on the front line of someone else’s aggression is not the way to save the world. There are certain geographies on the planet which are presently locked into what I call a “karmic momentum,” and these situations will take some time to sort themselves out.

If you really want to help implement the most positive, powerful changes possible, take a few minutes a day to sit in prayer at your altar. Have a picture of planet Earth there, and say, “I bless you with peace, I bless you with healing, I bless you with all you need to be well.” This is how we can be a proactive force for change in the world, our Angelic beaming frequency blessing the creative coexistence of All.

Sat Nam.

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