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Numerology for April 2017: Don’t Push It

By Nam Hari Kaur

Ready, steady, go, the month of April will rock the show! We are now in one of the most intense months of the year. “Intense” does not have to mean “bad,” but if you’re not prepared, it will be.

This will be a very prescriptive forecast, as there are definite “Do’s and Don’ts” for the month of April 2017. The first and foremost thing to be aware of now is, “Don’t push it.” Don’t push people or situations; it could create retaliation and possible harm. Be alert and aware as you are approaching any unknown environment, and give yourself the option of “opting out” of anything that looks potentially dangerous.

There will be turmoil and upheaval on nearly every front globally, and we must pray for peace at this time, because world peace is literally hanging in the balance. Let’s hope no one gets too crazy.

It is now best to focus on where you can be most effective, as being a martyr and standing in front of a downhill runaway train will not save the day for anyone. Know what has your name on it, and what doesn’t.

The number 4 of April deals with issues of consistency, reliability, and keeping our “word.” Number 4 represents words, and the promise or intention behind them. Since 4 is challenged this month, many people will be saying things to serve the moment, without any intention of coming through on their words. If you do not have a strong Arc Line, you are easy prey.

I do not use the word “prey” lightly, as there is a predatory inclination happening now in some people’s psyches. Because of the number 14 appearing in the Base calculation, it can bring out the “dark side” of the personality, whereby an angry person may be looking to “get someone.” I know this could sound a bit over the top; however, we do sometimes come upon a cycle where this dark energy is playing itself out. The most important thing is that you are not in its path.

One of my favorite quotes of Yogi Bhajan is: “Don’t share in friendship what can be used against you in animosity.” Or, another one is: “Loose lips sink the ship.” Keep your communication guarded, and allow no vulnerability.

These two points are numerically founded in the number 6, which is the Transformer number for the negative 14. The number 14 can create a situation of being trapped, confined, or restricted in some way. The worst case scenario is physical injury, so don’t accept a ride home after an all-night dance party from a tipsy friend. Live to dance another day.

Let’s look to our Yogic Support teachings to find a tool to help us at this time. We need something quick and easy, and one of my all-time favorites is the Triple Mantra, which clears physical obstacles and protects you from psychic attack.

Where there is dark, there is also light, as this is the Law of Polarity. April has a brilliantly beautiful side to it, as people will be responding as never before to events around the world. The Heart number for this month is a 12 (Heart is month of 4 plus Gift of 8), and 12 is the number of tribes and inclusiveness. This will create a certain boldness in our behavior, with the longing to satisfy the need for feeling connected and involved. Similar to a town pitching in together in a sandbag line to save their homes from a flood, we will feel the need to connect in order to create safety and stability. As circumstances break down the usual barriers and judgements we may have, opportunity for new relationships will be forming.

Amidst challenge we can find an inner strength we never knew existed. Now is the time to forge an inner caliber that allows you to surpass the drama of the circumstances. The number 10 of 2017 (2+0+1+7=10), gives rise to issues and answers that will create a new self-awareness for us all.

Know that you are always being guided, and as you maintain your spiritual practice you allow for a space of receptivity, so you may recognize and trust this guidance.

The Heavens are on your side, and your Guardian Angel is now whispering the way to walk safely and securely towards your life’s fulfillment. Sat Nam.

“It is my prayer that you keep united with your Soul,
And your sole purpose should be to serve the real Master in you,
The guardian in you that is your Soul-self.”
-Yogi Bhajan 12-31-89

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