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How Strong Auras Protected my Daughter and I During Childbirth

By Arjan Shanti Kaur

“Lots of good health, lots of capacity to work, lots of endurance, lots of courage, it comes from where? It is that Circumvent Force that is around you. [Circumvent Force] is what does not allow any negative force to enter you. When the negative forces do not enter you, you cannot be unhealthy, unhappy, unholy.” -Yogi Bhajan

Our aura is the energy that surrounds our physical body. I see it as an electromagnetic sphere that is our first introduction to the people and environment around us. This invisible layer of energy tells our story.

The aura we project into the world can communicate when we are sad, when we are ill, when we are tense or anxious, when we have bad intentions, when we are happy and when we are vibrant. A positive well intentioned aura can attract people with the same qualities. Conversely, it is also possible for a person with an ill-intentioned aura to attract people and energy that can be detrimental.

Our aura participates in everything we do whether we are conscious of it or not. Our thoughts, language, presence and actions make it stronger or weaker. The stronger our positive aura, the more our bodies are able to fight off illnesses and repel draining forces from our environment. This gives us the opportunity to find the space to be abundant, happy people. That is the power of the Circumvent Force that Yogi Bhajan describes. 

“Your aura depends on what you vibrate...what you talk, create, think that is what we call a protection shield or circumvent force,” -Yogi Bhajan.

Having a child for the first time offers one opportunities to learn a number of life lessons. After the birth of my daughter, I learned our aura plays a far greater role in our resilience and connectedness than I had been aware of before. It is Godly.

In the spring of 2017, I was overjoyed to find out I was pregnant. I had a month to go to complete my Kundalini Yoga teacher training and during the training I experienced many incredible shifts in my own energy. I worked on learning about myself and turned over many old stones that shed light on memories that held past pains. It was with the support of my teachers and fellow yogis that I let old pain go and opened myself up to love. For the first time in my life, I embraced my truth, my Sat Nam.

If there was ever a convergence of events in my life that could have prepared me to be a mother, it was this. I was ready and the Universe knew it. I embraced my daughter on the evening of a super moon. She was given the name Sangeet Chandra Kaur. 

Months earlier my teachers at A Yoga Village held a 120 day celebration for me that shared in the magic of this miracle of life. My teacher, Sunder Kaur, led our group in practicing the Adi Shakti Meditation, which supports a mother during pregnancy by drawing the creative forces of manifestation to her. 

I continued this meditation at home and it became part of my sadhana, along with the Guru Ram Das Mantra for protection and self-healing. I could feel the auras of my little one and myself swirling in a beautiful rainbow of colors that surrounded me during the meditations. I felt unconditional love for her and as time got closer to my due date this bond grew stronger. 

As my daughter grew in the womb, I began to learn her personality. I began to understand the effect my aura had on her. My aura was at the strongest I’ve ever experienced. I practiced Kundalini Yoga and meditation daily, I chanted, I prayed, I danced, I dreamed and at eight months pregnant I participated in three days of White Tantric Yoga®. It was the most amazing experience to have with my daughter. I felt us come together in a profound way. Her strength would come through during my labor when unexpected complications arose and I was taken into an operating room for a cesarean. 

All the worries a mother could have for her child became all I could think about. I layed awake underneath three bright surgical lights and listened to the delivery team talk as they prepared the room. I could not see them from where I was but I could hear many side conversations going on. I even heard one person mention something about a recent game, perhaps football. 

I was about to undergo surgery and meet my daughter for the first time. My husband wasn’t allowed inside the operating room, so there I was alone, scared, unable to move and hearing strangers talk about sports while I sensed my daughter was in distress. 

In this heightened state of panic, something led me to close my eyes and go inward. I remembered the energetic connection between my daughter and I, and I began breathing deeply and mentally chanting Guru Ram Das. 

It was at this time I noticed my energy change. I recalled all the sweet moments I shared with her in the nine months leading up to this day. I remembered giggling at her movements and hiccups, and how she would kick my belly when I slept on my left side, and how she reacted when I would sing to her and press my hands on my belly to comfort her.

I could feel the vitality of my child expanding my aura. When I opened my eyes, my husband was there and moments later Sangeet Chandra took her first breath. 

A rush of love circulated to every cell in my body at a frequency higher than I had been able to feel before. It was magical. We left the hospital a few days later with a clean bill of health. I didn’t know it then but there was a shield of protection surrounding us, a God-like light that ensured we were both going to be stronger from this experience. It was our shared aura, our circumvent force. 

Yogi Bhajan said our circumvent force is the “most powerful force that protects us from all negative forces” and brings good health and courage. It was this protection and courage that helped my daughter and I overcome this obstacle we faced at the time of her birth. 

I was committed to my daily meditations and mantras during my pregnancy to give my daughter the best environment to enter the world. I wanted my energy to be clear for her. My intention during my sadhana was for her health and happiness. Looking back on it now, I see how my sadhana fortified my aura and prepared us both for the unexpected. 

Arjan Shanti Kaur (Aiyana Fraley) is a Kundalini Yoga instructor and reiki master teacher in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has been a massage therapist since 1999 specializing in reiki energy healing and chakra balancing. Her vision is to inspire transformation and to provide a nurturing environment to guide students and clients through their own spiritual evolution. In her private practice, she offers Kundalini Yoga classes, reiki trainings and healing services. Read more about her on her website and on Facebook.