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Numerology for July 2017: Divine Alliance

By Nam Hari Kaur

We have waited a long time for a wind of good fortune and divine alliance, and now that wind is stirring through the heart and soul of us all. The month of July 2017 brings a time of opportunity and creative alliance with others. It is also the best marriage month of the year!

We need to believe more strongly in ourselves again, as it is the spark of the Positive Mind that will help us to literally “wake-up” to the connectivity in the air. Similar to the season of Spring, there is a lovely cross-pollination at play on the planet right now, which more than ever brings the potential of “instant manifestation.”

Your marriage partner, perfect job, right home, or devoted new pet is now more available to you than ever before. This is because of the number 17 appearing in the Base calculation for July. (Base is month of 7 + 10 year = 17). Seventeen is the number of Spiritual and Financial Good Fortune, and with any reasonable effort on your part you can attract the fortune.

Want to super-magnetize yourself for the next plateau of divine providence? Of course you do! Chant Har Har Har Har Gobinday, Har Har Har Har Mukanday, etc. for 11 minutes a day.

 “It will produce money, it will come. Opportunities will come, richness will come.” –Yogi Bhajan

Money is a medium, an energy that can fuel the dreams we would like to manifest. The number 7 of this month requires us to trust the heavenly forces, and allow the blessings into our lives. Fortune, of course, is not just monetary, it can take form in any number of ways. As a positive affirmation to yourself you can declare, “I am ready, willing, and able to accept the Grace and creative powers of the Universe to guide and bless my life.”

Speak this out loud to yourself at least 3 times a day standing in front of a mirror with a smile on your face! There is a power in speaking directly to your physical presence.

Looking further into the aspects of the number 7, we know from a yogic perspective it is the Aura, or electro-magnetic field surrounding the body. The number 7 additionally represents space, as in the space of a room or environment. On a higher spiritual level number 7 embodies sanctuary, which is a space of retreat, rest, regeneration, and sacredness. As we are all experiencing the intensity of time speeding up, the need for rest is ever so important. Make this month of July a time to create a space within your home where you can feel a sense of sanctuary. Work with color, sound, water, gemstones, pictures, lighting, etc., so that when you walk through the door you can say, “Ah, I’m home!”

The ability to rest and regenerate is so important these days, and even Yogi Bhajan said in his later years, “Don’t do what I did, don’t overwork.”

Now let’s take a look at the idea of work and prosperity from another angle—giving.

We all know that it’s good to give, we see it as part of being a conscious person. Having said that, one of the lesser known jewels of prosperity is to give from your creativity.

Let me share with you what I think is a brilliant example of this. If you listen to popular music at all, then you have surely heard of the recording artist Lorde, winner of the 2014 Grammy for Best Song of the Year. She was just 17 years old when she won, the fourth youngest person ever to win the Grammy. She also wrote the song “Royals” herself, a brilliantly poetic (no post-code envy) depiction of teenage growing pains, and the harsh reality of class distinction.

When her first collection of songs was completed, including “Royals,” she insisted that it initially be released on the internet for free, without the record company making a dime. Can you imagine in this day and age a 16-year-old standing up to big business and holding her ground, so she could later say, “They didn’t like it, but I’m so glad I did it. It was a smart move in terms of getting it out there.”

Well, somehow that chutzpa-mojo paid off, as she swiftly became a global sensation, and, by the way, is presently worth 9 million dollars.

Someone had a creative talent, honed and sharpened it, shared it, and received good fortune in return. You are no less capable to dig down inside and bring forth something of beauty, joy, creativity, and awareness into this world. The seed is waiting to sprout, and the Miracle-Gro fertilizer is waiting for you on the meditation page link above. Get going, and get growing.

Much love to you, and may kindness and joy fill your heart and Soul. Sat Nam.

“When life is applied, life is supplied by God.” -Yogi Bhajan

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