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Calming Kids

Calming Kids, Creating a Non-Violent World, is a non-profit organization which was a grateful recipient of a 2018 3HO Live to Give Grant. Our mission is to reduce bullying and violence and increase concentration and mindfulness for school age students by training adults, children and teens using a proven curriculum of yoga education.

Service Trip: Yoga, Meditation & Connection in Palestine

By Dee Marie and Rachel Surinderjot Kaur Zelaya

Thanks to the Live to Give award, we will return to the West Bank in January 2019, to continue the work we began in 2017. Here is a post from Dee Marie, CK’s Executive Director, from our first service trip:

 “The beauty of the countryside combined with the effervescent energy of the children has created a joyful eye-opening experience. We have been blessed to teach yoga, meditation, and non-violent communication skills for the children and teens of Palestine.

 One remarkable afternoon was in Odala Village, instructing 80 girls ages 7 to 14. Their enthusiasm, effort and warm welcome was just the beginning of the many heart-opening experiences I had in the West Bank.

Teaching a group of 40 boys, ages 11 – 17, was a fantastic adventure of balance, strength, surrender and humble success for all. Later, the Minister of Education met us at Awarta Village School for girls. She witnessed a joyous gathering of 35 girls practicing mindful movement, yoga asana, dancing, stretching and meditation. What a wonderful opportunity it has been to serve the big eyed, bright smiles and bountiful energy of the students in this part of the world.

Calming Kids was connected with AnNajah University’s Dean of Education, Dr. Alia Asalia, who arranged two Calming Kids teacher trainings for elementary age and middle/high school instructors. They were overjoyed with the information regarding breathing and self-regulation. I left beaming in the light of Spirit that has led me on this path—in my own small way helping to create a non–violent world.”

Please help us return to Palestine in January, 2019! Pioneers School in Nablus has asked us to bring a yoga curriculum to their school of 680 students. Our goal is to promote relaxation within oneself in order to encourage peaceful relationships with others.

Surinderjot Kaur, a Kundalini Yoga teacher in Boulder, CO, is developing a Kundalini curriculum to share with the students and teachers at Pioneers. She will focus on pranayam, kriyas, Celestial Communication, and meditations to support the community there with stress relief, self-care, and awareness. Dee Marie and Surinderjot Kaur will bring the teachings of Classical Yoga and Kundalini Yoga to a part of the world where none are available. We hope to spread this powerful technology to those who need it most.

“Recognize the other person is you.” With so much division and fear in this part of the world, we hope to see beyond the differences and reach children, teens and adults with practices that support the healing and transformation of all.

Please go to and donate to our trip, or contact us at [email protected] if you want to support the work we are doing.

Thank you 3HO and the Kundalini Yoga community!