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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Recognize Your Reality

Lecture Excerpts by Yogi Bhajan from The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets

Sadhana can bring your mind to recognize you and your reality. It is a crucial question to ask yourself: "Is there any non-reality in me?" The answer is, "No!" We are as real as God is. It is our basic nature and conception. So what has happened to us? You are afraid. It starts with your mind. Your mind is afraid that it will be controlled. It creates fear and non-realities to escape you.

That is why it seems so difficult to do a sadhana. Rise in the morning, clean yourself, exercise, and direct your mind to Infinity. Simple. But the mind knows. It is definitely aware of your effort and even the intentions of the effort. The mind is above time and space. It calculates the impact and consequence. That little act of sadhana will contain your mind and make your consciousness the ruler.

Your mind, through its own nature, forms a self-concept of you within the mind. It is an identical identity which is not the real you. Sadhana puts you with you. The soul, which is Infinite, is also above time and space. Your mind knows it. It reacts against that touch of consciousness because it will lose the control, the leverage of the fears.

As soon as you do a sadhana you will automatically begin to live more righteously and sensitively. The first sign of that practice is that your "friends" will begin to leave you. Why? Because who are your friends? Normally, your friends are there by fate and circumstance, not by consciousness and commitment.

They are friends of your habits. When you become a friend of your consciousness and dwell with God, you do not need friends. You may have many friends. But how could you be lonely? How could you feel needy and form connections out of emotions and temperamental reflexes? That is the truth. Can you confront that truth? Can you realize and live the truth? Yes! Because it is all in you, and sadhana can bring your mind to your refinement and reality.

You always want to know what is true. It is your instinct. Truth is that which has no fear. Even a truth spoken in fear is a lie. When you mix fear with anything it becomes non-reality. Your mind links with the ego and instantly creates complex fantasy and side paths.

You can sit and read from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib yourself. There is no conflict with any other person. There is no personality to confront. Then the reality of you within you is in reach. It is that core personality of you, your consciousness that you must recognize. Then the mind will not amplify and manipulate your fears. The moment you have no fear, when you are fearless and revengeless, you are the living God. God does not live off in some heavens. God lives in every heart. In hearts where there is fear, then God is in trouble, and non-reality brings a lot of pain.

The Story of the Soul

What happens between God and you? What happens when this soul of yours comes to this planet? When you, the light of the soul, come in the soul to experience this creation, what occurs? There are five layers of ether. The first, most dense and tangible layer of the ether is when the soul cleans itself and has a receptivity to prepare itself to go back according to its karmas and projections. The soul is held by the subtle body so it is neither in earth nor gone into merger in the One.

In the second layer of ether, the soul is content to stay, supervise, and help other promising souls. It acts beyond space, beyond its personal domain.

In the third layer of ether, a soul vibrates in the pure light of the soul to reach liberation and to uplift all souls now, past, and future. It goes through and beyond time. It is these three ethers that a meditative mind can easily penetrate. Doing the many meditations that refine the mind gives you the capacity to experience this. It is not mystical, it is practical.

Between the third and the fourth layers of ether it is a bit tricky. You can slip into the fourth layer and not be able to come back. You are drawn into a merger and lose the separateness of normal experience. That is why in the ambrosial hours of the morning when people of God leave their body to bless all, their physical bodies are always guarded. At that time any imbalance can create a disturbance and they may not return.

The fourth layer of ether is the Light of God itself. The stretch of the atoms to existence. The fifth layer is nothing but God, Being itself.

When the soul leaves this fifth ether and travels into an incarnation, it comes to this planet not to seek anything. It comes to recognize the God, recognize its consciousness, and experience the creation. All the reactions and commotions and attempts to control are not required. All the fears that you have something to gain and to lose are misplaced. That is why as the soul was to leave the total merger, God gave it the mind and certain lessons.

The story of the soul's journey is recounted like this: As the soul was told to go, it hesitated. It asked God, "What if I need you immediately and there is no time at all? What can I do?" It was then that God gave the first lesson of the soul. God said, "Just recognize me. Say to yourself, 'I am the God.'" There is no real separation between you and God. You are only now seeking to understand and experience yourself as part of God with a sole proprietorship on the soul. Instead you still want to be recognized for your hairdo, your car, your this, and that. You act like you are blind and emotional jerks.

Then the soul asked, "I am part of You and you are part of me. But what if all that time and space get in between us? What can I do?" God said, "Don't worry. I have given you the mind. It is faster than time and space. You can reach me no matter where you are. The mind will serve you three ways. When it is neutral it will recognize the truth. When it is positive it will tell you the right direction to go and what good can be done. When it is negative it will warn you and protect you from harm and badness."

The Mind is Your Servant

The mind is your servant to master time and space and to always find a way to connect with the Infinite. To tap this intelligence in the mind, say to yourself: "I am Thee. Thou is Me. Me is Thou. I am Thee." Play with it. Repeat it in rhythm. It has the naad. It penetrates the subconscious and reminds you that you are neither alone nor separated. Then the soul wondered, "What if I have forgotten all this? How can I remember?" Close your eyes and speak truthfully, and for God's sake feel it. Speak it fearlessly and with your whole heart. When you are caught in time and space say, "God and Me, Me and God are One." Every layman can say it. Put your mind and emotion in it.

You are never separated from God or your soul. You come to this planet not to seek anything. You come to recognize God and realize your soul. That is where your training and the religions have failed you. You were brainwashed to believe you had to seek God or seek Truth, as if you were not part of that and did not already have it.

Guru Nanak was one person filled with God's divine light whose mind was perfectly clear, and he could say the truth. That is a function of a Guru—to dispel the darkness. And what is your darkness? Fear. When you act out of fear you try to draw attention to yourself out of any insanity you can create. Seeking attention comes from your darkness and insanity. Creativity and love come from your sensitivity. A developed sensitivity in character gives you commitment. Commitment in turn gives you more sensitivity of character. They are interrelated. That is how this planet runs. No matter how many millions of suns rise and moons come, there will still be darkness without the touch of the Guru.

People are afraid, because when you hear truth, you also get exposed to your own lies. You don't want to hear that. All right, it is a choice. Don't hear it now. One day, time will tell you in another way. That will be very painful. I serve the House of the Guru. I will still be here, sitting and serving. Why won't you be as God made you to be? Why won't you just go and be who you are? Why not recognize your reality rather than pretend and project differently than you are?

Which brings us back to sadhana. That is where you sit, dwell in the thoughts and words of the soul, and peel away all your non-reality with the vastness of your spirit. If you train your mind this way, then you will discover something for yourself. If you live in absolute fearlessness, God will live in you because fear and truth cannot go together.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan