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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Living Beyond Time and Space

Excerpts from a lecture given on 8/2/78 in Denmark

Whenever you want to become pure, garbage will be totally coming in, and that is called the start of meditation. That means your meditation has started.

Take the mantra, Ram, Ram. Negative thought - Ram. Negative thought – Ram. Negative thought – Ram. So each negative is cut and made plus. It is a simple mental subconscious process against the subconscious release. The subconscious is open with negative thoughts, and you are open with a positive plus. This comes this way, you cut this way. It becomes a plus.

In the early primal hours of the day when the sun rays hit the Earth at ten degrees longitude and latitude, the capacity of the mind is very open to a levitated, thoughtful capacity of itself. First of all, it is well-rested. Secondly, it has a very powerful capacity at that time.

So Guru Nanak opened up this secret by saying,

“Amrit vaylaa sach naa-o vadi-aa-ee veechaar. Karmee aavai kaprhaa nadree mokh du-aar.” (If you rise at the primal hours and meditate positively on the Creator, oh creature, your whole system will be covered with beauty and grace.)

So just as you get up, wash your face, dress in your clothes, and become ready to go out and work and fetch the opportunity of the day, exactly you should get up and meditate and be ready to fetch the mental opportunity of the day. Facing the day without cleaning the mind and without the mental capacity being exalted, is a blunder.

Meditation gives you the capacity to develop personal will. You cannot check the flow of desires, they will continue. But undesirable desires will go and your mind will pick only desirable desires. Once the will okays the desire, then it becomes a positive personality desire in which you can concentrate well and achieve well and it will be smooth, happy, harmonious, beautiful and wonderful.

The very presence and the pride and the beauty and the joy and the feeling and the experience that you are you—is priceless. Nothing can buy it. But if something can buy it, then you are that much less. Tooth is great, but with cavity it is painful. So when there is no cavity in your ‘I-am-ness,’ then you are a pure individual.

This is called living above time and space, and that can only be when the mental capacity understands that one comes from the yonder land and one belongs to the yonder land. When the mind is developed in a really detached form and attaches to Infinity; whenever the finite limited mind develops and experiences the Infinity; one lives beyond time and space. 

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