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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Just Stick with Your Mantra

Excerpts from a lecture given on December 14, 1991 in Los Angeles, CA

You must exercise to breathe four times a minute, not fifteen times average. That shall take away all your calamities. If you breathe more than fifteen times a minute, your anxiety will show up in your behavior. If you breathe short breaths and still take fifteen times a minute, your lethargy and anxiety both will show up in your life. Therefore, you must breathe deeply, full lungs and slow breath and it must be four to five breaths per minute maximum. That will give you power, you need that.

Then you must meditate. What's meditation? It's cleaning your mental problems. When you meditate, it's not very joyful; it's not very beautiful. It's painful and hurtful. Rather than misbehaving publicly, socially, at parties and among people and friends and coming out with your weaknesses, it's better to sit down calmly, put your eyes on the tip of the nose, and start chanting a mantra—any mantra. God and Me, Me and God are One. Humee Hum Brahm Hum.

If you want to know all that you want to know, then it is Wa He Guru. It is three sounds. It is a sound system. It's not a religion. Mantra does not belong to religion; mantra belongs to sound and self, please understand that.

There are certain things which are meant for prayer. Mantra is not prayer. Mantra is to clean self—that's the difference between a prayer and a mantra. Mantra is a positive self for which you have reverence and this is how mantra will work: “Oh God, what the hell am I doing Saturday? I should be lying down and sleeping—Wahe Guru.” And, “Oh God, she was to call me at nine o'clock, she didn't—Wahe Guru.”

A thought will hit you which is anxiety, which is deformity, which is personal non-reality, which is depreciation. Every negative thought which has not been worth consciously looking at goes to the subconscious, and subconscious releases it, and you just stick with your mantra.

Your mind won't go anywhere if you look at the tip of your nose. The optical nerve has to be tightened and the tongue has to be curled back so the upper palate must be under pressure and silently looking at this. It's very easy if you just develop a habit. Tongue goes back and sh*t will hit the fan and meditation starts. And the deeper you meditate, the worst garbage comes. If the garbage from the unconscious goes to conscious, you are a lunatic; you are psychotic. Best is your unconscious garbage starts coming through the subconscious. You made your life perfect.

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