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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: On the Ten Bodies

Excerpts from a lecture found in the KRI Aquarian Teacher Training Manual Level 1

First of all, you don't know you have Ten Bodies. Secondly, you don't believe you have Ten Bodies, because it is a lot of work to have Ten Bodies. You want just one body.

And if you do not know if the Bodies are out of balance in sequence and consequences, you will have terrible results in life. Then you ask, "Why is this happening to me?" It happened to you because you did not make certain parts of your life stronger, balanced, and real in you.

Each of you could have the most radiant Tenth Body! If you do not breathe properly, with only an upper, shallow breath, you can be raped—not only sexually, but socially, and personally. Then you say, "Why don't people listen to me? What is wrong with me?" You don't have the length and the strength of the breath. That's why. You say, "I should not have fallen in with this person. I'm not sure what is the matter." Why? Because you did not have the strength of your Radiant Body.

When your own shield, the Radiant Body, gives its light, you will not only be loved, you will be worshipped. If you have not earned reverence in this life, you have earned nothing. Woman without reverence and man without courage are two donkeys which just carry the weight of life from beginning to end.

Woman without reverence has no strength. You must demand reverence. lt's your right. You must command reverence. Otherwise you will be exploited and misled. You'll be cheated. Your essence of life is an essential part of your happiness. The benefit is that your energy will be restored. It's a self-healing process. You must have an hour to yourself where you can sit and be thoughtless, desireless, formless.

"I am, I am." is the Ardine, the halo. You are a human being. "Hu"' means halo, light. "Man" means mind, mental. "Being" means now.

When the soul desires to leave the Physical Body, the Physical Body's connection with the Pranic Body totally breaks, and the Soul leaves with the Subtle Body. That means your identity is gone. Your Physical Body remains, but "you" are gone. We call it death.

But do you understand what that means? If, in subtlety, you become very refined, and in activity you become very subtle, you are very near to your Soul. The Soul and the Subtle Body are very much related. There's a direct relationship between the Subtle Body and the Soul Body. They never leave each other. So, anything you do which is refined—refined art, refined acts, refined speech, anything which is not gross—will put you nearer to the Soul. That's rather a simple way of reaching your God-consciousness.

If you understand that you are these Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan