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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Let Your Radiant Body Shield You

Excerpts from a lecture given on February 25, 1998 in Espanola, NM

What we are going to talk about is the basic salient features on which your life depends. Life is like a piano—it depends on which note you press. Do not live the life; do not fantasize the life; do not imagine the life—play the life and play it like a piano. Play it like a guitar. Play it like a violin. But remember, if you don't play your life, nobody will play it.

And if the notes are not harmonious and rhythmic, you are out of tune. There is no fun in being angry. There is no fun in yelling and screaming. There is no fun to be expecting anything from somebody. It's all not required.

Life is a perpetual growth. Life is a musical note. Life is a symphony in which everybody's drum plays a role; violins play a role; piano plays a role. Everybody plays a role. The problem which you have is that you are very single. You do not have support music; you do not have personal music; and you do not have perpetual music.

We may know whether the sound of our notes is reaching out like the fragrance of a rose. We can know whether we are reaching out to people and can be trusted. We can know that we have the capacity to reach out to learn, to tune our violin. We can also write the music of our own life.

Our strength is in our smiles and in our songs—not in the baggage of the past or the present or the future baggage you carry. This is non-practical living. It consumes more energy than anybody can understand. It is absolutely unconscious suicide.

Desire is a like the wood you keep putting on a fire and it will keep burning higher and higher until it consumes you. Therefore, become desirable. Do not desire, become desirable so things will come to you.

You are not playing the music of your own life. I saw a person today and I was very shocked when I asked the question, "This happened to you?"

And the person said, "Yes."

I said, "May I ask you a very personal question?"


I said, "When did you do your Sadhana last?"

He said, "I am not doing it for three, four, five years."

I said, "Now, what do you expect? There was no shield of protection. You got into it."

You are a human being and your sensory system is powerful. When your sensory system is not powerful, you insult all those who love you and who you love.

It is not that guns can protect you or bulletproof can protect you. It is the sensory system which can give you the signs of you not being in the reality of things, and you need that. And there is a way in our life to develop it. There is a very competent way. But unfortunately you can't practice it. All it takes is you and time and your perpetual projection. The problem comes to that only.

Are we constantly projecting ourself? All our energy is being wasted on things which it should not be wasted on. That's the energy we need to enjoy life. You have X-amount of energy which this body is constituted to build. And that energy you have to use to have a creative diagonal strength.

It is your salient feature that you look at your life as an instrument of music. It is your salient feature that you play your notes. If you are a drummer, play your drum very well. If you are a guitarist, play your guitar all right. If you are a pianist, play your piano okay.

Everybody is not fully matured. But one thing we can all do—we can play the music of life, and we need the energy for it.

Fundamental rule of thumb is that life is an instrument and it must play its music, and we must awaken every soul through the notes of it. All of you are trying to manipulate, This is all personal insecurity. Because you are unable to play the music of life. You are unable to understand the rhythm. You have a radiant body but it's not shining.

So what do you do to shine? Make schemes, make talk, fight or pick a fight. It's just aggressive playing of drums. Some people are so battered they don't understand whether they have to move or not. And some people love abusiveness because that part of their sensitivity has gone down so much that they do not understand if life is worth anything. It's the numbness which we are suffering with.

Being a Pisces believer you will not fit into the new age. You have to make up your mind. I am not important, you are not important, but the music we are playing as a symphony is important. Our presence is important. We walk, we talk, that's important. It's not the plant, it's not the branches, not the leaves, it is not even the rose. It's the fragrance. Clear off your fragrance. Let your radiance prove to other people. Let your radiant body shield you. Let you understand you are a living light.

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