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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Habits, Personality, and the Kundalini Brain

Excerpts from a lecture given on 3/25/97 in New York, NY

If your frontal lobe, which is the master of personality, is not developed, and your hypothalamus and thalamus do not come to your rescue, then your personal habits are going to be messed up. If you cannot awaken your chakras, you are going to be miserable. Have you ever driven a car when the transmission is slipping? You see how horrible that is. Have you ever driven a car in a very heavy rain when the windshield wipers do not work?

God is everywhere, God is omnipresent, God is omniscient, then they say, “Go and find Him. Where? God is everywhere, you are nowhere—nowhere searching somewhere for that which is everywhere. Stop these mockeries. Simply know the truth—that your habits are controlled by the thalamus and hypothalamus. That's what Kundalini is all about. 

Kundalini is medically well-explained. It's a simple science. Hypothalamus and thalamus have to be concurrent. They are not concurrent. And thalamus controls your automatic habits: habit to get up, habit to be alert, habit to be lazy, habit to be this, habit to be bad. And the frontal lobe controls your personality. And it must be an alert frontal lobe. You call it third eye, you call it fourth eye, I don't care, call anything, but the fact is, it's your frontal lobe.

Look at the tip of your nose. The frontal lobe will become heavy like lead and you will have a very scorching headache. That means it is opening. Very simple thing, open third eye. Steady, steady, impose yourself over your weakness; reorganize the ions of the brain to control and be the victor. Only your self-will can now win it. You are going to enter into a twilight zone in one minute. You will like to leave it and get out of it. It's normal.

Three minutes later the brain will issue the secretion of enough morphine that your pain will be vanished. And then you will have mastery on your own self and the pattern of your brain will change—the left side and right side—so that whenever you want to win, how to win will be right in your sight. You can save the fee of the consultant. Little exercise can give you all what you need in life.

Each one of you has to become a master. If you cannot command yourself, you cannot obey yourself. When you cannot command your higher self and you cannot obey your higher self, you are guaranteed registered foolish. Your intuition can tell you everything, provided you command yourself. And then you obey yourself.

Don't find God, be found by God. Don't try to say somebody is good, be good yourself. God is good and good will bring you goods. You will be prosperous, pure and pleasant. Simply you have to open up. Idea was to enjoy, laugh and excel our life, this will change your chakras. It will make your transmission better, you will be a better human being.

End of Class Prayer:

Thy Creator that gave me the soul to walk through my Karma as a whole, to walk along day and night, to go through every wrong and right. Within Thy blessing, in my prayer I ask Thee. Give me the strength and the courage to be. Save me from ‘to be and not to be’ and grant me the wish ever to be in Thy Light, in Thy Name, in Thy Self.

My spirit is pure, my mind is working and my body is sustaining. Give me the guiding strength so I can walk through this destiny from my birth to my death and beyond with purity, piety, with care, kindness and compassion, with loyalty to myself that I can excel and serve humanity as my best charity. Oh Lord, give me the strength as You are within me that I may satisfy to find You in my heart. And let each throbbing beat of my heart tell me all Thou is within me forever. Sat Nam.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan