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Numerology for August 2016: Winds of Good Fortune

By Nam Hari Kaur

Good news! We have now entered a time of opportunity, growth, and expansion on planet Earth. There are winds of good fortune available to us throughout the month, and I will explain how you can best take advantage of this positive climate shift.

The number 8 of August embodies the themes of power, energy, and healing. There is a huge “healing vortex” that we can link into through the breath, as the number 8 represents the Air Element. This healing and good fortune potential is amplified by the number 17 in the Base calculation, and 17 is the number of spiritual and financial good fortune.

We need to absolutely “shake it off” right now. I know the previous 3 months have been hell and high water, and that’s over. Presently the winds have changed, and adopting an attitude of self-confidence, along with a simple action plan, is enough to get things going in the right direction.

Ask yourself the question, “Knowing there are truly no limitations, where would I like to be by the end of the year?” Explore this idea through your personal sense of passion, as the overall number for 2016 is a 9, and number 9 is visionary and creative.

The movie you absolutely must see this month is “Sing Street.” It is a brilliant film about Conner, a teenage boy in Ireland, who falls for a girl a bit older and more sophisticated than him. Not willing to be daunted by circumstance, he invites her to be in a music video for his rock ’n’ roll band. Being an aspiring model, she accepts this opportunity in the hopes of advancing her modeling career. Now all Conner has to do is actually form the rock ‘n’ roll band. 

It doesn’t get any better than this if you would like to feel that anything is truly possible. I bought 5 copies of this film (DVD’s) from Amazon when it was released last month. No one around me will even have a chance to feel uninspired. Yeah!

Looking to more creative ideas to boost our success and good fortune factor, we must remember that number 8 represents the breath and the Pranic Body. Consistent exercise, as in swimming, walking, cycling, kayaking, and anything that gets the heart pounding is what it’s all about now.

You can literally sweat and breathe the fear out of your system, and be the shiny new penny you always wanted to be. When number 8 goes negative it represents fear and anxiety, and in the positive polarity it is a fearless expression of self, with an instinct for good fortune.

Let’s look at an even more specific way to enhance our well-being and prosperity. The 4/4 Breath for Increased Energy is a simple, back to basics approach to healing ourselves and having the vitality to coordinate well with others. Sometimes we have the energy, but lose it by giving too much in a situation. Ever have that happen? Practice it for at least 5 minutes a day this month, and just watch things fall into place around you.

The number 8 relates to issues of power and control. We all like to feel powerful, and with good health and a balanced mind the experience of power can be richly rewarding. Because some people are still working on the theme of “healthy balance of power,” there may be moments where someone tries to over-power you to gain control. This behavior typically stems from insecurity and fear, which are two major themes in our Aquarian Age “transition time” learning curve.

It can be irritating when some people seem to absolutely refuse to grow up, and yet many of us deal with this behavior on a daily basis.

I am a great believer in the motto, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” so here are a few ideas to help you navigate the feisty side of August!

Know when to break free from a conversation in which you are losing energy. If you are on your cell phone just say, “Oh, wow, I just got a call I have to take. Get back to you later.” This is not really lying, because it’s your Higher Self (aka-God) that just called you and said, “Hey, get off the phone, you’re losing energy!”

Create space for yourself so you don’t succumb to pressure. Many poor decisions are made in life because we don’t allow ourselves the time and space to sort things out.

If you are feeling pressured in the moment you can say, “This sounds really important, and I would like to give your ideas the quality time they deserve, so I can bring you the best possible answer. Give me a couple of days, and I’ll get back to you.”

Give yourself room to breathe this month, as well as granting space to those around you. Be your genuine self, as this is the one who was made to succeed. Sat Nam.

“That’s all that Infinity is: your own experience about yourself. That’s all that matters in life. Have courage. Bring yourself back to yourself.”
Yogi Bhajan 10-24-91

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