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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Discipline of Sadhana

Lecture Excerpt from 'Control of the Mind' by Yogi Bhajan on June 25, 1987

If we get up in the morning, we do Sadhana. We don't do Sadhana to please anybody, we do Sadhana to please ourselves. We work on ourselves in the morning. We want to know ourselves, we prepare ourselves and that is the way to go.

Life has a simple rule: you want to live it or you want to mess it. If you mess the life you will miss the principle of life. I know you all want to be loved, you all want to love, you want to have somebody to love you. But the question is, do you have the capacity, do you deserve, do you know what love is? Or you are chasing your own mental thought, mental state.

Fantasy is a kind of practical joke. One morning you get up and you feel very passionate, you want to do everything. The next morning you get up, but you don't want to get up. Now who wants to be with you? Mr. Yoyo.

The problem we are going through right now is that each one wants the support without knowing what support means. The whole world may give you support, but if your own mind shall not support you, you will not be in a position to do anything in life. And mind cannot be controlled. Your own mind cannot be controlled and guided and give you the support until it is brought to a discipline.

That word which brings mind to a discipline to support you is called mantra. Man-tra: to bring discipline to the mind. That's why we do Japa. Japa creates the heat—that is called Tapa. In Tapa that heat burns the Karma. Out of the Karma grows the kindness and it becomes Dharma. Out of that grows the compassion and that is called Siddhi; that's called power. From that comes the word sadhu: one who has controlled himself through all aspects of life. And that is what we call Sadhana, which you do not normally want to do.

How many of you are doing regular Sadhana, may I know? Raise your hands. Cheat on it, it doesn't matter. You lie anyway so just show better hands—give a big number, come on. All right, and those who do their Sadhana partially? And those who want to do Sadhana and love to do it, but sleep through that time? (Laughs)

There is one way to get out and that is to grow, and grow consciously, and that is one chance we all have. We have one chance to grow consciously and take the guidance.

© 1987 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan