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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Sacred Breath of Life

Excerpts from a lecture given on November 18, 1988 in Claremont, CA

Breathe at the average rate of one breath a minute. Twenty seconds to inhale, twenty seconds to hold, twenty seconds to let it go. It will clean out all illness, disease, fatigue, garbage, nonsense.

You are alive because of the breath of life. Use the breath of life in a slow potency to heal you, your mind, and to brighten your soul. Breathe in slowly, consciously, hold it consciously, and let it go consciously and slowly. Get to that rhythm, control it yourself. It can heal all, because it's the breath of life, which is the spirit in you, which is the soul in you, which is actually you, alive.

What can give you life, can give you health, wealth and happiness. There is no secret about it, it's a simple rule. Breathe in very slowly, consciously, hold it consciously, let it go consciously. If you cannot do it perfectly, it doesn't matter; don't feel guilty, try.

It will bring changes, it will irritate you. It will do a kind of acupuncture. It will stir things up. There is no more beautiful way to heal the hell in you, and hail the excellence. It is not very secret and sacred and that you have to go to the top of Himalaya and freeze in the snow to become a yogi.

Right now apply consciousness. The bodies are radiant, arc lines are bright, chakras are open. Do it now when the iron is hot. Hitting hard with slow breath, gives your body a very slow inlet and a very slow outlet and hold the breath of life. Feel it in consciousness, feel it in body, feel by the mind, and your soul will awaken. Breath will become a trigger point to give you excellence. Try it for your sake, for your tomorrow, for your happiness.

Inhale very slowly. Consciously feel the breath, hold it, love it, talk to it, hug it, become friends with it. Speak to it—ask it. Hold it and tell it to bring you prosperity. If you are unhappy, hold it and tell it to bring you happiness. Ask for any wish while holding it respectfully, consciously in you. Then send it like a guest, slowly, consciously, and then receive it like a guest, gracefully, smilingly.

Get friendly with your support system—the breath of life—your life system, your energy, your power, your grit. It is you in you. Introduce and shake hands with it; feel it, touch it, be it. Breath of life is God, God is breath of life. When the breath of life leaves this body then it is dust to dust—there is nothing in it. That power of God—consciously feel it, befriend it, understand it, communicate with it. Ask it to do you a favor, give you what you need. Don't ask me or anybody else.

Whenever you need your prayer to be answered, breathe like this and ask the breath of life to communicate with the Creator of the breath of life to give you everything. It will take a miracle to happen, but you will be shocked by how well you can communicate with God just through the breath of life. What can give you life, can give you everything. Relate to it. Create a relationship. Fall in love. Romance with it. Flirt with it. Feel it. Tell it what you want; tell it what you cannot tell anybody. Ask, open your heart. Your wishes will be granted. God is merciful, only just waiting to hear.

The link between you and God is through the breath of life. The breath of life can communicate for you. It's a messenger, a messiah in you. It's a link, it connects and it works. It is sacred. Breathe consciously, hold consciously and let it go consciously. The moment you start relating to the breath of life you will start becoming rich, prosperous and good.

You can be excellent; you can achieve what you want. Just relate to your own breath of life—that's the God in you. Never breathe unconsciously and never waste a breath on negativity. I have very simple rules. I don't have to give you a sermon on the top of the mountain and in the bottom of the ocean. Two things: always breathe consciously and never waste a breath on negativity. If somebody is negative just smile away.

Once people know that you are a conscious person, everything will come to you. With wealth you cannot buy happiness. With health you cannot conquer happiness. There is no rule and ritual through which you can grab happiness. Happiness comes to you through kindness and compassion. And that will come to you when you will breathe consciously and you won't waste the breath of life for any negativity.

[Instructions for the One Minute Breath}

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