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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Face the Day

Excerpts from a lecture given on May 19, 1985 in Chicago, IL

It is the spirit, it is the soul in each one of us which keeps these ten trillion cells alive. This body consists of ten trillion cells and they change every seventy-two hours. What a process. It happens to each one of us. If God can breathe in us, God can dance in our little units of our cells. God can keep us alive, God can rotate this earth to give us night and day.

If God can do all that for us, then the only thing we can do is not to be uptight. Our problem is what we cannot achieve, and we cannot achieve because we are uptight, upset, angry and mad. Therefore, we cannot produce a harmony of inflow, of what we need.

Poverty is not our enemy. Living without tranquility and living in a state of hustling is our animosity within our own self. We have not learned to trust God. We have not found our soul mate, our very spirit, our very holy ghost—call it any name. We are not reconciled with our own consciousness. We want to capture the entire Universe and rule it and we are unable to rule our own creative thoughts.

I don't believe any human being who does not meditate, for one reason or the other, has anything to do with life. Test it out. Don't take a bath for one month. For thirty days don't put water on your body. See how you stink. Don't meditate for a month, see how you will mentally stink. You have to do something to clean your physical body, to clean your mental body, and you have to do something to relate to your own soul. Coming on one Sunday to a Gurdwara or a church or a temple, or listening to a rabbi, priest, yogi or swami is not enough.

Each day each man is born to prepare to face the day. Don't face the day for which you are not prepared. Don't face the day just physically. Prepare to face the day mentally, spiritually, physically and totally. That's the secret of success. I don't want you to do any spiritual ritual. I don't want you to belong to anything. I don't want you to confess anything. I am just asking you: God has created you, why don't you just creatively face the day as total you?

Go ahead and face the day, but check with yourself like a car—water is okay, battery is right, brakes are okay, clutch is working, gears are fit, and the car is clean. You can do all those do's and don'ts with your car. It doesn't cost much. Can't you work with yourself? Am I physically, impressively, divine? Is my mental attitude compassionate and am I spiritually going out to be totally kind? And if my total self is merged and is in love, then go and face a situation. See whether you succeed or not.

Aad sach, Jugad sach, Hai bhee sach, Nanak hosee bhee sach. Before the time was, through the time is, now it is, and Nanak, always God shall be.

God is nothing else but your total goodness. With compassion, with kindness, and with love, when you start living, you start living exactly as God wanted you to live.

I have this to share. I have this to practice myself. I have this to urge you to practice and it is the practice which makes a person perfect. We can always remind ourselves, and that reminding ourselves is called ‘Nam jap na, Nam chit avai.’ Remembrance of God is when you remember goodness. Remembrance of God is not what you have been told. Remembrance of God is when you remember that you are good and goodness is your anchor all the time.

The creative positivity of the psyche of the individual vibratory effective life in the mental, spiritual and physical state, when it balances itself out, the very radiance of such a mental psyche creates physical existence which is absolutely harmonic and peaceful and is totally divine, and that is called in principle God or Christ consciousness or supreme consciousness or God consciousness or human ecstasy of bliss. You have the freewill to make the choice.

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