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Numerology for May 2016: A New Level of Game

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of May requires a new level of game to navigate successfully. Any place in our lives which has been resistant to change and evolution will feel challenged. There will be the tendency to expect others to shift their priorities to match our own, and yet, they may be expecting the same of you.

The number 5 of May represents issues of freedom, communication, travel, and endurance. Because there is an extra 5 in the mix this month, via the Base calculation (month 5 + year 9 = 14 = 5), we can expect a fair amount of “rattling of sabers” in all the aforesaid themes.

Number 14 is a karmic number, and it relates to unresolved issues from the past, or past lives. In a perfect world, you are meant to recognize and avoid the danger, or have the ability to shift the flow through your conscious awareness.

Your conscious awareness may also be the tipping point for a bad situation to not escalate to the point where it could harm someone else.

I am a huge fan of Uber, the metro-Aquarian way of getting around the big city. Just log into the app, set your pick-up and drop-off point, and a happy Uber driver is there in minutes to pick you up. In my experience, 99% of Uber drivers are great people. And then again, there’s always one bad apple in the bunch.

The following is a true story. Requesting Uber Pool, my car arrives and I sit in the front seat next to the driver, a quiet young man. In the back seat there is lady absorbed with doing something on her Smartphone. We begin our journey, and are cruising along, until another driver cuts us off in traffic. Suddenly this quiet young man morphs into an adrenalized Alien, screaming, “I have to see the face, I have to see if it’s a woman!” Uber has now shape-shifted into “Death Star Cab Co.” as this guy floors it to 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. It was one of those micro-moments where you are left thinking, “It could all be over, right here and now.”

As he maneuvers alongside the vehicle that cut him off he slows down, stares at the driver, and says with venom dripping from his teeth, “Yes, it is a woman.”

At this point I am feeling mildly stunned by his remark, while at the same time being grateful for not being dead. What immediately followed these mixed emotions was the thought, “Don’t react, resolve. There is a bigger picture here.”

 I started to speak to the young man in a calm, almost nurturing tone of voice. I said something along the lines of, “Well, we’re almost at our destination, everything looks very clear ahead of us.” This somehow seemed to decompress his anger, and the rest of the trip went smoothly.

You never know what life is going to throw at you sometimes, and as yogic women and men of God we need to be able to rise above the circumstances. Yogi Bhajan was a Master of this, and so many, many times I witnessed him take an absolute disaster, and shift it to resolution and even resurrection.

Life is a balance, so if there is an extremely intense side to May, there must be a softer side as well. Yes, the gentler side of the equation is in the number 12, the Heart number. Number 12 is the number of tribes, and we can also look at the reduced digit, which is the number 3. Through the gathering of like-minded spirits we can enjoy laughter, friendship, food and relaxation. The number 3 embodies these qualities.

It’s important not to get into a “bunker mentality” at this time, with thoughts like, “It’s just too heavy and scary out there, I’ll stay in and order up pizza and Netflix all week.”

Yes, sometimes we need to shelter away. It can be our intuition’s way of keeping us off the map, and out of danger. You can “submerge but don’t sink.” Take a time out, and then make a point to reconnect with a friend or healthy activity.

Looping back around to the issues of the numbers 5/14, many people will be having the experience, “I can’t believe I’m still stuck in this miserable situation and/or relationship.”

The frustration that can be generated by “long term suffering” is not always a pretty picture, and we will be witnessing this on a global level.

The only thing we truly have any control over is ourselves, and how we choose to react within ourself and the environments. The Gift number for 2016 is a 7 (1+6 = 7), and Yogi Bhajan has said that 7 is “Platform of Elevation.”

Making the conscious choice to elevate through word, action, and posture is the path of the Saints. We all have that capacity for a more Saintly, elevated life. It is not so much about perfection, as it is about practice.

We all want the freedom we imagine will be ours by having the right relationship or resource, and sometimes we foolishly risk what is already ours for a delusional fantasy.

Now is the time to elevate yourself, and to see if what it is that you desire is able to hold the same altitude you have risen to.

In the words of Yogi Bhajan: “Freedom is when things come to you,and you do not chase after them.”

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