Kirtan Kriya to Clear the Clouds: A Meditation for Couples

This meditation is done with a partner. It can be used to help heal relationship conflicts with its gentle way of connecting you to your partner, and then raising the energy up. It helps to clear the clouds of disagreement and eliminate fear.

Each repetition of the mantra takes 3 to 4 seconds. This is the cycle of Creation. From the Infinite comes life and individual existence. From life comes death or change. From death comes the rebirth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite through which compassion leads back to life.

The Practice

Posture: Sit in easy pose back to back with your partner. Hands are in gyan mudra at the knees.

Eyes: Meditate at the third eye point.

Mantra: The mantra is Sa Ta Na Ma.

As you chant Sa, touch the forefinger to the thumb. On Ta, touch the middle finger to the thumb. On Na, touch the ring finger to the thumb. On Ma, touch the little finger to the thumb.

Begin chanting in a normal voice for 5 minutes. Then whisper for 5 minutes. Vibrate the mantra silently for 10 minutes. Then whisper for 5 minutes. And finally, chant aloud for 5 minutes. Times may be reduced in equal proportion for a shorter meditation.

Visualization: As you chant each syllable, visualize energy entering the top of the head and pursuing an "L"-shaped course from the top of the head out through the third-eye point, projecting out to Infinity. This energy flows along the energy path called the golden cord, connecting the pineal and the pituitary gland.


Continue for a total of 12 or 30 minutes. To end, sit in stillness or silent prayer for 1 minute. Then stretch the hands up as far as possible and spread the fingers wide. Stretch the spine and take several deep breaths. Then relax.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

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