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Numerology for March: Align with Your Authentic Self

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of March 2020 brings a time of new possibilities and creative fruition.    Number 3 represents the themes of social gatherings, creative flow, self-nurturing, and a positive outlook on life. The most liberating thing you can do in March is shake off the frustration and disappointment of what has not worked out previously, and set a new course for the year.

The calendar year of 2020 has a unique dynamic to it, in that you can think a relationship, project, or course of action is going one way, and then it suddenly shifts completely. This is because of the presence of double zero’s in the calendar year.

Zero is a very powerful number as it is an amplifier, and will intensify whatever number it is connected to. Zero doesn’t discriminate, it will amplify for better or worse depending on personal or collective consciousness.

Since there are also double 2’s in the calendar year we are most affected by this in the area of our relationships. Polarity, duality, and people becoming highly reactive is now the new normal. Don’t allow yourself to get dragged into a dialogue where you are going to be emotionally battered by someone’s relentless negativity. “Opt-out” by saying, “This seems really important to you, right now I have another obligation to take care of, maybe we can talk later.” Then make a gracious exit.

We will constantly be working with our boundaries this year, as the double zero and double 2 energies are working in tandem to fine tune our sense of self in relation to others. There is an enormous opportunity in this to create a higher alliance with our authentic self, which is the frequency of our alignment with the creative forces of the Universe. And once you’ve got that, nothing can stop you.

A brilliant meditation for this is Tapa Yog Karam Kriya, which gives you the ability to bring your intentions into reality. This practice dovetails perfectly into the energy we need for the month of March, as the navel point becomes activated and gives us the ability to persevere with less effort.

We need this high octane fuel, as the Heart number for March is a 5, and number 5 is adventurous, communicative, and has an inherent desire to explore new territories. This is the month for a 3-day weekend to the desert, mountains, ocean or lake. We need nature now, as the Base number (Base is 3 month + 4 year = 7) for March is a 7, and number 7 is the space of nature as well as spiritual sanctuary.

Everyone needs to “Get out, shake it out, bliss out!” for physical and spiritual well-being. The “Heart of 5 / Base of 7” is a dynamic duo of personal breakthrough that can allow you to achieve a place of calm and stability.

The Heart of 5 also creates an environment where we feel the need to powerfully express ourselves. This is a good time to have what can be the “difficult dialogues.” Factoring in the number 3 of March we must be aware that these discussions can have an angry or volatile edge. People will at times be reacting more from their subconscious trauma than the facts of the situation.

A perfect example of this is a movie I recently watched called, “12 Angry Men.” It is a 1957 black and white film starring Henry Fonda that revolves around 12 jurors who must decide the fate of a teenage boy accused of murder. Initially 11 of the jurors are ready to sentence the boy with the death penalty, based on their initial understanding of the evidence.

Then Henry Fonda’s character steps up to the plate with a Neutral Mind and meditative calm. The crux of the film is in how several of the juror’s personal history and emotional trauma has slanted their ability to be neutral and unbiased. The film has a climactic ending, where what initially seems like an “open and shut” case is reversed.

If Rotten Tomatoes gives a 100% percent rating and Roger Ebert gives it 4 out 4 stars you know a movie is worth watching. Check it out, and learn to check your own mind before you jump to conclusions about anyone else.

We all want to be loved for our authentic and original self, yet sometimes we can get distracted or disconnected. I am usually all about the meditations and mantras, however, now I’ve got something new to share! In my recent travels I was invited to a full moon Drumming Circle. I was attending mostly because I was bored, unfamiliar with the area I was visiting, and had nothing else to do.

What a powerful therapy it is, sitting in a circle and drumming with others and experiencing a sense of connectivity that goes back to our primal roots as a humanity. I also felt that it worked on balancing the brain, as the hands are hitting the drum in alternating rhythm. Variety is the spice of life, and this could be a good way for you to connect with kindred spirits and expel tension from the Heart Center.

2020 is a number 4 year, and our hearts are going through a great cleansing and healing at this time. Let us hold a space of compassion for ourselves and others, using the power of our words to bless, heal, and elevate.

Our life path is fulfilling when it flows from an open and healthy heart, and in the words of Oprah Winfrey:  “Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it and dwell in possibility.”

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