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Numerology Forecast for December 2017: Your Visionary Heart

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of December is a time of rest and introspection, balanced with a bold plan for the New Year of 2018. The 12 of December is the number of tribes, and we need to regroup and socialize with our tribe of choice. This connectivity is essential now, as the New Year is going to start off with a super-blast of creative force and momentum, and alignment with your spiritual birds of a feather will lend the best results.

December 2017 has a connection to the overall year of 2018, as the Heart number for December is an 11, and the overall year of 2018 is an 11 as well. This means our heart’s desire for elevation, inspiration, and divine alignment is running high right now, and we long for the connective electricity to continue forward into the New Year.

Sneak Preview: 2018 is all about relationships and our ability to forge new ground in every area of life which inspires us. There is no middle ground anymore, and there will be a near searing (remember that word!) enthusiasm for new causes, projects, and ventures throughout the year.

The “kicker” in all of this is the Gift number of 9 (2+0+1+8=9), and 9 is the most intense number. It is also the Fire Element, with an additional cross-over to the Ether Element.

Things will be heating up on every level, and yes, you guessed it, the environment too. Record breaking temperatures are on the way again.

However, back to the moment at hand. Ask yourself in December, from your heart of hearts, “Where do I really want to be, and how might I get there?” The visionary quality of the number 11 is at play in your heart, and the Gift number of 9 for the New Year is already whispering at the gate of greater things to come.

As we are dreaming big and conjuring our creative forces, it is important to have a way of grounding this energy. I am going to throw you a way-curve ball on this, and suggest that you practice the Meditation to Make You Enchantingly Beautiful. 

You might think, ‘Nam Hari, isn’t that incredibly shallow to think I’m going to be successful by becoming more attractive?” Actually, the answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!”

There are many types of beauty, and there is a charm, elegance, and sophistication in enhancing the number 9, your Subtle Body. We all appreciate works of art, flowers, music, and the beauty of nature. These are all part of the Divine creativity on planet Earth. You are part of that creative expression too, so why not look your best?

And for all the Super-Dudes out there, don’t worry, you can still be your macho yogi self, just a bit more charming. Yes, very good!

Looking further into the nuts and bolts of December, we have one area of tricky terrain to be aware of, and that is promises. Do not promise at this time, or for the New Year, anything that you are not absolutely sure you can come through on. If you do not heed this advice you might find yourself thinking, “Oh sh*t, how did I get myself trapped in this mess?”

Numerically, the reason for this is in the Base calculation, where the number 13 appears (Base is month of 3 + year of 10=13). Thirteen is a very multi-faceted number, and in the positive polarity it represents the “Power of the Word.” However, in the negative polarity it represents judgment, deceit, and worst case scenario, betrayal.

Because the additional dynamic of the Transformer number for the Base calculation is a 7, people will not be hearing things correctly. There will be confusion and misunderstandings in even the simplest of communications, so repeat the words or better still, write it down. Get things clarified in emails or text messages so you have the option of saying, “Well, here it is in black and white, just what you said.” This will help to avoid a landslide of blame, anger, and frustration. It’s not about making the other person wrong, it’s about getting it right for everyone.

This has been an extraordinary year, no doubt about it. The New Year of 2018 will be an amazing time as well. This present moment requires a shift within our psyche, a shift into the awareness of our power and impact in the unfolding experience of the Aquarian Age transition. Your very presence in this world is a tipping point of favor when you consciously use your actions and Power of the Word for good, kindness, and elevation.

Enjoy the holidays, and we will meet again in the New Year to explore the landscape of electrical connectivity and the subtle essence of self-creating a new you in 2018. Sat Nam.

“Those who shall rise to serve the Age of Aquarius shall live forever in the memory of the generations to follow.”
-Yogi Bhajan, 4-21-97 

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