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Numerology Forecast for October 2017: Crossroads

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of October 2017 will be a test of endurance, patience, and one’s ability to not react under pressure. With double 10’s at play (month =10, Year =10), there will be the tendency to react aggressively when there is a real or perceived threat, and that reaction has the potential to be worse than the threat itself.

Drummed Up Pain

The reason for this is held in a unique numerical configuration that will be drumming up our deepest hurts and sentimental longings. The Heart number for October is a 9, and number 9 is the most sensitive and sentimental number. As we are looking for a soft pillow of emotional comfort in our lives, the mind will very easily drift into memories of the good ol’ days of times gone by. There is nothing wrong with reminiscing about the past, it is part of what can give us perspective. However, if the present life is not so great, you might be woefully left thinking, “How could I have lost something so precious from my life?”

It is this sense of tragic loss, and no way back to the good stuff, that will be pushing people over the edge. You might think this sounds a bit “off,” however, in studies with prison inmates who willingly participated in grief support counseling, there was a significant drop in acts of violence by those who participated in the counseling program.

This comes full circle to the Gift number for 2017, which is an 8 (Gift is 1+7=8). Number 8 is the archetype of the Healer. Nearly everyone would like to be healed from something in their life, yet the healing process is not always a pretty picture.

Yogi Bhajan, a Master of face-reading in addition to Kundalini Yoga, once talked about the high-power executive-CEO type personality, and how they often would have huge drooping bags under their eyes. He asked the class, “Do you know where this comes from? (pause) It is the un-cried tears.”

Since we always have to mention a film, there is one of the most brilliant moments in cinematic history depicted in “Good Will Hunting.” Yes, the street smart, wise-guy, “nobody’s got nothing on me,” character played by Matt Damon just falls to pieces at, “It’s not your fault.”

It is through this zeroing-out point, Shunia, that our liberation is patiently waiting for us. What gets zeroed-out? The ego, and nobody likes that. Your freedom dwells in the afterlife of a broken-down personality that is no longer working.

Your Ticket Home

Let’s take a look at how to get there.

I am sharing again the meditation of the year, the “Caliber for Constant Self-Authority.”

This is your plane ticket home to your real self, right now. If you don’t have 11 minutes a day to save yourself, who will? You can participate in the melt-down mania of this month, or, you can be one of the Chosen Ones.

“Chosen Ones” in the sense that you choose to elevate yourself from the chaos, and stand as a light so others may have a point of reference to find their way. The days of the lone wolf are over.

In the world of Biology, there is a term called “transpiration.” The Amazon jungle has a specific rainy season, yet scientists were puzzled as to why it would sometimes rain months before the rainy season. They discovered that the ground level plants and trees would emit moisture from their leaves, and the collective moisture would rise up to the sky and create what is called a “sky river.” This sky river would create rain, as well as attract moisture from the sea, creating more rain.

Think you can’t have an effect on the global situation? Think again, because collectively everyone taking a minute a day to hold your hands in prayer pose at the Heart Center, chant 7 long Sat Nam’s, and then say, “I bless this world with peace,” will go a long way towards changing the emotional climate of the world.

Tipping Points

In the world of commerce and advertising there is a term called the “tipping point.” It is that point where someone’s attention and motivation is captured in order to make a sale.

We have 3 tipping point days this month, and they are the 10th, 19th, and 28th. These dates are pivotal in setting a trend for the months ahead. Events will be dramatically unfolding in both the positive and negative polarities, and your intention towards peace and reconciliation can help humanity stay on the high road of conscious good.

We stand at a unique crossroads of time and space, and much is on the line. May our unified spirit be the tipping point for the best possible outcome of all endeavors, with good will to all. In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

“God in you is the power in you, and when you balance that power you are God. Balance yourself and see what happens, just watch it.”

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