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Yogi Bhajan Quotes on the Ten Bodies

If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you.
The Aquarian Teacher Training Manual

You have ten bodies: spiritual body, mental negative, mental positive, mental neutral, physical body, arc body, auric body, subtle body, pranic body, and radiant body, and they all are inter-twined.

With the radiant body you can enter the room and even if your makeup is no good and you are no good, if your radiant body is very good, your presence works, its grace works.

There are five tattvas: ether, air, fire, water and earth. They are the five constituents of your body and in the atoms of every tattva is the residence of the soul. It's called spiritual body.

Prana is the power of God which comes through you with the air.

The breath of life is a privilege. When you breathe consciously it gives you prosperity, it gives you projection, it gives you personality, because it adds to your aura and you expand.

It is the neutral mind through which we should act and live. Because the neutral should decide what is going on, what is positive, what is negative. If we do not know what it is, and we get into it, we are getting into the sequence which must end up with consequences. Every sequence shall lead to consequences.

Ajoonee means you do not come into birth and death because you are a soul. You only drive and drop the opaque body, the physical opaque body. Otherwise your nine bodies are always intact, you only drop the zero body.

When you die you drop the physical body and your soul leaves in the subtle body.

You have ten bodies. You have a soul—the spiritual body. You have a mental negative body, a mental positive body, a mental neutral body, a physical body, an arc body, an auric body, a pranic body, a subtle body, and you have a radiant body. If your radiant body does not shield you, and your subtle body does not figure things out for you, and your arc line does not alert you, and your neutral mind doesn't come through, then you are the dumbest person in your life. You have to figure out everything in life as a householder by intuition, and that is Agia Chakra, the command center, the pituitary master gland. Do you want to know, or do you know? Which way you want to go?

The aura changes. You are ten trillion cells. They change every seventy-two hours.  A person can lie, but the aura doesn't lie. You can very rhythmically read it; it will tell you everything. We want to grow in our strength, right? That's the purpose of life: to be vital, to grow, so we can face every day, every person, every relationship, everything with excellence.

You will never look beautiful if you are not radiant. Some people spend tons of money just to stand out. People pay millions of dollars just to be applauded. Everywhere you go you are acknowledged because of your radiant body, not because you have read a lot of books or you have not read lot of books. There is one makeup which God has given the human and that is the radiant body and Guru Gobind Singh is the master of that radiant body. You all have that around you, so don't lose the opportunity. Pull it together.

You are a constituent of ten bodies. Man and woman differ in the subtle body. Every female, no matter how sick she may be, will have a bigger subtle body than any male.

You have ten bodies, you know that? You have a spiritual body, that's the soul. You have a negative mind which gives you right of life. You have a positive mind which gives you inspiration to achieve. You have a neutral mind which gives you success, victory and prosperity. You have a physical body which is the instrument with which you can achieve it. You have an arc line that goes from earlobe to earlobe. Females have another one that goes from nipple to nipple. You have an aura. Aura is the body which represents and integrates your soul, mind and your body. Then you go into your subtle body; that is where you are wiser, faster and better than others. Then there is a Pranic body by virtue of how you live. And then comes the radiant body, that's your shield, that's automatic. You are not just physical.

Quotes on the 3 Mental Bodies

You have three minds: positive, negative and neutral. Negative Mind is the first mind; it gives you life, the right to life. It tells you where the danger is, therefore it has to act first. Then you must reach the right mind (the Positive Mind), and it must tell you what is good for you. But it won't tell you because the subconscious will start supporting the Negative Mind! The subconscious will say: "Hey idiot, these people betrayed you before, they have come to betray you today." Then your Neutral Mind has no place. If the Negative Mind gives you what is negative and the Positive Mind gives you what is positive, the neutral mind will give you what you should do. That has to become a habit. That has to be created as a discipline.

We should learn to contain our negativity. God gave you the negative mind just to see through where you can be damaged. God didn’t give you the negative mind to become negative.

You must develop the mind, through meditation, to give you the positive of the negative, and the negative of the positive, so that by your own grace and consciousness you can find the neutral of it. In this way, you can reach to the subtle, refined and spiritual dimensions of your life and your relationships.
The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets

When you are in the state of the neutral mind, the soul is like a chandelier switched on over you. Communication of the soul is just that light; you are lit up by it.

To win the game of life you must have caliber. To have caliber you must have an Applied Mind. An Applied Mind is a mind that processes everything positive and negative, then acts from the Neutral Mind to express you. The Applied Mind uses the Neutral Mind to assess all positive and negative but does not react on that basis. It acts to cause a cause that leads to the fulfillment of you and your destiny, you and your highest identity.
The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets

You have three minds: negative, positive and neutral. A person who does not deal with the neutral mind, even with all the wealth, shall not prosper and can’t be happy because negative and positive cancel each other. It is the neutral mind which becomes the intuitive force in you.

Every mistake can be recuperated. God gave you a mind to neutralize cause and effect, which is the Positive and Negative Mind. You have to reach the Neutral Mind. Once you start relating to the neutral mind, you will never find any trouble in your life.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan