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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Charge Your Batteries

Excerpts from a lecture given on August 8, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA

I would like to share with you a philosophy which you don't understand. The constant flow of spirit is a necessity, and because you do not understand that it is a necessity, we are facing these problems which we call burn out. There is no way that you will not be burned out. You have to recuperate yourself every day.

It is impossible that you do not take a bath for six months. It is also not possible that you miss your Sadhana and you will not be mentally burned out. Your batteries are meant to be charged and they cannot hold more than twenty-four hours.

If somebody wants to really take away your happiness, all he can do is not let you do your Sadhana. Now you are finding these difficulties in your marriage, in your work, and outside of work. You didn't make right decisions; you can't pay  your rent. Economy is going to be harsher and harsher. You cannot afford to be burned out. Ninety percent of people are unhappy in their own lives for their own faults because nobody has been taught to have mental clarity.

Essentially and basically you do not know who you are. That is your basic nonsense. How can your decisions and what you want to know and what you want to do be right? When you do not know if you are right or wrong, or what you want to do, what is the answer?

You have to see that your actions are right. You have to decide spontaneously. You are confronting something, you have to decide, you do not know who you are, you do not know what you are deciding and whether it is going to be all right or wrong. Then what is the way?

The way is to develop an intuitive mind. The intuitive mind belongs to the higher self. The higher self comes from meditation. It is going to make you get up in the morning and let you do your Sadhana whether you like it or not, or else pay the price and suffer. There is no big alternative.

Sometimes you feel, “I go to church once a week so I should be benefited.” Yes, afternoon will be all right, fine. Five days a week you work and you don't think of meditation; you do not get up; you don't do your Sadhana. You just get up, take a cup of coffee, put cold water on your eyes, run to office, punch your card, do the job, come back home, and look around for junk food.

There is no way that in a man's life, without taking care of his mental priorities, properties, faculties; without knowing your depth, dimension, and direction, you should even have the privilege to walk out of your house. Without a positive morning there is no guarantee that the whole day will be positive.

Improve your mind, improve your clarity, improve your reason, improve your thinking, improve your projection. These are very ordinary things in life and they can all make you happy.

Happiness is the fundamental right of every human being. You do everything on this Earth to do what? You end up as nuts, idiots, self-destructive, unhappy. How long are you going to suffer? Is it not your right to wake up some day and just tell yourself, “I am going to be healthy, happy, and holy today.” Then you have to do Sadhana.

In reality you have a very deep dimension—multiple dimensions, and each dimension has a great depth and great altitude to it. The personality cannot be understood without the depth and reality of your own self, and your own self has to be realized.

You can only face things through mental clarity. Mental clarity means you have comprehensive, comparative, intuitive mind so that you can compute things through applied intelligence. In other words, you cannot be neurotic and chaotic.

You are handicapped. You don't plan right. You don't develop one thing which you all have to develop, and that is the applied intelligence. The creative intelligence.

I do not know exactly how many people who became my students through Kundalini Yoga are actually practicing Kundalini Yoga—something which brought them to the gate of happiness; something which gave them the intuitive mind; something which took away the effect of drugs; something which took away unhappiness; something which brought radiance to their faces; something which brought smiles; something which brought self-confidence; something which took them away from sexual abuse and sensual misuse; something which took them away from fear; something which took them away from running away from life; something which took away self-destruction.

What a wonderful record of a technology which brought them from absolute hopelessness and gave them the clarity of life. How many people sincerely, honestly, are sticking to that? The secret of happiness is maintaining something, keeping up.

I ask of you one thing: give priority where it lies, give yourself a chance, take the next step, be honest and do your Kundalini Yoga set every day. Do your Sadhana every day. Breathe so that the nervous system can balance. Breathe so that the circulatory system can bring you good healthy blood. Breathe so that you can live long. Breathe so that you can understand that you have self-confidence. Do the yogic breath; breathe consciously.

Remember and remember in your heart, you cannot get away from this law: As shall you sow, so shall you reap. Sow right so that you can reap right. If you won't reap right, you will weep right, and I don't want to see you weeping and crying. I see you suffering, why are you suffering? You cheat on your practice and you cheat on your conscious effort, but when you don't, you are okay.

Do your Sadhana and one set of Kundalini Yoga regularly. Is it asking too much? You have a technology through which you can always develop your mind to the clarity unto intuitive infinity—and that will give you grace, radiance, and peace. I want you to prepare yourself. As taking a bath every day is essential, as eating food every day is essential, as changing your clothes to look pretty is essential, as exercise is essential, as everything is essential, morning Sadhana is equally essential and one set of Kundalini Yoga in the evening is essential.

There is a call of time we have to match up. It is my prayer that before we get into more clouds and more darkness we may have our own development of our own light.

Before your mind fails you it is better to repair it, and something which can repair in the shortest possible time and give you a clear mind is the yoga of awareness and it is called Kundalini Yoga.

When you are going to take the next step, you are going to maintain it. That's why of all mantras the greatest mantra which works for anybody forever is the simplest mantra, “Keep up and you will be kept up.” Otherwise, life will be hotchpotch.

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